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ESO Guide: How to Make Gold From PvPing in 2023?

Welcome to the PvP gold guide for ESO! Whether you're a seasoned PvP veteran or just starting out, this guide will help you explore different strategies and techniques to make gold from PvPing. In this guide, we'll cover converting your AP and Tel Var into gold, completing PvP quests, and daily fragments. 



ESO Guide: How to Make Gold From PvPing in 2023?


You'll learn how to turn your hard-earned AP into gold by purchasing exclusive items from PvP merchants, valuable gold jewellery from the Golden Vendor, and Alliance spell draughts. Additionally, we'll give you tips on how to convert Tel Var into gold by investing in alchemy ingredients and powerful assault gear and depositing small amounts regularly. Finally, we'll cover completing PvP quests and daily fragments to earn some extra rewards, including Alliance Points and Gladiator's Proof or Siege of Cyrodiil Merit. So, let's get started and become a wealthy PvP player!



Converting Your AP Into Gold

Are you ready to turn your hard-earned AP into gold? Let's get started!


First, let's talk about how to earn an AP. You can get it by killing players in Zero and IC, completing battlegrounds, taking and defending keeps and resources in Ceredel, and completing PvP-related quests.


Once you have AP, you can purchase exclusive items from PvP merchants, which you can then sell on your trading guild's store to make gold. Some of the best items to buy with AP include deadly, vicious death, and potentates sets. However, keep in mind that meta changes often, so it's important to keep up with PvP content creators and lurk in PvP discords to see what sets people are currently using.


If you're not interested in spending AP, you can complete town quests to receive gear coffers that will drop a random set piece corresponding to the town. However, keep in mind that RNG is a factor when it comes to buying gear coffers in PvP, so you may only sometimes get what you want.


If you want to guarantee a lot of gold, consider purchasing valuable gold jewellery from the Golden Vendor, a merchant that shows up in Cyrodiil on weekends with a rotating inventory. Make sure to buy bind-on-equip gear instead of bind-on-pickup gear so that you can trade it to others for gold.


If you need help deciding which gold jewellery to buy, ask your PvP and PvE friends for advice. You can also save your AP to buy a bunch of gold jewellery during PvP events when the Golden Vendor has a special inventory unique to the event.


If you want to get something worth buying before the Golden Vendor has something worth buying, consider purchasing Alliance spell draughts to sell for gold. These droughts provide the same buffs as the valuable essence of spell power potions, and they're a quick and reliable way to turn your AP into gold.


Remember, RNG is a factor when it comes to buying gear coffers and waiting for the Golden Vendor to have something worth buying. However, by keeping up with the PvP meta, purchasing valuable gold jewellery, and selling Alliance spell draughts, you can convert your AP into gold and become a wealthy PvP player.


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Converting Your Tel Var Into Gold

If you're a skilled farmer in the Imperial City and have accumulated a substantial amount of Tel Var, you may be wondering how to convert it into gold. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your hard-earned Tel Var:

  • Alchemy Ingredients: A majority of alchemy ingredients are highly sought after and used in the creation of powerful potions and poisons. Consider buying wax apothecary satchels with your smaller sums of Tel Var and either sell the ingredients as they are or use them to craft valuable potions and poisons to sell for gold.
  • Hakeijo: This rare alchemy ingredient is essential in the creation of prismatic glyphs, a staple for PvE tanks and many PvP builds. Purchasing Hakeijo to sell is another solid means to turn small sums of Tel Var into gold reliably. You can even use the Hakeijo to craft a prismatic glyph and get more bang for your buck.
  • Powerful Assault Gear: If you have a considerable amount of Tel Var that you're looking to convert into gold, gambling on powerful assault gear is the way to go. This set is useful in both PvE and PvP, making it highly sought after. Consider investing in the ice staves, which are in high demand.
  • Deposit Small Amounts Regularly: If you're carrying a small amount of Tel Var, consider depositing it into the bank regularly, such as after earning five to ten thousand Tel Var. This way, you won't lose too much if you're killed by other players.


Remember, it's important to pick a playstyle that works for you, as farming Tel Var can be high risk and high reward. With these tips, you'll be able to convert your Tel Var into gold more efficiently and reliably.


