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Fallout 76 Beginner Icon Fist Build: Powerful OP, Easy Assemble, Devastating Punches

Introducing the Iron Fist Build for Fallout 76, a beginner's guide to unleashing unparalleled power with bare fists and power armor! In this guide, we'll delve into an incredible beginner build for Fallout 76, which centers around unleashing devastating punches with your bare fists while wearing power armor. This build is not only powerful but also relatively easy to assemble, making it a fantastic choice for those just starting their journey in Appalachia.



Fallout 76 Beginner Icon Fist Build: Powerful OP, Easy Assemble, Devastating Punches


Special Stats and Perk Cards

Let's start by looking at your SPECIAL stats and perk cards. This build focuses on maximizing your melee damage while ensuring your survival in the harsh wasteland.


Strength (15) Strength is the primary attribute for melee damage. Aim to have 15 Strengths to get the most out of your punches. Legendary Strength is a recommended perk card to pick up early.
Intelligence (15) Intelligence plays a crucial role in levelling up quickly, so having 15 points here is beneficial. Higher Intelligence means more experience points, which will help you progress faster. Don't worry too much about the specific perks in Intelligence; this build is strong enough without them.
Endurance (4) Endurance can be upgraded later in the game. Prioritize First Aid and Power User for survival and fusion core management.
Charisma (4) In Charisma, start with Inspiration and work your way up to three points for maximum benefit. Playing on a casual team further boosts your experience gain, so always be part of one.
Agility (4) In Agility, focus on Born Survivor and Adrenaline for melee combat. Allocate your remaining points elsewhere; having more than two points in Agility is optional for this build.
Luck (10) Luck is essential for enhancing your damage and survivability. Prioritize Bloody Mess for increased damage and Ricochet for added tankiness. Class Freak is a game-changer but unlocks later, so be sure to grab it when it becomes available.


Perk Card Choices

Here are some key perk cards to consider:

  • Travelling Pharmacy: Allows you to carry more Aid items, helping with inventory management and healing during battles.
  • Iron Fist: A core perk for early-game melee damage. Prioritize upgrading it.
  • Blocker: This mid-game perk significantly reduces melee damage taken, making you more resilient.
  • Incisor: While it unlocks relatively late (around level 34), the Incisor is crucial for this build as it ignores a substantial portion of the enemy's armour.
  • Life Giver: Unlocks early and provides extra health, increasing your survivability.
  • Fireproof: Provides excellent resistance to explosive damage, but it unlocks late.
  • Sun Kissed: A handy perk for eliminating radiation concerns. Unlocks late, but worth the wait.
  • Inspirational: Boosts your experience gained when teamed up with other players. Start with this perk, and max it out when possible.


Gear and Power Armor


Power Armor

Power Armor is the key to this build's effectiveness. You can use T-45 Power Armor, and it doesn't need to be high level; even level 10 armour is sufficient. You can find power armour pieces scattered around the map. Follow these steps to use them:

  • Collect all the power armour pieces.
  • Enter an empty power armour frame.
  • Exit the empty frame.
  • Re-equip all the power armour pieces from your inventory.

Now, the power armour will belong to you, even if you still need to equip it due to your level. You can continue using it as you level up.


Tesla Bracers

To maximize your melee damage, you'll want Tesla Bracers for your power armour arms. These bracers add energy damage to your punches and are essential for this build.


To obtain Tesla Bracers:

  • Reach level 25 or higher.
  • Look for the plan at Watoga vendors, including the Train Station vendor.
  • If you can't find the plan initially, try quitting and restarting the game; it should appear eventually.

You'll also need Yellowcake Flux to craft Tesla Bracers. Collect Yellowcake Flux during nuclear events and use it to craft the bracers at a chemistry station.



Mutations greatly enhance your character's abilities. Most of them can be acquired for free, but you may want to buy the Carnivore serum from players for added benefits to your melee damage.


Using Your Iron Fist Build

With your power armor equipped and Tesla Bracers installed you'll become a formidable force. Your melee punches will deal tremendous damage, even to high-level enemies. Remember to adapt to flying enemies by using Enforcer and a shotgun to ground them before delivering your devastating blows.


As you level up and gain all the required perks and mutations, your character will become virtually unstoppable, capable of handling any threat in the wasteland.

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