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Is The Elder Scrolls Online worth Play in 2023?

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) has a lot of content for solo players, including voice-acted quests and the freedom to play in any zone at any time. However, as all zones are the same level and difficulty, it can get repetitive. Additionally, some of the game's mechanics can be difficult to understand. Overall, ESO offers a wealth of solo content and is best enjoyed when playing your own way.



In ESO, questing content can become trivialized very quickly due to the lack of story. Each zone is a mini-story made up of 8-16 quests which makes it difficult for epic climaxes and backstabs to mean as much because you haven't had time to develop relationships with the characters.


Is The Elder Scrolls Online worth Play in 2023?


Buy-to-play MMO

Eso is a great buy-to-play MMO, with an optional subscription and easy questing content that can be shared with friends. While the ESO Gold rewards structure isn't great, you can still earn some cool pets and armor. The cash shop offers the more flashy items but they aren't cheap.

Without an ESO Plus subscription, you will not have access to the best zones, dungeons, trials, gear, crafting skill lines, and races. You may be able to play without it but inventory management will be a nightmare. ESO Plus gives you access to most of the game and a stipend of crowns every month to buy DLC classes or anything else from the cash shop. While the whales have more to whale on, the average player has less to do and less to earn, leading to a population exodus. Loot crates are a way to force your biggest fans to lose money gambling for things they should have been able to purchase outright.


Eso Drop Rates are Low

Eso's loot crates are aggressively monetized and the drop rates are low, so gambling for a radiant mount is not recommended. The endeavor system allows players to grind out dailies for these mounts, but it takes 10-12 months to get enough seals. The cash shop sells all of the best weapon cosmetics, but there is nothing in the store that affects combat performance. Eso does condone the exchange of cash shop currency for gold, which means you can effectively convert real-world cash into in-game items gear, and upgrade materials.


Best Housing systems

ESO is an MMORPG set in the world of Tamriel. It is a game that offers something for everyone, from solo play to large-scale group content. Players have the ability to purchase various items and upgrades to help them progress faster, though it is not pay-to-win. ESO also offers one of the best housing systems in any MMORPG, though it is on the more expensive side. The most recent expansion did not have an earnable house but could be purchased with real-world money. Group content is also a major part of ESO, with three tiers of difficulty, ranging from easy for new players to hard for veterans. Overall, ESO is an excellent MMORPG for players of all levels and interests.


Dungeon and Raid

The dungeon and raid content in Elder Scrolls Online is a lot of fun, but unfortunately, the rewards for participating in this content have been moved to the cash shop. This means that players are much less motivated to participate and the group content feels like it has no carrot to chase. Additionally, the dungeon finder, which pairs players for dungeon content, is broken and has been for over a year, signaling a lack of quality control and upper management not doing anything to fix it. This makes it difficult for players to find dungeons and participate in group content. To help players, there is a guild finder for trials, which makes the trial experience much better, and players should join guilds to find dungeons and take part in group content.


The current state of quality control

The current state of quality control for ESO is a cause for concern as the recent fourth-quarter DLC release had game-breaking bugs that made it unplayable for some players. Furthermore, players had spent weeks farming for items that were broken and not even dropping in the game. This is a sign that ESO's future may not be a priority for developer Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS).


Combat Systeam

ESO's combat is a divisive topic, as it is an action MMO, and tab-target enthusiasts often don't like it. However, those who master it often find it to be fast-paced and rewarding. Unfortunately, ZOS has been making frequent changes to the combat, which can make builds irrelevant within a few weeks. This has caused some players to take a break from the game as they are not sure when these changes will stop.


PvE and PvP content

ESO is a cross-platform MMO with a focus on PvE and PvP content. It offers a variety of gameplay experiences, ranging from large-scale open-world battles to small-scale PvP arenas. On PC, players have access to a large variety of add-ons that can significantly enhance the game's quality of life. Unfortunately, ESO servers struggle to keep up with the demand of the large-scale battles in Cyrodiil, resulting in lag and stutter. On the other hand, smaller-scale PvP experiences such as Imperial City and the Battlegrounds run much smoother. ESO also offers an incredibly high skill ceiling for players looking for a challenge, with a variety of customization options for players who want their character to stand out. ESO also offers a variety of monetization options, ranging from cosmetic items to additional content.


Players in ESO

ESO still has a healthy population, thanks in part to its Mega Servers, which allow all players in North America and Europe to be on the same server. This makes it easy for players to find others to play with and never feel alone in any zone or level.


Cash Shop

The downside to the ESO cash shop is that the cosmetics available in the shop often outshine the earnable cosmetics in the game. This has caused some players to feel discouraged and left the game, leading to a dip in the population of the game. Despite this, ESO is still one of the largest MMOs in the world and has added a lot of great content over its eight-year lifespan. However, recent expansions have not been as well received, leading players to question why a card game was substantial enough content for an entire year until the next expansion. If the developers made the right changes, many of these players could be brought back.



Elder Scrolls Online is a great game with a lot of quality content, but it's also at a crossroads as recent expansions have been smaller and buggier, leaving Eso veterans wondering if the developers are sunsetting the game. The in-game housing is second to none, with the best houses costing over a hundred dollars. However, there are still some decent houses you can buy in-game with gold. Whether or not you should try out Elder Scrolls Online in 2023 depends on your own opinions and preferences, so make sure to do your research before deciding. 

From a gameplay perspective, the questing and dungeons are interesting and filled with amazing voice-acted stories. The combat is fast-paced and skill-based, and you can customize your character with nearly unlimited options. You can also find a plethora of armor cosmetics to earn in-game. Unfortunately, the PvP content has been neglected for a long time and there is a lack of new content. Despite this, ESO is a great game for those who are looking for a story-driven experience with a lot of character customization.

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