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Top 10 Daily Activities to Earn Gold, Champion Points and Experience in ESO, 2024

Find out the top 10 activities that can maximize your gaming experience by guiding you through daily journeys of ESO in 2024. Why and how do they suggest some of these activities from logging in for daily rewards to conquering battlegrounds, upgrading mounts & mastering crafting writs? It doesn't matter whether you have minutes or hours; discover secrets behind earning eso gold, champion points and experience.


Top 10 Daily Activities to Earn Gold, Champion Points and Experience in ESO, 2024


Top 1. Logins

To start with it's easy; just log in each day so as to claim free rewards from the crown store. This daily login thing offer a variety of treasures from gray items to lots of gold. Remember to be tactical in choosing your character especially when you are getting PvP rewards such as Alliance Points.


Top 2. Mount Upgrades

Efficiently navigate Tamriel by upgrading your mount every 20 hours. For example, depending on your playstyle, go for speed, stamina or carrying capacity as priority areas. Don’t forget the assault alliance war intro quest which gives the continuous attack passive that increases your mount speed permanently.


Top 3. Trait Research

Soak yourself in the intricate world of crafting through focusing on trait research first. Use addons such as Craft Store to manage traits effectively. Start with training on beginners’ level so that you can increase your experience gain and gradually expand your knowledge of traits.


Top 4. Daily Job Broker

Complete daily job broker quests found throughout the game world for profitable opportunities. Special rewards like event tickets, style motifs or sought-after gear sets can often be found in DLC and chapter zones. Prioritize new content for better rewards.


Top 5. Daily Guild Quest

Daily guild quests will help you power up your companions. Companion skill line progression comes from Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted quests. During this process use event tickets to make it faster and let your companions reach their full potential.


Top 6. Endeavors

Complete daily and weekly challenges to get in-game currency, Seals of Endeavors. The Seals of Endeavors store is where these endeavors lead you, and it allows you to have items that can only be obtained there without spending real money. Save well, spend wisely as you enhance your ESO experience.


Top 7. Pledges

Undertake pledges in order to have monster shoulders keys. Focus on finishing both difficult and easy dungeons using keys strategically to get the required set pieces. The daily chore rewards you with valuable items & assists you in developing your character's gear.


Top 8. Battleground

Enjoying fast-paced action in battlegrounds that are held daily. You should aim for victory or at least a very close second while making the maximum possible XP. Arena Gladiator Proofs obtained from battlegrounds can be used for unique cosmetics and valuable items.


Top 9. Random Normal Dungeons

Random normal dungeons are important for substantial XP gains and transmutation geodes. It is a top priority due to its quick completion time as well as varied loot. Whether going solo or with a group, random normal dungeons contribute towards sticker book completion and skill development.


Top 10. Crafting Writs

Capping off with crafting writs which is the ultimate source of gold and XP on daily basis. Additional crafting materials are obtained through surveys, refined and given valuable rewards. It's amazing how ESO economy relies on crafting writs thus giving a consistent income plus resource accumulation.


These suggestions highlight how every single day can be optimized in Elder Scrolls Online adventure. These tasks will ensure continuous growth and success in Tamriel, no matter if you’re just starting out or an experienced player.

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