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ESO (2023) Guide: Most Efficient Way To Farm Gold For Beginners

Elder Scrolls Online has attracted many new players recently, and as they embark on their adventures, they quickly realize the need for various items and materials to upgrade their gear and sustain themselves in dungeons. However, acquiring these desired items solely through in-game sources can take time and effort. This guide will introduce you to the importance of trading in ESO and provide strategies to help you make gold effectively.



ESO (2023) Guide: Most Efficient Way To Farm Gold For Beginners


Joining a Trading Guild

To sell items on the ESO market, you must join a guild that owns a guild trader. By listing your items in the guild store, other players can access them and purchase your wares. While some items may have high price tags, actively participating in the trading scene can make these prices more manageable. Players who choose to refrain from trading in ESO will find it more challenging to acquire valuable items or earn gold. Even if you prefer a solo experience, the strategies discussed in this guide will help you obtain the necessary items to progress in ESO.


Debunking a Common Misconception

Before diving into the gold-earning strategies, it's essential to address a common misconception about earning gold in ESO. Some players believe that killing creatures has no direct link to earning gold. However, this is far from true. Killing creatures provides opportunities to acquire valuable items that can be listed on the ESO market for gold.


While some strategies discussed in this guide may involve a bit of grinding, ESO offers various systems that passively reward you with financial benefits. These include earning alliance points and Tel Var in PvP, receiving motifs from veteran dungeons and obtaining valuable materials and furnishing plans while questing and looting containers.


Daily Crafting Writs

One of the first things experienced players will recommend to complete daily crafting writs. To gain access to these writs, you need to become certified, which becomes available once you reach level 6. Speak to Meleneth and Danelle Tolano in the crafting hubs of major cities to complete their simple quests. These quests require specific materials and crafting a particular item. Once certified, you can pick up crafting quests from the writ boards once per day.


Crafting writs ask you to create various items relevant to your current crafting skill lines. As you progress your skill lines by crafting and deconstructing gear, you can invest skill points into upgrading your crafting proficiency. This allows you to receive better rewards from these crafting quests. It's essential to note that as you advance your crafting skill lines, the daily crafting writs will require higher-level items. Make sure to have the necessary materials for each level when turning in your writs.


Completing daily crafting writs rewards you with gold, materials related to the writ, and potentially master writs and surveys. Master writs are additional quests that provide writ vouchers but require complete proficiency in specific skill lines and knowledge of certain motifs. Surveys, on the other hand, are resource-rich locations where you can harvest valuable materials. Surveys scale to the crafting level of your character, so it's recommended to complete them on characters with maxed-out crafting skill lines.


Farming Materials

Another effective method of making gold is farming materials throughout Tamriel. Material nodes can be found scattered across the world, with some areas offering higher node densities than others. To maximize efficiency, devise a farming route in locations with high node densities. You can find resource farming routes on various online resources or by using add-ons.


Keep in mind that node spawn timers are affected by the player population in a zone and share timers with other nodes. As a result, some nodes will only produce materials once other nodes have been harvested. This makes starter zones ideal for material farming, as they're often populated, and many players need to be actively farming. Farming materials is a straightforward method of making gold—run around and harvest any materials you come across. Following specific routes can optimize your farming efficiency.


While farming materials can be repetitive, it can be a productive activity while waiting for other in-game activities or listening to a podcast or audiobook. Remember to pick up everything you see, as it can be valuable based on the parameters outlined earlier. Don't be swayed by recommendations to skip certain nodes from other sources; it's best to gather everything you come across.


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Crafting Items

Crafting consumables and gear can be a lucrative way to turn your provisioning and alchemy ingredients into gold. By levelling up your crafting skill lines and researching traits, you'll unlock opportunities to sell crafted goods. Here are some tips:

  • 1. Provisioning and Alchemy: Craft valuable potions and foods that are in demand. Learn recipes by participating in ESO events, which can save you gold that you would otherwise spend on purchasing them.
  • Gear Crafting: Research traits for different gear types to unlock the ability to craft them. Destroy items with traits you have yet to learn to research at crafting stations. Once you have learned a trait, you can craft gear with that trait. Accumulate research traits to craft gear sets, which are highly sought after. Use attunable crafting stations in your guild's crafting hall for efficient crafting.


Daily Quests

Engaging in daily quests in DLC zones can be a rewarding method for making gold, particularly for newer players. These quests involve specific tasks and offer valuable rewards. Follow these steps:

  • Pick up Daily Quests: Locate NPCs in DLC zones who assign specific tasks, such as defeating world bosses, finding items in delves, or completing world events.
  • Solo or Group Content: Daily delve quests are solo-friendly, while world bosses and events may require assistance. You can ask for help in zone chat or your guild chats, often finding players willing to aid you.
  • Collect Rewards: Upon completing a daily quest, you'll receive rewards such as valuable style materials, furnishing motifs, gear from the zone, and even structural furnishing plans. Be aware that daily reward coffers have cooldowns, limiting your chances of receiving motifs until the cooldown expires. Use add-ons like "Item Cooldown Tracker" to keep track of your cooldowns.


Participating in Events

ESO hosts a variety of events that offer lucrative rewards and opportunities to make gold. These events are designed to be accessible to all players, including beginners. By completing event-related tasks, you can earn event currency or valuable items that can be sold for gold.

  • Zone Events: Certain events focus on specific zones, such as the Season of the Dragon event. Participating in activities in these zones during the event can provide double drops from resource nodes, increased quest rewards, and other bonuses. Joining large groups of players during these events can make farming more efficient.
  • Seasonal Events: Events like the New Life Festival or the Witches Festival span multiple zones. Completing event-related quests, which are often simple tasks, can reward you with valuable items. Consider selling motifs and style pages related to the event for quick gold. Alternatively, you can save these items to sell later when their value increases.


Curated Loot System

ESO incorporates a curated loot system, meaning that defeating enemies in various locations can reward you with set pieces you haven't collected before. These set pieces can be valuable items that you can sell for gold. Exploit this system by deliberately not collecting specific gear pieces and focusing on acquiring sought-after items.

  • Zone Gear: Identify valuable zone-specific gear sets, such as Mother's Sorrow, Frostbite, Briarheart, or Hunding's Rage. Collect all the less expensive pieces of gear from a zone except for one highly sought-after item. By doing this, you increase the chances of receiving that specific item when farming enemies in that zone. Selling these valuable gear pieces can yield a significant amount of gold.
  • Dungeons, Trials, and Arenas: As you progress in the game, dungeons, trials, and arenas present more opportunities to obtain valuable gear sets. Learn which sets are in demand and sell them to other players. Research popular builds and sets recommended by experienced players and consider selling those items for a profit.


Research and Pricing

To determine the value of an item, research its market price and demand. The Tamriel Trade Centre (TTC) is a valuable resource for PC players, providing current market listings for items. Console players can still use TTC to get an idea of an item's value. Search for the item you obtained and analyze the listing prices. If the prices are low, consider deconstructing the item. However, if the prices are promising, it's best to sell the item instead of binding it to your character. You can seek assistance from players in zone chat or your guilds to determine an item's value if you need clarification.

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