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FFXIV Patch 6.51 New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons Guide

Patch 6.51 brought with it a highly-anticipated addition - New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons. These weapons not only offer increased power but also the allure of unique aesthetics to further customize your character. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at these remarkable weapons, evaluating their visual appeal, and providing constructive feedback on the overall reward structure of the Criterion Savage content. 



FFXIV Patch 6.51 New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons Guide


 ObtainingNew Exquisite Tomestone Weapons

With the release of Patch 6.51, the FFXIV team introduced Criterion Savage Exquisite Weapons. These special weapons are tied to Savage content and bring a new level of excitement to the game. They are designed to add a unique flavor to your character's appearance while maintaining the essence of ultimate power.



To obtain these exquisite weapons, you must meet certain requirements. Here's the step-by-step process to get your hands on these exclusive items:

  1. Complete the Criterion Normal mode and obtain the Elevated Esther.
  2. Trade the Elevated Esther at the Criterion vendor in Old Sharlayan.
  3. Acquire the base weapons by purchasing them next to the Tombstone vendor in Caldine.
  4. You will also need Roborant obtained from P11 Savage.
  5. Combine the base weapon with the Roborant to create a 660 item level weapon.
  6. Now, you must challenge and conquer Criterion Savage to earn an upgrade material, which will transform your weapon into a glowing version.


New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons Reviews

Let's delve into a detailed analysis of each weapon type, discussing its visual aspects and overall aesthetics:

Image Weapon Review
Exquisite Vessel Weaponns

Exquisite Vessel

The glow on the Paladin weapon adds a unique touch. However, it would be better if the glow effect spun. The static swirl may not be appealing to everyone.
Exquisite Wrathgrinder Weapon Exquisite Wrathgrinder Warrior axe boasts an impressive buzzsaw look, with a fiery red glow that complements the base model perfectly. The dynamic glow and sparks enhance its appeal.
Exquisite Blood Rapture Exquisite Blood Rapture Dark Knight sword has feather effects and darkness, but it competes with numerous other Dark Knight swords in the game, making it an average choice.
Exquisite Cerberus Fang Weapon Exquisite Cerberus Fang While the Gunbreaker base weapon is decent, the glow appears more striking outside the Tryon window, making it an okay option.
Exquisite Higan Shigan Weapon Exquisite Higan Shigan  Samurai sword features a bloody glow, but the base model is somewhat underwhelming. The glow on the hilt doesn't match the potential of the weapon.
Exquisite Shinobi Knives Weapon Exquisite Shinobi Knives Ninja daggers, a fan favorite, have a beautiful glow with Flowery spinning effects on the handle, making them stand out as a top choice.
Exquisite Blue Bird's Nest Weapon Exquisite Blue Bird's Nest Bard weapon boasts a unique design, with the glowing bird at the top and musical note effects, making it a strong contender for Bard enthusiasts.
Exquisite Vitoria do Povo Weapon Exquisite Vitoria do Povo Machinist gun is visually appealing, with a laser-like glow that lights up the entire weapon. It may look even better on taller characters.
Exquisite Twin Moons Weapon Exquisite Twin Moons  While the Dancer weapon has an attractive sparkly glow, the base model might not be everyone's favorite.
Exquisite Ignis Malus Weapon Exquisite Ignis Malus Black Mage lantern is a top-tier weapon. It features a glowing lantern with fiery and glowing effects, making it a strong contender for Black Mages.
Exquisite Encounter in Lilie Weapon Exquisite Encounter in Lilie Summoner book has a subtle but effective glow. It may not be the best choice for everyone, but the inner palette and glow give it a unique touch.
Exquisite Lamplight Crook Weapon Exquisite Lamplight Crook Red Mage weapon has a vibrant glow with twin flames, but the base model might be a turn-off for some players.
Exquisite Dragon's Beard Fists Weapon Exquisite Dragon's Beard Fists Monk gauntlets are okay but may not surpass some of the existing options. The base model feels a bit lacking compared to other Monk weapons.
Exquisite Bunny's Crescent Weapon Exquisite Bunny's Crescent White Mage weapon has an appealing design with a star that lights up. It's a strong choice for White Mages.
Exquisite Faerie Fancy Weapon Exquisite Faerie Fancy Scholar book is an example of a weapon that's beautiful on the inside, with a captivating inner palette. It redeems its unattractive base model.
Exquisite Star Gazer Weapon Exquisite Star Gazer Astrologian globe is stunning, with a galaxy inside, making it a top choice for healers.
Exquisite Isnae Phis Weapon Exquisite Isnae Phis Sage fairy wings weapons are visually appealing, with a glow that complements the base model.
Exquisite Gentlemage's Umbrella Weapon Exquisite Gentlemage's Umbrella Blue Mage weapon, although considered a joke inclusion, features a watery glow on the umbrella, adding a unique touch.


Feedback on Criterion Rewards

While the introduction of New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons was a significant step, there are still some concerns and feedback on the overall reward structure. Here are some key points:


  • Criterion Normal Rewards: Players have expressed the need for a means to upgrade item level gear in the Criterion normal mode. Adding weekly Tomestone upgrade mats could incentivize players to participate in Criterion more.
  • Variant Content: Variant content should also have a roulette system to encourage replayability. A system where the NPC selects the path and players follow preset routes via roulette can offer variety without excessive development work.
  • Ultimate Content and Rewards: Some players are concerned about needing to complete Criterion to prepare for Ultimate content. There should be a balance between enticing players to explore Criterion content and overburdening them with requirements for Ultimate content.



The addition of New Exquisite Tomestone Weapons in Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.51 offers players an exciting new way to customize their characters. While the aesthetic qualities of these weapons vary, they provide players with unique options for personalization. However, feedback on the rewards system suggests that there is room for improvement in terms of incentivizing Criterion participation and enhancing variant content.


Criterion content is an essential part of the game, and it's crucial that Square Enix continues to refine and expand upon it in the 7.x expansion. Players are hopeful that the development team will listen to their feedback and make necessary adjustments to create a rewarding and engaging experience for all players.

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