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Completing Pvp Quests, Daily Fragments

You should definitely consider completing PVP quests and daily fragments to earn some extra rewards. These quests can be found in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, and they offer a variety of rewards, including Alliance Points (AP) and Gladiator's Proof or Siege of Cyrodiil Merit.


Firstly, there are a plethora of different quests available in Cyrodiil and the Imperial City that you can pick up from the mission board. Most of these quests offer a small amount of AP upon completion, but they can add up over time. So, it's worth picking up these quests while you're playing to earn some extra AP on the side.


However, there are two noteworthy quests that you should pay attention to: the Cyrodiil Daily Conquest and the Siege of Cyrodiil Merit. The Cyrodiil Daily Conquest is a shareable, repeatable quest that asks you to complete one of several objectives, such as capturing a resource, killing enemy players, or completing a battleground match. Upon completion, you will receive a Gladiator's Rec Sack that contains Gladiator's Proof, which is a currency that can be used to purchase exclusive items.


You can use Gladiator's Proof to purchase the Night of the Circle style pages, which is one of the nicest-looking styles. Body pieces cost 20 proofs, while weapons cost 40 proofs. Additionally, the Arena Gladiator Runebox is also a good investment if you prefer RNG.


The Siege of Cyrodiil Merit is the Imperial City equivalent of the Cyrodiil Daily Conquest. You can earn this item once per day upon completing district quests, which can be picked up at the spawns of each district and turned in at your alliance sewer base. You can use Siege of Cyrodiil Merit to purchase the Timbercrow Wanderer Runebox, which can be sold for a good amount of gold.


Overall, completing PVP quests and daily fragments can be a great way to earn extra rewards while playing Elder Scrolls Online. So, if you're a PVP enthusiast, be sure to pick up these quests and earn some extra AP and Gladiator's Proof or Siege of Cyrodiil Merit


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Rewards For The Worthy

  • Exclusive Sets: By earning 20k AP and receiving a Rewards for the Worthy coffer, you have a chance to obtain various exclusive sets that cannot be obtained through any other means.
  • Valuable PvP Reward Coffer Sets: Some of the sets that can drop from the Rewards for the Worthy coffer are highly valuable and can be sold for a significant amount of gold in the in-game marketplace.
  • Battle Master Riven's Reward Box: By placing first or second in a battleground, you can receive a Battle Master Riven's Reward Box, which can contain valuable PvP reward coffer sets.
  • Potential Future Sets: As the game developers continue to add new content, there is a high chance that even more sought-after sets will be added to the Rewards for the Worthy Coffer.
  • Quarterly Gold Guides: The worthy guide will keep you updated on the latest developments and provide insights on how to maximize your profits from selling these valuable sets marketplace.


Alliance War Tortes

Alliance War Tortes are special items that are only available through Alliance War activities in Cyrodiil. These tortes can be used as a consumable to provide various buffs to your character, making them highly sought after by players who engage in PvP.


To acquire the Alliance War Tortes, you will need to obtain the recipes and ingredients required to craft them. The first recipe you'll need is the Collovian War Tort Recipe, which can spawn at any resource note in Ceredel. Keep an eye out for a glowing green book called Lost Imperial Notes, as this is the recipe in disguise. Once you have the recipe, you'll need to acquire Cereal Citruses, which can be obtained by completing quests in Cyrodiil.


Next up is the Molten War Tort Recipe, which requires the Collovian War Tort Recipe and Chef Aquidus's Tort Dissertation. The recipe fragment alone will cost you 500,000 Talvar, but it's worth it as the Molten War Tort is highly valuable. You can sell the recipe fragment, recipe, and tort for a lot of gold.


Finally, to craft the Giga War Tort Recipe, you'll need the Molten War Tort Recipe and Chef Requidius's Lost Thesis. This item is an incredibly rare drop that can only be obtained by completing Battlegrounds. It's so rare that I've seen it sell for 160 million gold on PCNA. Selling these torts and their related ingredients can be a lucrative way to make gold if you're not much of a chef.


Overall, acquiring the Alliance War Tortes requires time and effort, but the rewards can be substantial. Keep an eye out for the recipes and ingredients needed to craft them, and remember to engage in Alliance War activities in Cyrodiil to increase your chances of obtaining them. 

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