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How to recognize yourself when choosing a class in TESO | 2024?

Have you ever wondered what your choice of class in The Elder Scrolls Online says about your personality? Prepare for a fun and slightly sarcastic examination where we relate your ESO class to the person you are in real life. Let us dive in and see if you can identify with your chosen class.


How to recognize yourself when choosing a class in TESO | 2024?


Dragonknight (DK) Main: The Competitive Brawler

Dragonknights are competitive players that strive for victory and tank roles. They seem direct but sometimes stumble from overconfidence, resulting in complicated circumstances. This class appeals to those who like to be a bold and assertive style.

  • Personality Traits: Simple-minded, highly competitive, serious, win-oriented.
  • Playstyle: Prefers tanking as well as straightforward combats.
  • Social Dynamics: While they can be loyal, confident often lead them into snarkiness that causes social conflicts.
  • Typical Behavior: Often mistaken for the 'tough guy' of ESO, he might come off as too full of himself most times hence bullied occasionally.


Sorcerer Main: The Adrenaline Junkie

Sorcerers tend to be daring persons with an appetite for risk-taking and freedom. Known for making impulsive choices and challenging authority figures, they have personal awareness but may face resistance from teams. Their engaging variety is riveting or unpredictable.

  • Personality Traits: Thrill-seeker, easily bored, risk-taker, independent minded persons who are straightforward with their feelings.
  • Playstyle: Loves games that involve high speed situations hence can sometimes take unnecessary risks before playing.
  • Social Dynamics: Hard-headed being resistant or unyielding to authority leads to clashes within group dynamics.
  • Typical Behavior: He pushes boundaries and likes experimenting; he is also perceived as the class clown with ADHD tendencies.


Nightblade Main: The Emotional Strategist

Nightblades are also known for their self-doubting and emotional convictions. They value intuition over logic, creating a feeling of being distant from others. They are observant but sometimes, they can be aloof players within the gaming community because of their keenness on details and enigma that accompanies them.

  • Personality Traits: Emotionally driven, smart, and quick-thinking but can be self-deceptive.
  • Playstyle: Often acts without thinking strategically hence occasionally it backfires.
  • Social Dynamics: Strongly opinionated inconsiderate due to convictions that may not accommodate or integrate with other people's opinions.
  • Typical Behavior: Usually thought of as the class nerd or someone who is detail-oriented but probably struggling with sorcerer identity issues.


Templar Main: The Respected Leader

Templar players often embody leadership qualities, showing a commitment to purposeful action and determination. They are clear communicators and respected figures, though they may sometimes grapple with self-doubt. Templars have an impact as well as a sense of direction and trustworthiness about them.

  • Personality Traits: Opportunistic, committed, confident and straightforward.
  • Playstyle: Loves leading roles hence always knows what to do immediately.
  • Social Dynamics: Commands respect in groups and is often seen assuming leadership positions.
  • Typical Behavior: He gets looked upon in presence of class-like situations as most likely playing the role of a father figure.


Warden Main: The Drama Queen

The warden main is good at paying attention to small things and adapting to different aspects of gaming which implies deep involvement. Their versatility is counterweighted by defensiveness mixed up with moments of being self-conscious thereby adding more depth to their gaming personalities.

  • Personality Traits: Detail-oriented persons often too judgmental when it comes to expressing themselves fully at all times.
  • Playstyle: Enjoys being around others, although he may become overly focused with minor things.
  • Social Dynamics: Over-defensive and occasionally too much.
  • Typical Behavior: Known for being the drama queen of the class, and possibly a secret nightblade role-player.


Necromancer Main: The Mysterious Casual

The approach of those playing Necromancers is usually calm and focused, blending emotion and mystery. They tend to make situations unnecessarily more complex while still maintaining a sense of mystery. The ESO community's relaxed but mysterious manner brings color into the game.

  • Personality Traits: Casual, chilled out secretive, deep inside.
  • Playstyle: It's easygoing uptightness yet over-complicated issues.
  • Social Dynamics: Being so secretive that it makes it hard for others to know them well.
  • Typical Behavior: That mute child in class who's often misunderstood and seen as having ulterior motives.


Arcanist Main: The Trendsetter

Arcanists are known for their love of adventure and independence.They bring self-awareness and unpredictability to their gaming experience through impulsive decisions or challenging authority which has resulted in interesting and dynamic gameplay scenarios.

  • Personality Traits: Fashionable, suave, sheep-like, craving for attention.
  • Playstyle: Always has the most up-to-date skills and gear trends.
  • Social Dynamics: Thrives on popularity from peers hence the 'cool kid' of the group most times.
  • Typical Behavior: Shallow as their identity is based on what is currently popular.



Your choice of main class in ESO can offer valuable insights into your gaming style, personality, and approach to challenges within the game. This way you will have a better understanding of what differentiates your main character from other main characters in Elder Scrolls Online in terms of personality traits and play styles.

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