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ESO Bastion Nymic Guide: How to Conquer New World Event in Necrom Chapter?

The Elder Scrolls Online newest chapter Necrom, introduces a variety of exciting gameplay elements for players to enjoy. One of the new additions is the Bastion Nymic World event, which offers challenging overland content and rewarding experiences. In this guide, we will explore how to access Bastion Nymic, defeat its bosses, uncover secret encounters, and discover the rewards that await you.



ESO Bastion Nymic Guide: How to Conquer New World Event in Necrom Chapter?


How to Accessing Bastion Nymic?

Bastion Nymic is an instanced event designed for groups of up to four players. It offers a range of challenges, secrets, and rewards. While it is primarily geared towards group content, solo players can still participate with a good understanding of mechanics or by enlisting the help of new companions. For those preferring solo play, additional resources will be provided in the description.


To access Bastion Nymic, you need to find the Ordinator in the Necrom City. She will provide you with a daily quest that is necessary to gain access to this world event. The first step of the quest requires you to collect five Daedric Eichers, which drop from roaming enemies called Herald Seekers. These enemies can be tough to defeat alone, so consider asking for assistance in zone chat or teaming up with friends or guildmates.


Herald Seekers Mechanics

Here are the key mechanics to be aware of when fighting Herald Seekers:

  • Abyssal Tendrils: Watch out for tendrils that spawn at your feet and can knock you back. Avoid staying in the growing AoE.
  • Projectile Attacks: The Seeker has a pattern of three light projectile attacks followed by a heavier fourth attack. Consider blocking or dodge rolling to mitigate the damage.
  • Channeled Attack: The Seeker occasionally casts a channeled attack that CCs your character and pulls them slowly. Break free if affected or interrupt the Seeker's channel by bashing.
  • Adds: Seekers have two add phases. Use area-of-effect damage skills to take down additional enemies efficiently.

Upon defeating and looting a Herald Seeker, you will receive one Daedric Eicher. Groupmates' looted Eichers also count toward the total of five needed to access the event. Once you have collected five Daedric Eichers, you can pass through a Catholic Landing Gate and enter the instanced group event. Remember, only groups of up to four players can access this location.


How to Defeating Bastion Nymic?

Bastion Nymic is a large instance consisting of three distinct districts and a final encounter. Unlike a one-time endeavor, you can repeat the Bastion Nymic for additional challenges and rewards. To complete the Bastion Nymic quest, follow these steps:

  • Complete the district that corresponds to your quest. This will unlock the final encounter.
  • Defeat the final encounter.

Each district features hordes of mobs to defeat and a final boss fight. Additionally, each district has an optional secret encounter that can reward you with extra goodies.


Vhogor The Pestilent

Vhogor's attacks are slow and melee-based. Ranged DPS players can easily evade their attacks by maintaining distance and avoiding the poisonous AoEs scattered throughout the arena. Melee DPS should be mindful of growing AoEs and employ defensive strategies such as heal-over-time skills, periodic burst healing, or damage shields to recover from Vulgar's attacks.

Vhogor has two mechanics that can occur after slamming its arm on the ground:

  • Plaguevoryoplasms: After the arm slam, Vulgar spawns Plaguevoryoplasms. Deal with them promptly.
  • Enrage: Vulgar may become enraged momentarily after slamming its arm. Be prepared for increased aggression during this period.

Vulgar can also burrow one of its hands into the ground, spawning poison AoEs, or slam its other hand into the ground, scattering damaging rock fragments in the area. Additionally, it can swipe its hand across, knocking you back. During the add phase, Vulgar will stand still, become immune, and channel its familiar poison AoE attack until all the adds are defeated.


Eater of Secrets

The Eater of Secrets is a challenging boss encounter that features two watcher minions named Enigma and Conundrum. Here are some tips for this encounter:

  • Both watchers have their own attacks, including an AoE charge attack from Enigma and laser beams from Conundrum.
  • The watchers also use a quick AoE spin attack, so be cautious if you are fighting them at melee range.
  • It is recommended to focus on one watcher at a time before dealing with the Eater of Secrets to minimize incoming damage. Consider focusing on Conundrum first, as it is relatively stationary and susceptible to damage from stationary AoEs.
  • During the fight, waves of ads will spawn occasionally. Prioritize killing the seeker ads, as they deal significant ranged damage.
  • Watch out for the Eater of Secrets' attack, where it jumps up, punches the ground twice, and aggressively stomps. Stay out of the AoE area on the final stomp to avoid being knocked back and stunned.
  • The boss also has a heavy attack that can be blocked, a skill where it spawns stationary AoEs by barfing on you, and a skill where it sneezes black goo in your direction.


Kynmarcher Strix

Kynmarcher Strix is another challenging boss encounter in the Bastion Nymic event. Here are some strategies to tackle this encounter:

  • At the start of the fight, Strix will summon two Mind Terrors. Quickly cleave them down, as they have low health.
  • Strix has a move where it sweeps its hand across, sending out harmful projectiles. Avoid getting hit, as it spawns stationary AoEs where you were hit.
  • Position yourself away from the boss during this skill to avoid getting hit by multiple AoEs simultaneously.
  • Strix occasionally uses a skill similar to the Nightblade's Teleport Strike and a heavy attack with its staff. Block the heavy attack to prevent staggering.
  • There is an interruptible attack that throws out additional AoEs. Make sure to interrupt the boss to avoid being stunned.
  • Strix will teleport around the arena, leaving shadow ads behind. Block the teleport strike when the boss reappears.

