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FFXIV Earn Gil Detailed Guide: 5 Most Popular Ways You Need To Know, 2023

Welcome to our detailed guide on the top 5 most popular ways to make Gil, the FFXIV currency. These methods include levequests, Grand Company seals, crafting consumables, acquiring materia, and utilizing tomestone materials. Each method offers unique opportunities for players to earn gil, whether they are crafters, gatherers, or battle-oriented adventurers.  So, let's dive into the top five methods to maximize your Gil earnings in Final Fantasy XIV.


FFXIV Earn Gil Detailed Guide: 5 Most Popular Ways You Need To Know, 2023


Method 1: Levequests (Crafters and Gatherers)

Levequests are a great way for gatherers and crafters to earn experience and rewards in Final Fantasy XIV. The following will provide an overview of levequests and recommend some specific ones for different professions. Please note that battle jobs only have access to levequests up to the Heavensward expansion, so this guide is primarily focused on gatherers and crafters.

FFXIV Earn Gild Method 1 Levequests Screenshot


Understanding Levequests

Levequests are repeatable tasks that you can undertake to earn experience points (EXP) and various rewards. As a gatherer or crafter, you can access levequests specific to your profession. Levequests can be completed by speaking to the appropriate NPC in designated locations.


Allowances and Resets

Each character has a total of 100 allowances for levequests, with a daily limit of 6 allowances. It's important to note that unused allowances do not carry over to the next day. Therefore, it's recommended to use your allowances regularly to avoid wasting them.


Recommended Levequests

The following are some recommended levequests for specific professions:

  • Goldsmith and Leatherworker: Wristbands of Gathering in Foundation is a good choice. Aim to turn in high-quality items for double the rewards. This levequest is conveniently located near a crafting material vendor and crystal vendor, allowing you to restock supplies easily.
  • Alchemist: Practical Command with the Craftsman's Draught or Confident Craftsman's Draught in Idyllshire are both viable options. Again, prioritize turning in high-quality items for increased rewards.
  • Culinarian: Mountain Steeped in Foundation is a relatively easy levequest to complete. Look for opportunities to turn in high-quality dishes to maximize your rewards.


Maximizing Rewards

To make the most of your levequests, consider the following tips:

  • Always try to turn in high-quality items. This will grant you double the rewards, including experience points and Gil.
  • Utilize vendors near the levequest NPCs to restock crafting materials and crystals. This will help you maintain a steady supply and ensure smooth progression.
  • If you have a surplus of levequests, be sure to use them before reaching the maximum allowance limit of 100. This will prevent you from wasting allowances and potential rewards.


Remember, levequests are a valuable tool for gatherers and crafters to level up and earn rewards efficiently. By choosing the right levequests and optimizing your turn-ins, you can make significant progress in your profession. 


Method 2: Grand Company Seals

Grand Company Seals are an important currency in Final Fantasy XIV that can be used to obtain various items, gear, and exclusive rewards. The following will provide you with information on how to earn Grand Company Seals efficiently.

FFXIV Earn Gild Method 2 Grand Company Seals Screenshot


  • Unlock Expert Deliveries: To start earning Grand Company Seals, you need to unlock Expert Deliveries. Speak to the Storm Personnel Officer, specifically the Third Sergeant or Second Sergeant, to unlock this feature.
  • Supply and Provisions (Crafter/Gatherer): If you are a crafter or gatherer, you can participate in Supply and Provisions missions. These missions require you to turn in items of high quality for extra experience. If an item is starred, it will yield even more seals. Make sure to aim for high-quality turn-ins to maximize your seals.
  • Expert Deliveries (Non-Crafter/Gatherer): If you are not a crafter or gatherer, you can still earn Grand Company Seals through Expert Deliveries. You can pass in green gear, crafted blue gear (Tonal Stone and raid gear), and pink gear from low-level dungeons. Check the requirements of the Expert Deliveries and provide the requested items to earn seals.
  • Free Company Actions: If you belong to a Free Company, make sure to utilize Free Company Actions to enhance your seal earnings. Use Seal Sweetener level 1 or 2, depending on your rank, to increase the number of seals you receive when engaging in activities related to your Grand Company.
  • Steel Farming: If you are looking for a fast way to farm Grand Company Seals, consider running the Alexander - The Creator raid. The ninth fight in this series involves defeating the goblins, climbing up Alexander's events, and facing the Faust boss. Faust can be defeated quickly, allowing for efficient farming. Use True North with your melee classes to maximize your damage output. After completing the fight, collect the tokens as loot, which can be exchanged for gear later.
  • Exchange Tokens for Gear: Once you have gathered enough tokens from the Alexander raid, head to Ishgard and locate the NPC Arenvald Lentinus right outside the main Aetheryte. Speak to him and exchange your tokens for free gear.
  • Expert Deliveries Turn-in: Return to your Grand Company and visit the Personal Officer. Access the Expert Deliveries menu and submit the gear you obtained from the Alexander raid. Make sure to have the buff activated before turning them in. With the buff, you will receive 1375 seals per turn-in. Without the buff, the reward is 1250 seals. Keep in mind that you have a daily allowance of 100 instances, so plan accordingly to avoid reaching the limit if you have other activities or duties to complete.
  • Sellable Items: If you have excess Grand Company seals or are looking for additional ways to earn gil, consider purchasing items like Duck Bones or other items worth 360 gil that can be sold to vendors. Coke and Hardened Sap are useful for submarines and airship building, while Miniature Aetherites can be sold during housing lotteries for teleportation purposes. However, be cautious with market fluctuations and competition.


