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09 Jul
5 / 5

Absolutely love the Diablo IV Items Custom Realm service from LOLTANK. It's a must for gamers.

01 Jul
5 / 5

Superb D4 Items Custom SC service. Quick delivery and the product is exactly as described. A truly outstanding experience.

25 Jun
5 / 5

LOLTANK's Diablo IV service is reliable and efficient.

08 Jun
5 / 5

LOLTANK is my go-to for all Items Custom SC needs now.

02 Jun
5 / 5

Top-tier D4 Items Custom SC. It's like a virtual paradise for gamers.

31 May
5 / 5

Exceptional service every time from LOLTANK. Diablo IV purchase was perfect.

What is D4 Custom Gear?

For Diablo 4 Custom Items Affixes by LOLTANK to take Diablo 4 to the next level, you want. How can we use this service for our in-game gear customization and defeating other players?


What are the D4 Gear Affixes?

Diablo 4's affixes enhance weapon and armor properties. Moreover, one can get these affixes from vendors or foes who rise the damage, critical hit chance or damage mitigation. The crafting system allows personalization of attachments on items. Additionally, there are some that change specific skills or offer bonuses.


Affixes Types

Magic Affixes - These magic items have a few random affixs that make them interesting.

Rare Affixes - They are magic items which have little affixeds that will shape your character's playstyle within the game.

Legendary Affixes - In fact, legendary magic or rare item doesn't come with their own custom affixeds but instead set up builds for different types of playstyle.

Unique Affixes - This makes sure that your character is always effective instead of having to repeat itself in every piece of an item.


How to Choose Gear Affixes?

Build synergy - Add more affixeds on your character so as to make him/her even stronger.

Balance Offense and Defense - This is how you create a balance between offense and defense which ultimately leads into an all rounder.

Experiment and adapt - Test out various gears with different combinations of affixed until you figure out what works best for you.

Stay informed - Make sure you keep yourself updated with recent patches as well as updates concerning any changes made regarding the linked attributes.


About LOLTANK Diablo 4 Custom Items

LOLTANK's Diablo 4 Custom Items are designed to help gear fit perfectly with play styles and character builds. For everyone's Diablo 4 experience, LOLTANK acknowledges the same. Correct affixes could help you build up your character and overcome difficulties.


How to Buy Diablo 4 Custom Items?

Wide Range of Attributes in LOLTANK's Custom Items-This is what makes it different from any other such item. These affixes are not just decorative additions; they greatly affect performance of characters in-game. Our custom items will greatly boost your attack damage, critical strike damage, attack speed or strength, dexterity and intelligence.


Step 1: Select Your Diablo 4 Class

Embark on your customization journey by choosing your character class from Diablo 4's diverse options: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Each class boasts a distinct playstyle and abilities, and our custom items are tailored to augment your character's innate strengths.


Step 2: Choose the Gear Slot

Next, determine the gear slot you wish to personalize. We've got you covered whether it's 1h Weapon, 2h Weapon, Helm, Chest, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Amulet, Ring, Offhand and Shield. Based on your chosen slot, browse through an array of affixes options explicitly crafted for that gear piece.


Step 3: Select Affixes

Each Gear can choose 1 Implicit attribute and up to 4 equipment-related affixes. These affixes allow you to boost your character's offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing you to shine in battle and overcome the challenges you'll face in Diablo 4.


Step 4: Select Affixes Value

Each affix has three attributes: max, tall, and random.

Max: the maximum value in the affix range (EXP: Affixes +[1-10]%, Max Value +10%)

High: Top 2/3 of the affix range to the maximum (EXP: Affixes +[1-10]%, High Value +[7 - 10]%)

Random: affix random interval

About LOLTANK D4 Custom Gear

At LOLTANK we specialize in providing top-quality custom gears for Diablo IV players. All our uniques are authentic and ‘farming' it was done by real people. Are you looking for custom gears for Diablo 4? You have come to the right place! On our website there are thousands of different servers modded unique items.


Speedy Delivery

Our stock of Diablo 4 custom gears is always ready for quick dispatch. We usually send custom items within a short time frame of 5-30 minutes upon receipt of your payment confirmation.


Established Reputation

LOLTANK has been known for its credibility and customer satisfaction. Many players around the world have given LOLTANK some great reviews about Diablo 4. For almost ten years, we have been selling for various MMOs. We will also trust you in enough to meet in game, show our screenshots and prove that you bought it from us.


Fair Pricing

We may not be the cheapest, but we value your trust. If there is no stock when you place an order, we will let you know. These prices are at market rate during which extra items will be added free of charge. However, if prices go up, you don't pay any fee!


Discreet and Secure Delivery

We ensure that our delivery is discrete and safe. Don't worry as nothing about your purchase shall ever come out on our side whenever we call you in-game. In order to carry fair transactions the trading window is recommended.


Money Back Guarantee

Therefore a refund may become required. Our policy provides that a client can get refunded any time before delivery takes place. Even if you cancel a pre-order before it's here just speak up for yourself.

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