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Which are the Best Elder Scrolls Online Solo Class in 2023?

The Elder Scrolls Online is an MMORPG that allows players to explore the world of Tamriel with the help of their chosen class. With a variety of classes to choose from, each offering unique abilities and playstyles, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. If you're looking to go solo, the classes in ESO offer plenty to choose from. Here's a quick overview of some of the best solo classes in the game.



Which are the Best Elder Scrolls Online Solo Class in 2023?


Stamina Sorcerer

To begin, we will discuss the Stamina Sorcerer. This class has seen its fair share of nerfs and buffs this year, making it difficult to decide if it is worth playing as a solo class. While the Crystal Weapon buff has helped the Stamina Sorcerer's performance, it has since been nerfed, leaving the class with less of a damage output than before. The main reason to choose the Stamina Sorcerer over the Magicka Sorcerer is its tankiness. The Hurricane ability provides a Major Resolve buff, increasing resistances by 6,000. The Stamina Sorcerer suffers from a lack of Major Breach, which can be found through PvP


Magicka Nightblade

This class has always been a great choice for solo content, owing to its Swallow Soul spammable which heals the player every time it is used. The Magicka Nightblade also has great Alt Regen and access to Minor Toughness. This year, the class has seen some nerfs, bringing its damage ceiling down a bit. However, it is still an excellent choice for solo content. 


Stamina Templar

While it still puts out great damage, it no longer has the simplest rotation in the game. It is in an awkward position as the Magicka and Stamina Templars feel almost identical. However, the Stamina Templar has access to a channeled spammable that leaves it open to attacks that it cannot block without interrupting its damage. 


The Stamina Warden

The class was the highest parsing class in ESO for a while, but that is no longer the case. The Warden has a well-rounded kit with fun utility abilities such as Bird of Prey and the Giant Bear. This year, the Stamina Warden has access to the Magicka spammable, giving it access to Major and Minor Breach. It also has great AoE damage, thanks to its number one damage ability Blast Bones. 


Stamina Necromancer

Previously, players used Brawler and Carve to great effect for Stamina characters, but with the buff to the Necro Scythe, players can pivot to the scythe for healing and sustain. The class also has great survivability and tons of utility in its abilities, making it one of the best solo classes in ESO


Magicka Dragonknight

The Magicka Dragonknight is another class that is in a great spot this year. It is a great choice for group content, but it feels a bit squishier than in years past in solo content. The Ring of Fel Order does a lot to make up for the class's deficiencies, providing healing, damage mitigation, and Major Breach. The class also has access to dual wield daggers for extra crit chance. 


Magicka Sorcerer

the Magicka Sorcerer is a great solo class. It has built-in healing from Critical Surge and pets that will do a lot of the work for you. The class also has easy access to Major Resolve for damage mitigation, powerful and cost-effective spammables, and easy access to life leech. Even new players will perform fairly well on this class, making it one of the best solo classes in ESO


Stamina Nightblade

The Stamina Nightblade is the first Double S Tier class in Elder Scrolls Online, and it's well deserved. With its built-in self-healing and damage mitigation, plus its free crit chance and crit damage, this class can hit like a truck while staying safe. Its spammable Surprise Attack was buffed this year, making it even more powerful. The dual wield setup of the Nightblade makes it perfect for the current dual wield meta. With Major Resolve, which increases our resistances by 6000, this class is incredibly tanky. Its abilities cost both Stamina and Magicka, making it great for sustained multiple abilities. Furthermore, the Ring of the Pale Order further abuses these abilities, giving us tons of life leech. This class is also incredibly affordable, with its Ultimate costing very little. All of these features make the Stamina Nightblade a fantastic solo class, and it's well deserving of its Double S Tier rating.


Magic Warden

The Magic Warden is the most improved solo class 2023. It was formerly at the bottom of the list, but with buffs to its frost damage and chill effects, it has become a devastating AOE damage dealer. It also has great self-healing, making it a great all-rounder class. With its sweeping strikes bringing back a ton of damage, and its execute often referred to as the 'Jesus Beam' returning life when used, the Magicka Warden is an amazing all-rounder. Hybridization of the game allowed the Magicka Warden to take the Stamina Templar's gear and outshine it. All of these features make the Magicka Warden a fantastic solo class, and it's well deserving of its Double S Tier rating.


Stamina Dragonknight 

The Stamina Dragonknight is another great solo class. It was formerly the worst class in the game, but it has since been buffed and is now shining in solo content. The Dragonknight is the number one tank in the game, and its tankiness translates perfectly into solo play. Its long form dots pair great with the Ring of the Pale Order, turning them into heal over time effects. It also has great damage and unrivaled damage mitigation, making it an incredibly powerful class. If you want to stand toe-to-toe with giant bosses and pummel them down with a steel weapon and some poison and fire dots, then the Stamina Dragonknight is the choice for you. It's well deserving of its Double S Tier rating.


Magicka Templar

The Magicka Templar is easy to pick up for new and returning players, and despite doing a little less damage than it used to, it's still fantastic in group content. It has a great versatile kit, some incredibly fun abilities and does a lot of damage. Its execute, the Jesus Beam, is one of the coolest in the game and returns life when used. Despite losing some of its tankiness last year, the Magicka Templar is still incredibly powerful. For these reasons, it deserves its Double S Tier rating.



This class is yet to be released, but it is expected to be incredibly powerful. With its versatile kit, fun abilities and high damage output, the Arcanist is looking to be a lot of fun in all types of content, especially in solo play. For this reason, we are giving the Arcanist a Triple S Tier rating, as it is expected to be the best class in the game.


In conclusion, the balance of Elder Scrolls Online is constantly shifting, and it's fun to see how strong we can make our builds from patch to patch. Every single class mentioned in this tier list can do all content in the game, including soloing all world bosses, dungeons and quests. So don't let this tier list decide your class - pick the one that looks awesome to you. No matter which class you choose, it will be capable of all content.

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