Following these steps, you should be able to efficiently earn Grand Company Seals and make progress with your Grand Company rank. Remember to strategize your daily instances and consider alternate ways to utilize or sell excess items for additional profits.


Method 3: Consumables (Crafting Pots and Food)

Consumables play a crucial role in Final Fantasy XIV, both in crafting and combat. Here we will discuss the recommended consumables for these activities, focusing on the Culinarian and Alchemist classes. Please note that specific stat weights may vary based on the job you're playing, so it's advisable to consult resources like the Balance Discord for the most accurate recommendations.

FFXIV Earn Gild Method 3 Consumables Screenshot


Culinarian Consumables:

Culinarian is essential for crafting consumables that provide buffs to your character. Here are some commonly used consumables:

  • Melon Pie: This consumable increases the critical hit rate, making it valuable for jobs that heavily rely on critical hits.
  • Carrot Pudding: It enhances skill speed, which is beneficial for jobs that benefit from faster ability execution.
  • Guardian Pizzas: These pizzas grant determination, which increases both your damage dealt and healing received.


Alchemist Consumables:

As an Alchemist, you'll be focusing on crafting consumables that boost your combat abilities. Consider the following options:

  • DPS Tinctures: Potions that enhance your damage-dealing abilities. Prioritize intelligence, dexterity, and strength when crafting these tinctures.
  • Tanks Tinctures: These potions are mainly used by tanks. Focus on strength, as it boosts their defense and threat generation.


Keep in mind that mind and vitality are less commonly utilized stats, so prioritize the former ones. However, it's recommended to double-check with resources like the Balance Discord or theorycrafting communities to ensure you're following the most up-to-date recommendations.


Profitability and Time Considerations:

If you're interested in selling consumables for profit, it's essential to monitor the market and evaluate the demand for different items. In some cases, the materials required for crafting consumables may sell for a higher price than the finished products themselves.

For example, you mentioned selling mistletoe instead of crafting tinctures because it was more profitable and less time-consuming. This strategy can be effective if the market conditions favour it. Keep an eye on prices and demand to make informed decisions on what consumables to focus on crafting or selling.


Additional Resources:

If you need more detailed information about rotations, crafting techniques, or combat strategies related to consumables, consider referring to online resources. You mentioned having videos that cover these topics, which can be helpful for players seeking specific guidance. Stay updated with the latest patches and expansions to ensure your knowledge aligns with the current state of the game.


Method 4: Materia

The availability and methods for obtaining materia may vary depending on the patch number so that we will cover strategies for even and odd number patches separately.

FFXIV Earn Gild Method 4 Materia Screenshot


Even Number Patches (Battle Classes):

The most sought-after materia grades during even number patches are 9 and 10.

  • Participate in Hunts: Join hunt trains to defeat specific enemies and earn rewards. During the hunt, you can obtain dendro clusters and into clusters, which can be traded for grade 10 materia.
  • Wondrous Tails: Completing your wondrous tails will grant you certificates from Chloe. These certificates can be exchanged for clusters, which can also yield grade 10 materia.
  • Adventurer in Need Roulettes: Engage in the Leveling Roulette or Alliance Raid Roulette as an adventurer in need. These roulettes have a chance to reward you with clusters.
  • Check Inventory: After defeating mobs during hunts, check your inventory to see if you obtained crystals. You may receive one or none at all.


Odd Number Patches (Crafters/Gatherers):

Crafters and gatherers focus on odd number patches for materia acquisition.