The most noteworthy mechanic of Strix is creating clones of itself with the same skills. Only one of these bosses is the real one. Watch the grand health bar at the top of your screen to identify the real Strix. The clone's health bars will be affected, while the real Strix's health bar remains untouched.


Bastion Nymic Secrets and Plagued Quarter

As you explore the Plague Quarter district, you will come across strange glowing elixirs and instructions related to offerings for Peryite. Here is what you need to know:

  • Collect three chalices of the same colour to provide an adequate offering to Peryite. Avoid mixing chalices of different colours.
  • Once you or a group member has collected three same-coloured offerings, return to the Peryite altar room and interact with the statue.
  • The bookshelves will part, revealing a secret entrance. Follow the passageway to a final encounter filled with ads.
  • While the enemies in this encounter are not overly threatening, be mindful of your positioning to avoid AoE damage.
  • Use your own AoE skills to cleave through the waves of ads efficiently.
  • Successfully defeating these waves of ads will reward you with a chest and the Pestilence Puzzler achievement.


Dreaming Quarter

In the Dreaming Quarter, you will encounter four glowing orbs and a locked door leading to a treasure vault room. To gain access to the treasure vault, you need to destroy four Dark Portents, each corresponding to an orb in the Dreaming Quarter. Follow these steps to complete this part:

  • Look out for strange purple flames floating in the distance. When you approach them, a Nightmare will spawn. Defeat the Nightmare and synergize with the fissure it leaves behind. This will make your character translucent and allow you to find Dark Potents.
  • Dark Potents are located in ominous pillars scattered throughout the area. They resemble the orbs by the treasure vault door. Interact with each orb to destroy the Dark Potent, losing the power granted by the fissure.
  • Repeat this process three more times to destroy all four Dark Potents. Once done, the door to the treasure vault room will unlock, leading to a secret encounter. Defeat the enemies in three waves and claim your rewards.


Subverted Quarter

In the Subverted Quarter, you will find four strange books with peculiar symbols. To solve the puzzle and gain access to a secret location, follow these steps:

  • Defeat waves of enemies as you traverse the Subverted Quarter until you come across a puzzle. Each pillar in the puzzle area has a symbol floating above it.
  • Match the symbols on the pillars with the symbols found in the strange books. The symbol on the first pillar should match the symbol in Book One, the second pillar in Book Two, and so on.
  • Once the puzzle is solved, you can interact with an arcane device to commence a test of memory. Floor tiles will momentarily light up before disappearing. Later, a new set of illuminated tiles will appear. Step on the previously highlighted tiles and repeat this process two more times to complete the puzzle.
  • Completing the puzzle rewards you with the Fates Puzzler achievement and grants access to a chest containing extra goodies.


The Final Encounters

After completing the final boss in the district assigned for your daily quest, you will face the final encounter of the entire Bastion Nymic event. Each of the three heralds corresponds to a specific district and has unique mechanics. Here is a breakdown of the mechanics for each herald:


The Irrefutable Herald

This boss summons whirlwinds of books, shoots waves of small AoEs, and summons ads from the Subverted District. The crucial mechanic is the Devour Brain attack, which can be recognized by the glowing yellow beam above the herald's head. Break free or interrupt this attack to avoid potential one-shot damage.


The Noxious Herald

This boss places small AoEs on players, goes immune to summon Karyite's Blessings, and spawns waves of poisonous AoEs across the arena. Players affected by the red sigil should run to the sides of the room to avoid blocking valuable space.


The Dreadful Herald

This boss stuns everyone with thin black beams, disappears and reappears to strike players, charges across the arena, leaving AoE trails, and draws energy to respawn with the aid of ads. Defeat the Nightmare ad to gain a special power and see and defeat one of Vermina's nightmares. Repeat this process to defeat the Dreadful Herald for good.


Upon defeating the final boss, a portal will appear, taking you back to the Cathonic Landing Gate. Turn in your requests by speaking with Ordinator Tandesy to collect additional ESO daily rewards.


Bastion Nymic Rewards

Completing bosses and secrets in Bastion Nymic can reward you with various items. Here are some notable rewards:

  • Book Furnishings and Furnishing Plans: There are five new book furnishings and corresponding furnishing plans. The book furnishings are bound to your character, while the furnishing plans can be sold to other players.
  • Funerary Wrappings: A style material required to craft new furnishings in the Dead Keeper style. Deconstructing gear in this style has a chance to provide Funerary Wrappings.
  • Shroom Tender Breeches: Obtained by achieving the Bane of Heralds achievement, which requires defeating all three heralds in Bastion Nymic.
  • Obsidian Dwarven Sphere Non-Combat Pad: Obtained by completing the Keeper of the Bastion achievement, which requires completing three smaller achievements: Band of Heralds, Nimic Champion, and Bastion Nymic Master Puzzler.
  • Antiquities: Leads for various antiquities can be obtained in Bastion Nymic, including the Dark Metal Cubes (required for the Glyphic Secrets music box) and the Sporecrafter's Grinding Stone (part of the Spore Savant face markings).



Bastion Nymic offers an exciting and challenging world event in The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom. By completing the Dreaming Quarter, Subverted Quarter, and Final Encounters, you can earn unique rewards such as furnishings, achievements, and leads for antiquities. Take on this grand excursion and enjoy the new content in the Necrom expansion.

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