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How to Make Millions of Gold By Sell the Latest Crafted Sets in ESO Necrom?

In this guide, we will explore the profitable world of crafting in Elder Scrolls Online and reveal the secrets to making millions of gold by selling the latest Necrom crafted sets. These powerful sets will allow players to tap into the full potential of the Necromancer class and dominate both PvE and PvP encounters. By following the strategies and tips provided in this guide, you will learn how to acquire rare materials, optimize your crafting skills, and find sought-after motifs and patterns to create exclusive items that will fetch top ESO gold in the player economy.


How to Make Millions of Gold By Sell the Latest Crafted Sets in ESO Necrom?


How to Setting up Your Crafter in Necrom?

To maximize your crafting potential, focus on the following crafting skills: blacksmithing, clothing, jewellery crafting, and woodworking. These skills will allow you to create heavy, medium, and light armour, as well as weapons and shields. Ensure that you have reached level 10 in each crafting skill and unlocked the necessary passive abilities to utilize CP-160 materials effectively. Additionally, invest in the Resin Expertise passive, which reduces the upgrade materials required to make items purple quality, increasing their value.


To craft the desirable sets, you must unlock traits through research. Research involves taking an item with a particular trait to a crafting station, selecting the research option, and sacrificing the item to gain knowledge. Aim to research traits such as sturdy, impenetrable, and reinforced to unlock the ability to craft sets that require up to three traits. The more traits you unlock, the higher tier of profitable items you can create. Popular sets like Shacklebreaker require five traits, while others like Hunding's Rage only require three.


How to Efficient Crafting and Research in Necrom?

To speed up your research progress, acquire and use research scrolls specific to each crafting skill. These scrolls can be obtained through daily rewards, special events, or purchases from guild traders. They allow you to progress your research, saving valuable time instantly.


Additionally, consider investing skill points into the relevant crafting skill lines, such as Carpentry, to improve your crafting speed. This will enable you to craft items 25% faster and research up to three items simultaneously. Take advantage of these passive abilities to optimize your crafting efficiency.


How to Crafting the New Sets in Necrom?

Once your crafter is fully levelled, all necessary passives are unlocked, and you have completed some research, it's time to craft the new Necrom sets. Find a guild hall that offers the required sets, or venture into the open world to locate crafting stations for those sets.


When crafting, ensure you are creating the correct items and using appropriate materials. Consider the intended use of each set and select the best traits and materials accordingly. For example, PvP-oriented sets like Shacklebreaker will require high penetration, weapon/spell damage, and critical chance: craft medium or light armour pieces with the best wood available (CP-160) for maximum damage output. The style choice is not critical, but the material used should align with the desired set of attributes.


Upgrade the crafted items to at least purple quality, as they will fetch a higher price in the market. Some players may prefer gold-quality items for PvP builds, but purple-quality items are generally more affordable and easier to sell. Adjust your crafting choices based on the market demand and intended audience for each set.


How to Selling the Items for Profit in Necrom?

To sell your crafted Necrom sets, it's essential to choose the right location. Mournhold is a recommended city due to its active trading community, but adapt to your server's market conditions and find a high-end guild trader hub. Listing your items in a prominent location will attract more potential buyers and increase your chances of making sales.


When pricing your items, consider the cost of materials and adjust accordingly. Calculate the cost of materials required to craft each item, including stacks of relevant resources, and add a reasonable profit margin. On average, a stack of Rubedite costs around 3.4k gold, so adjust the price of heavy armour or melee weapons accordingly. Light armour materials like Ancestor Silk might be more expensive, requiring an additional 5-6k gold per stack. Monitor the market and adjust your prices based on supply and demand.



By following this guide, you can establish a lucrative crafting business in ESO by selling Necrom crafted sets. With careful planning, efficient resource gathering, and strategic pricing, you can amass significant wealth and become a renowned Necromancer set merchant. Remember to adapt your strategies based on market conditions and always stay informed about new updates and changes that may affect the value of your crafted items. Good luck on your path to making millions of gold in ESO!

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