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FFXIV Earn Pasive Gil: Leveraging Leave Quest & Crafting Techniques

Welcome to this guide on a method to earn passive gil in Final Fantasy XIV. If you have been frustrated with constantly selling items on the market board and dealing with undercutting, this alternative method might be worth considering. By utilizing levequests and some crafting techniques, you can generate a significant amount of FF14 Gil with minimal effort. In this guide, we will walk you through the process and provide some helpful tips along the way.


FFXIV Earn Pasive Gil: Leveraging Leave Quest & Crafting Techniques



To access the levequests, we will be discussing them. It would help if you became a culinarian. This profession will grant you access to the relevant quests in Shalian, which offer valuable rewards.


Step 1: Understanding LeveQuests

Levequests are an excellent way to earn passive gil. As time passes, you accumulate allowances, which can be used to accept and complete these quests. The initial rewards may seem insignificant, usually around 4,800 gil, but the value doubles if you trade in the high-quality version of the required item. By examining the available quests and checking the market board prices, you can determine which quests are worth pursuing.


Step 2: Researching Quest Items

To determine the value of the quest items, you can use a recipe search tool within the crafting log. Copy the name of the item from the quest and search for it in the crafting log. The tool will display the market board prices, including both the normal and rare values. The rare quality items are particularly interesting, as they yield higher profits. Calculate the cost of purchasing three of these items, considering any crystals needed. Sometimes the rewards can exceed 5,500 gil, resulting in a profit of around 4,000 to 5,000 gil per quest.


Step 3: Sniping Cheap Items

To maximize your profit, keep an eye out for underpriced items on the market board. By purchasing them at a lower cost, you can increase your profit margin significantly. For example, if you find a 99-stack of a specific item priced at 1,000 gil each, you only need to spend 3,000 gil to earn back 7,000 gil per leave quest allowance. By accumulating multiple allowances, you can earn close to a million gil with minimal effort.


Step 4: Consider Other Professions

While Culinarian offers the most lucrative levequests, you can explore quests from other professions as well. Some materials required for these quests may be undervalued on the market board, providing an opportunity to make a profit. For instance, items like Gaja leather can be worth checking out.


Step 5: Optional Add-Ons and Plugins

Although not essential, using tools and plugins like "The Price Inside" can streamline the process. This add-on allows you to check prices simply by hovering over items, making it easier to identify profitable opportunities. It can save you time, but it's important to note that it won't provide a significant advantage over manual market board checks.



By leveraging levequests and being mindful of market board prices, you can earn passive gil in Final Fantasy XIV without extensive crafting or time investment. Please take advantage of underpriced items and trade them in for valuable rewards. Remember to exercise caution and respect the game's policies regarding third-party tools. With some patience and smart decision-making, you can accumulate substantial wealth and enjoy the game to its fullest. Good luck with your gil-making endeavours!

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