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FFXIV Patch 6.4 Fishing Update: The Best Way to Acquire Millions of Gil

Dive into the captivating world of fishing in Final Fantasy XIV with our comprehensive guide to the latest fishing updates in patch 6.4.  In this guide, we'll begin by delving into the gear updates necessary to catch the latest fish and prepare for the introduction of legendary fish in patch 6.5. We'll provide insights on acquiring the recommended crafted gear and offer budget and best-in-slot meld suggestions to optimize your fishing results. Additionally, we'll discuss how even minimal gear requirements can yield excellent fishing outcomes, making it accessible for all players.


FFXIV Patch 6.4 Fishing Update: The Best Way to Acquire Millions of Gil


Gear Update

To catch the latest fish and prepare for the addition of legendary fish in patch 6.5, it is recommended to acquire the latest 620 crafted gear with decent overmelds. You can find budget and best-in-slot meld suggestions on the Teamcraft melds page. However, it's worth noting that the gear requirements for excellent fishing results are now minimal. Even the i500 rod and left side gear obtained with white scripts will suffice, costing just 1050 scripts.


Folklore Tomes

The folklore tomes introduced in patch 6 are still the latest ones. If you have already purchased them from Radz-at-Han, you will already have access to the 6.4 fish.


New Fishing Ventures

In patch 6.4, a new fishing venture called The Furious has been introduced. It is similar to the minor and botanist subline collectibles utilized in the latest Island Sanctuary landmark for fishing. To successfully catch these fish, ensure you have the collectability up before casting. The Furious fish can be found in Alpis near the Orkian, with one window per hour. Leeches are used as bait for these fish, which can be obtained inexpensively from junk mongers in the areas of In Walker. The Furious fish can then be ethereally reduced into Concentrated Aquarius Leo ethers.


Pros & Cons:

  • + Reasonable value and can generate good income if you have best-in-slot crafters to craft the end product.
  • - Sales could be faster.
  • - High gear requirement, needing a minimum of 3200 Gathering.

Note that the sublime-type fish from previous patches, such as MayaShell and Fillions, have retained their value well, with their respective Cleo ethers still selling for 200k or more each. However, the sales of these items still need to be faster, so they are not recommended for mass selling.


Earthbreak Aethersand

Earthbreak Aethersand has remained unchanged since patch 6 and continues to be a fantastic way to earn FFXIV Gil. Fishing outshines botany and mining in terms of profitability because fishing is wider than time nodes. Earthbreak Aethersand will remain relevant until patch 7.0, as they are used in the latest gear, food, and potions. Additionally, you can obtain valuable crystals and clusters from the reductions.


Spearfishing at Camp Bronze Lake

Spearfishing is particularly lucrative and does not require any bait. One location to spearfish is at Camp Bronze Lake, targeting Virgius Guppies.  There are two small fish types available, with the faster one being the preferred catch. In just 10 minutes, We was able to catch 19 Guppies, which were reduced to 38 Earthbreak Ethers and a variety of ice crystals and clusters. We sold these swiftly for a total of 110,000 Gil. 

Spearfishing has low gear requirements, and through testing, We found that a Gathering of 1948 was sufficient, meaning you can catch them with just the i500 White Scrip rod and left side gear, costing only 1050 Scripts.


Pros & Cons:

  • + Good value with quick turnover.
  • + Will remain relevant until patch 7.0.
  • + No time limitations, as nodes are always available.
  • + Low gear requirements.
  • - Spearfishing requires a higher level of concentration compared to other fishing options.

Other Fishing Opportunities

For those interested in fishing for Gil, the options remain largely unchanged. Standard fish like Thavnairian Calamari and Jinga for the crafter and gatherer food still hold decent value but may not provide significant returns for your time.

A Realm Reborn Beachwear remains consistent but is more of a once-a-week activity rather than a daily one. Big fish, Fisher Scripts, and grand company turn-ins are still viable options but may be too time-consuming for significant Gil gains. For more details on these methods, refer to the 6.2 video guide, where making money from each of them was discussed.


Recommended Routine

Here's a breakdown of the recommended routine:

  • Spend 20 minutes obtaining one clear ether from the Maya Shells and one from the Fillions. List them on the market board until they sell for 250,000 Gil each (based on EU averages).
  • Do the same for Beachwear. Spend 10 minutes to obtain one or two different pieces and list them until they sell for 300,000 Gil each (based on EU averages).
  • Spearfish Virgius Guppies for 10 minutes each day. Collect a good amount, but avoid flooding the market board. This activity should yield around 100,000 Gil per day, including crystal sales.


By combining the proceeds from steps 1 and 2 once a week, along with step 3 performed daily, you can easily earn 1 million Gil per week (based on current average prices across EU servers).



In patch 6.4, the major addition is the new Fury's egg fish, which provides the latest clear ether. However, it is recommended to focus on the older Glios from Maya Shells and Fillions instead. Even then, it's advisable to catch only one or two of these per week and hope to sell them. Spearfishing Virgius Guppies remains the most lucrative fishing activity, offering a consistent source of income. By following these recommendations, you can routinely make 1.5 million Gil each week. 

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