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SWTOR 7.3.1 Seasonal Rewards: New Features, GTN Changes, Loth-Cat, Ahsoka Armor and More

Hello, Star Wars: The Old Republic players! We're thrilled to announce that Game Update 7.3.1 is right around the corner, set to release on September 6th. This update is bringing a host of exciting new features and changes, including a sneak peek at the Cartel Market, a revamp of the Galactic Trade Network (GTN), and a brand new Galactic season. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of these updates and highlight the highly anticipated seasonal rewards, including the adorable Loth-cat, Ahsoka-inspired armor, and lightsabers.


SWTOR 7.3.1 Seasonal Rewards: New Features, GTN Changes, Loth-Cat, Ahsoka Armor and More


Cartel Market Preview: Ahsoka Inspire Set

The Cartel Market is getting a significant update in 7.3.1, and one of the standout additions is the Ahsoka Inspired Set, aptly named The Expatriate Armor. This stunning set includes not only the iconic armor worn by Ahsoka Tano but also the lightsabers she wields. What makes these lightsabers particularly noteworthy is their attention to detail, not only in appearance but also in the way they activate, accompanied by the distinctive lightsaber sound. For fans of Ahsoka Tano and lightsabers, this is an absolute must-have.


Additionally, there's a teaser for an upcoming set inspired by Admiral Thrawn, though details on its appearance remain a mystery. Keep an eye out for more information on this exciting addition to the Cartel Market.


Economy Changes

As part of this update, the economy of the game is getting some adjustments. Quick travel costs, previously affected by recent economic changes, will now be adjusted based on your account's player level. This means lower-level characters will incur lower quick travel costs, offering a more balanced experience for newer players.


The most significant change comes in the form of the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). The GTN cap is getting a substantial increase, skyrocketing from 1 billion swtor credits to an impressive 3 billion credits. This boost is aimed at encouraging players to use the GTN for their trading needs, reducing reliance on external trade channels. These economic changes promise to enhance the overall gameplay experience and make in-game trading more efficient.


Galactic Season 5

With the launch of Game Update 7.3.1, a new Galactic season titled Confidence in Power begins. While there won't be a new companion introduced in this season, the focus is on making companion additions more meaningful and avoiding the oversaturation of companions in the game. However, there is a hint of a potential new companion in the form of a Basilisk Droid, which is sure to add an exciting dynamic to the story in the future.


The Galactic season pass will see changes to the slots previously related to companion rewards. These slots will now offer the following new seasonal rewards:

  • Five new personal decorations inspired by popular armors.
  • A unique consumable item that grants Jawa Intel to yourself and other players.
  • Exclusive new mounts.
  • A white and white dye module.


The progression of the story within this Galactic season will be tied to your advancement on the seasonal reward track. As you climb the tiers, you'll unlock more segments of the story. It's worth noting that participating in the story is optional, and it's described as having a more light-hearted tone while still exploring the dark side of the Force.


New Objectives and Subscriber Benefits

Game Update 7.3.1 introduces new objectives to enhance gameplay. These include objectives involving your companion, requiring you to assign them specific roles such as healing, tanking, or damage. Space mission objectives are also divided into regular and heroic categories, catering to different player preferences and levels of challenge. Players who enjoy operations will have new objectives related to completing specific operations on different difficulty settings.


To simplify the flashpoint objectives, the requirement to complete a certain number of flashpoints or bonus bosses has been removed. Instead, players will be tasked with completing specific flashpoints from a predefined list, making it easier to track and complete these objectives.


Subscribers will enjoy a special edition with an extra objective option, bringing the total to 11 objectives. However, only seven of these objectives can be completed, offering more variety and choice for subscribers. These objectives can span various activities, including completing chapters, uprisings, or operations.


Seasonal Rewards Showcase

Now, let's take a closer look at the exciting seasonal rewards available in Galactic Season 5, Confidence in Power:


Hijack Weapon Set This set features a weapon for each type, ensuring there's something for every player's preferred playstyle.
Imperial Assault Tank Mount This impressive mount dynamically changes colors based on the crystal color you're using, allowing you to customize it to your faction's theme.
Armor Sets Three unique armor sets are introduced - the Imperial Lieutenant Armor, the Emperor's Chosen Armor, and the Empire Director Armor. These sets offer diverse and distinctive appearances, deviating from the previous trend of similar-looking sets.
Second Weapon Set A second weapon set is also available, providing players with additional options for personalization.
Mounts Alongside the Imperial Assault Tank, players can acquire the Creature Mount Hardy Amazon and the Tenacious Armisole Mounts, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
Loth-cat Kitten The most adorable reward, the Loth-cat Kitten, will be available as part of the Galactic season. This charming companion is a must-have for pet enthusiasts.
Decorations The rewards also include personal decorations inspired by popular armors, adding a touch of the Cartel Market's style to your Strongholds. Additionally, there's a new Joy decoration tied to the season's story, adding depth to your in-game experience.



With Game Update 7.3.1, Star Wars: The Old Republic players can look forward to an array of exciting changes, from the Cartel Market's Ahsoka-inspired set and lightsabers to a revamped economy with a higher GTN cap. The new Galactic season, "Confidence in Power," promises an engaging story, meaningful rewards, and a range of objectives to tackle. Take the chance to earn unique items, including the Loth-cat Kitten, which is sure to capture the hearts of players. So, prepare for September 6th and dive into the action-packed world of SWTOR! May the Force be with you.

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