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Top 5 Best Old School RuneScape Capes

Capes in old school RuneScape are not just pieces of clothing; they are iconic symbols of achievement. These capes often come with incredible stats or serve as a notable marker of progress or accomplishment in a player's account. This guide will explore some of the best capes in Old school RuneScape, discussing what they do and how to obtain them. Please note that this list is in no particular order, and we have omitted redundant items like skill capes for brevity.


The Max Cape

Top 5 Best Old School RuneScape Capes

The Max Cape is a prestigious symbol of dedication and skill mastery. It is available to players who have achieved level 99 in all 23 skills. To obtain the Max Cape, you must spend 2.2 million gold or 999,000 coins for each of the 23 skills, totaling 2,277,000 Runescape coins. Achieving level 99 in all skills requires a minimum of 300 million experience points.


The Max Cape shares similar stats to trimmed skill capes and offers a +4 Prayer bonus. What sets it apart is its unique feature of inheriting all the skill cape perks. This grants the Max Cape an incredible level of utility. For instance, you can use the Construction Cape perk to teleport to your home, the Crafting Cape perk to access the Crafting Guild conveniently, or the Farming skill cape perk for quick access to the Farming Guild.


As of the time of writing this guide, over 39,000 players have achieved the Max Cape, a significant increase from the mere 150 who had it in 2015.


Fire Cape and Infernal Cape

The Fire Cape and the Infernal Cape are highly coveted melee capes, each with its unique animation when worn. Obtaining the Fire Cape requires facing numerous monsters over 60 waves within the volcano in Karamja. It's a significant milestone for many players. Some even choose to sacrifice their Fire Cape for a chance at obtaining the even more challenging Infernal Cape.


Players often spend hours striving to acquire their first Fire Cape, and weeks or months attempting to conquer the Inferno. These achievements make these capes iconic in the eyes of most players.


Ardy Cloak (Ardougne Cloak)

The Ardougne Cloak, affectionately known as the Ardy Cloak, is a unique cape with a distinct teleport animation. Its utility varies depending on the level of the achievement diary completed.

  • Completing the easy diary unlocks Ardy Cloak 1, which offers moderate stats and a teleport to the western side of the RuneScape continent, bypassing the need for runes.
  • Ardy Cloak 2 or higher provides an additional teleport to a farming site with herb patches, allotments, and a flower patch. The medium diary version offers unlimited teleports.
  • Ardy Cloak 4 boasts respectable stat increases and is the most potent version of this useful cape.
  • The Ardy Cloak is a must-have for many players, especially Ironmen and low-level players, due to its convenience.


Ava's Assembler

Ava's Assembler is technically a backpack, but it occupies the cape slot and offers significant benefits. To obtain it, you must complete the "Animal Magnetism" quest and speak to Ava with specific items in your inventory.

This item is a boon for ranged combat users, as it automatically retrieves fired arrows, reducing the hassle of picking them up. Moreover, players who have completed "Dragon Slayer II" can upgrade it into Ava's Assembler, further increasing arrow retrieval efficiency to 80%, up from the standard 72%. When attached to the Max Cape, it retains its bonuses.


Imbued God Capes

The Imbued God Capes are a trio of powerful magic capes: Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak. To obtain these capes, you must complete the "Mage Arena II" mini-quest, which involves casting God spells from the standard spell book.


These capes provide substantial magic offense, magic defense, and a 2% boost to magic damage. They are highly sought after by magic users and offer significant advantages in combat.


Honorable Mention: Obsidian Cape (Obby Cape)

The Obsidian Cape, often referred to as the Obby Cape, deserves an honorable mention. It offers the same stats as a skill cape but without any skill requirements. This makes it a popular choice among players seeking decent stats in the cape slot early in the game. Many players use this cape before obtaining some of the more specialized capes mentioned in this guide.


If you believe there's a cape we left out that deserves recognition, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with fellow players. Old school RuneScape is a dynamic world, and your achievements may lead to the discovery of new, valuable capes in the future.

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