  • Collectibles and Scrips: For grade 10 materia, create collectible items and exchange purple scripts. Different recipes and crafting classes yield varying rewards. For example:
  • Culinarian: Rarified Sucon Barbara Wah for White in the Proporto Pancakes or the Lemonade Alchemist.
    • Carpenter: Rarified Draft or Moon Gel.
    • Goldsmith: The Integral Moraine for the Wrist.
    • Fisher: Collectibles for the Fishing Rod.
  • Spirit Bonding: Spirit bond your level 90 Ark in the Velvet set while crafting or gathering to obtain materia.
  • Script Exchange: Exchange your collected scrips for grade 10 materia (500 purple scripts) or grade 9 materia (250 purple scripts). Visit the script exchange vendor and navigate to the materia section.


Additional Tips:

  • Joining a Hunt Train: If you wish to join a hunt train, you can ask for an invite to the link shell or utilize the dedicated Discord server for hunts on your server.
  • Utilize Weekly and Daily Hunts: Remember to complete your weekly and daily hunts to accumulate nuts, which can also be used to purchase materia.
  • Prioritize Upgrades: Before spending nuts on materia, ensure that you have already upgraded your tomestone gear, so you can focus on obtaining grade 9 and 10 materia.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on the hunt train schedules for your server. Typically, they run in the morning, mid-afternoon, and evening, progressing through different zones.
  • Ocean Fishing: For gatherers, the ocean fishing activity in La Noscea offers a reliable method to obtain white scrips every two hours in real time.


Alternative Method:

  • Calamity Salvager: Visit the Calamity Salvager in the island sanctuary. Under "Seafarer," navigate to "Materia and Items." Here, you can purchase grade 10 materia for 1500 blue calories and grade 9 materia for 750 blue calories. However, ensure you have acquired all one-time items and completed your island before spending calories, as they are primarily used for building structures.


Method 5: Tomestone Materials

Finally, Tomestone materials are an essential resource in Final Fantasy 14 that can be used for crafting, gathering, and balancing jobs. We will discuss the various ways to obtain tomestones and how you can make the most of them to earn gil.

FFXIV Earn Gild Method 5 Tomestone Materials Screenshot


Tomestone Sets:

Each expansion introduces three sets of tomestones, usually released in patches 0.2 and 0.4. The current tomestones will cost 20 each, while the old ones will be available for 10. Although most tomestone gear becomes irrelevant over time, there is still a demand for them due to bots and market board sellers. These items tend to sell quickly, often before the competition starts undercutting prices.


Exchanging Discontinued Tomestones:

As new tomestones are introduced, older ones eventually get discontinued. To make room for the new ones, you can visit the "More Donuts" NPC and exchange discontinued tomestones for the ones that were kept. For example, if Astronomy tomestones are being removed in patch 6.4, you can exchange them for the remaining tomestones like Alpha-rism or Causality. This way, you can keep using the materials for crafting and gathering sets that are relevant until level 100 gear in patch 7.0.


Acquiring Tomestones:

There are several activities that reward tomestones. Here are some reliable methods:

  • Hunts: Participate in hunts to earn tomestones. It is highly recommended to do hunts regularly as they provide a consistent source of tomestones.
  • Expert and Level 9 Dungeon Roulette: Completing these roulettes will reward you with tomestones.
  • Boss Drops: Tomestones can drop from bosses in various activities, such as Level 50, 60, 70, and 80 roulettes, Trials, Main Scenario Roulette, Alliance Raids, and Mentor Roulette.
  • Frontlines: If you enjoy PvP and participate in Crystal Conflict-themed Frontlines, you can earn a significant amount of tomestones.
  • Variants Dungeon: Certain dungeons reward 40 tomestones, and killing bosses within those dungeons will also yield tomestones.
  • Deep Dungeons: All Deep Dungeons will reward you with tomestones. You can choose the one you prefer, and running floors 21 to 30 in Orthos will drop 60 tomestones every time.


Wondrous Tales:

Wondrous Tails is a weekly activity that can yield a substantial amount of tomestones, though it involves some RNG (randomness). By completing the objectives given in the Wondrous Tails journal, you can earn two lines and obtain 500 astronomy tomestones or the relevant ones for that period. It is possible to manipulate the results by attempting to get a second chance through multiple nuclear bonuses. However, if you can't achieve it, don't worry; it's not crucial for your progression.

Remember, these methods can be utilized regardless of the expansion you're in. Whether in the past, present, or future, you can still use these methods to obtain tomestone materials.



By following these top 5 popular methods, you can effectively make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Explore levequests, utilize Grand Company seals, create and sell consumables, engage in the materia market, and take advantage of tomestone materials. Remember to adapt your strategies based on market trends and always keep an eye out for profitable opportunities.

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