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Top New Solo Gold-Making Methods in Old School Runescape for 2024

As we charge through 2024, the RS gold rush in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is as strong as ever. Whether you've been playing for years or just started your adventure in this magical universe, amassing wealth is part of everyone's journey. As your trusted source for all things OSRS, I'm excited to present the best solo money making methods that will fill up your bank this year.


Top New Solo Gold-Making Methods in Old School Runescape for 2024


Free-to-Play Beginnings: Pie Shells and Spider Eggs

If you're starting from scratch in free-to-play, pie shells are a simple yet effective method. Buying out pots of flour, buckets of water and pie dishes from the Grand Exchange allows players to create these culinary containers. Alternatively, purchasing pastry dough straight up can save some time but result in slightly less profit.


For those who fancy themselves as magic users, teleporting to Varrock and venturing into its sewers can be very profitable. Collect red spider eggs and bank them quickly for a decent return. This method does require a bit of magic proficiency but can easily be sped up with energy potions.


Mid-Game Mastery: Gold Amulets and Wilderness Ventures

Gold bars can be converted into gold amulets by using an amulet mold at Edgeville furnace as players progress through mid-game stages. This method still brings home the bacon due to the requirement of string jewelry spells during magic training. For those who dare to venture into the Wilderness, looting steel plate bodies and high alching them may have higher profits but beware of player killers!


Late-Game Loot: Ogress Warriors and Bryophyta's Essence

In the late stages of free-to-play, Ogress Warriors drop valuable items such as runes and gems. Use safe spots to reduce food consumption and increase your stay. For a chance at Bryophyta's Essence, players must kill Moss Giants for Mossy keys and then challenge Bryophyta herself – this rare drop can provide the bond and 14 days of membership bliss.


Members Path to Prosperity: Forester's Rations and Herb Cleaning

Once you're set up in the members' world, be sure to take advantage of methods like making Forester's rations post-forestry patch. Keep an eye on market changes as they can affect material prices in this method quite heavily. Herb cleaning is a classic method for fast profit – purchase grimy herbs, clean them then sell them back to the market.


Advanced Techniques: Rune Crafting and Jewelry Enchanting

Astral runes with their recent rise on the Grand Exchange make rune crafting a decent mid-game method after lunar diplomacy. Enchanting jewelry up to dragonstone tier could also bring home quite a haul depending on your magic level.


Boss Battles and Dragon Slaying

For combat players, slaying Chaos Druids or Spy Deans offers consistent income through herb drops alone however red spider eggs are another bonus from these creatures. As you progress into boss hunting gear, Barrows Brothers have valuable armor pieces whilst Calisthenics Jack provides an opportunity for Wilderness boss farming – but remember that high risk can mean high reward.


Endgame Extravaganza: Wrath Runes and Raids

Endgame accounts should stock up on Wrath runes post-Dragon Slayer II for impressive returns. Agility skillers should not disregard Hallowed Sepulchre at 92 agility for both experience rates and profit gains. And if dragons are more your style, Brutal Black Dragons plus Rune Dragons offer substantial gold per hour with minimal attention required.


The Best of the Best: Tombs of Amascut and Phantom Muspah

If you consider yourself a seasoned player, then the Tombs of Amascut raid should be no problem for you. The high-level invocations can give rise to a whole plethora of lucrative purple drops. The Phantom Muspah raid takes it up a notch and calls only for top-tier gear like a Twisted Bow or Scythe of Vitur, but I promise the bounty will be more than worth it.

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