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23 Sep
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T. S.
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06 Sep
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What is D4 Custom Items?

Are you ready to take your Diablo 4 adventure to the next level? Introducing LOLTANK's exclusive Diablo 4 Custom Items Affixes – a groundbreaking service that empowers players with unprecedented personalization options for their in-game equipment. Elevate your gameplay, dominate your adversaries, and conquer the challenges that await you in Diablo 4.


What are the D4 Gear Affixes?

In Diablo 4, affixes are crucial modifiers that enhance the properties of items like weapons and armor. They bestow bonus attributes such as increased damage, critical hit chance, or resistance to specific damage types. Affixes can be found on random items dropped by enemies or obtained from merchants. Players can also utilize crafting systems to add or modify affixes on their gear, allowing for personalized itemization. These affixes can also impact skills by granting bonuses or alterations to particular skills or skill groups.


Types of Affixes


  • Magic Affixes: Magic items have a limited number of randomly generated affixes. These affixes can enhance various aspects of the item, contributing to its power.
  • Rare Affixes: Rare items possess more affixes compared to magic items. These affixes can significantly impact your character's capabilities and playstyle.
  • Legendary Affixes: Legendary items feature a fixed number of affixes. While they cannot be customized like magic or rare items, legendary affixes are often unique and can define a specific playstyle or build.
  • Unique Affixes: Unique items come with preset affixes that are consistent across all instances of that unique item. These affixes are distinct and can offer powerful synergies to tailor your character's effectiveness.


How to Choose Gear Affixes?


  • Build Synergy: Choose affixes that complement your character's skills and abilities, enhancing their effectiveness.
  • Balance Offense and Defense: Mix offensive and defensive affixes to create a well-rounded character build that can handle different challenges.
  • Experiment and Adapt: Diablo 4 encourages experimentation. Feel free to test various affix combinations to discover what works best for your preferred playstyle.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date with the latest updates and patch notes to understand affix changes and new possibilities for character optimization.


Diablo 4 Gear Affixes Important Tips


  • Affix Generation: Magic, rare, and legendary items generate different numbers of affixes. Magic and rare items can roll a range of possible affixes, while legendary items have fixed affixes.
  • Unique Affixes: Unique items have a set number of affixes that remain constant across all instances of the same unique item. While these affixes can vary within certain limits, their core properties remain the same.
  • Enchanting: To address undesirable affixes on valuable items, you can visit the Occultist to enchant your gear. This process allows you to replace one affix per item with a new random one. This can be especially useful when a specific affix doesn't align with your character's class, specialization, or play style.
  • Limitations: While you can reroll affixes indefinitely, you can only replace one affix per item. The enchanting process requires Diablo 4 gold and crafting materials, so managing your resources becomes important.

About LOLTANK Diablo 4 Custom Items

At LOLTANK, we understand that every player's journey through Diablo 4 is unique. That's why our Diablo 4 Custom Items are designed to empower you with unmatched personalization. Tailor your character's gear to align perfectly with your preferred playstyle and character build. By selecting the affixes that resonate with your strategic approach, you can optimize your character's strengths and overcome any obstacle.


How to Buy Diablo 4 Custom Items?

What sets LOLTANK's Custom Items apart is the meticulous selection of affixes that we offer. These affixes aren't just cosmetic enhancements – they significantly impact your character's performance. Whether you're seeking to amplify your attack damage, critical strike damage, attack speed, or attributes like strength, dexterity, and intelligence, our custom items drastically enhance your gameplay efficiency.


Step 1: Select Your Diablo 4 Class

Embark on your customization journey by choosing your character class from Diablo 4's diverse options: Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, or Sorcerer. Each class boasts a distinct playstyle and abilities, and our custom items are tailored to augment your character's innate strengths.


Step 2: Choose the Gear Slot

Next, determine the gear slot you wish to personalize. We've got you covered whether it's 1h Weapon, 2h Weapon, Helm, Chest, Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Amulet, Ring, Offhand and Shield. Based on your chosen slot, browse through an array of affixes options explicitly crafted for that gear piece.


Step 3: Select Affixes

Each Gear can choose 1 Implicit attribute and up to 4 equipment-related affixes. These affixes allow you to boost your character's offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing you to shine in battle and overcome the challenges you'll face in Diablo 4.


Step 4: Select Affixes Value

Each affix has three attributes: max, tall, and random.

  • Max: the maximum value in the affix range (EXP: Affixes +[1-10]%, Max Value +10%)
  • High: Top 2/3 of the affix range to the maximum (EXP: Affixes +[1-10]%, High Value +[7 - 10]%)
  • Random: affix random interval

About LOLTANK D4 Custom Items

LOLTANK Custom Items present Diablo 4 enthusiasts with an exclusive avenue to personalize their in-game gear with desired affixes. By opting for our service, you unlock a world of enhanced gameplay efficiency and the opportunity to maximize your character's latent potential. Select your class, personalize your gear slot, and tailor the affixes to forge an unstoppable character poised to dominate the Diablo 4 universe.


Q: What are Diablo 4 Custom Items?

A: Diablo 4 Custom Items from LOLTANK allow players to personalize their in-game gear by selecting affixes for various gear slots, enhancing their character's strengths and capabilities.


Q: Can I customize gear for different character classes?

A: Absolutely! Our Custom Items cater to all Diablo 4 classes, such as Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer.


Q: Will these custom items improve my gameplay?

A: Yes, the carefully curated affixes significantly boost your character's performance, resulting in improved gameplay efficiency and the ability to overcome challenges more effectively.


Q: Can I modify my customizations later?

A: Modifications are impossible once affixes are selected and the customization is complete. Make sure to choose wisely during the customization process.


Q: How quickly will I receive my custom items?

A: Delivery times vary based on demand and complexity. Rest assured, and we diligently provide you with your custom items as swiftly as possible.


Q: Are these custom items compatible with future Diablo 4 updates?

A: We strive to ensure compatibility with updates, but there may be instances where adjustments are needed following major game updates.


Q: Can I apply multiple affixes to a single gear piece?

A: Each gear slot customization allows for specific affix combinations. Select the ones that harmonize to create a well-rounded character build.

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