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Diablo 4 Speeding Up Nightmare Dungeons Guides

In Diablo 4, one of the key objectives for many players is to speed up their Nightmare Dungeons. Whether you're aiming to reach end-game content, grind for Paragon points, or simply enjoy a faster-paced gameplay experience, optimizing your Nightmare Dungeon runs can make a significant difference. In this guide, we'll explore over tips to help you achieve faster and more efficient runs, ensuring you make the most out of your time in the game.


Diablo 4 Speeding Up Nightmare Dungeons Guides


Set a Time Target

The first step in speeding up your Nightmare Dungeon runs is to set a time target. Determine how quickly you want to complete these dungeons. For instance, if you're currently taking 15 minutes or more to finish a Nightmare Dungeon, consider setting a target of around 5-6 minutes. Having a specific goal in mind will motivate you to improve your speed.


Minimum Sigil Level

Calculate your ideal sigil level by subtracting 53 from your character's level. This is the minimum sigil level you should aim for to maximize your experience gain. If you're not meeting this level, consider adjusting your build or strategy to reach it.


Maximum Sigil Level

While reaching the maximum sigil level isn't always necessary, focus on maintaining a level that allows you to complete dungeons within your target time frame. Avoid increasing the sigil level if it significantly extends your run time, as the experience gain may not be worth the additional time.


Prepare Before Your Run

Before starting your Nightmare Dungeon run, make sure you have everything in order to minimize time spent in town. Open a stash tab to quickly deposit items during your run, and consider having movement speed bonuses on your boots and amulet to help you move faster.


Understand Affixes

Be selective with sigils and their affixes. Some affixes can slow you down or even put your character at risk. Avoid running sigils with problematic affixes like Death Pulse or Lightning Storm. You can break down unwanted sigils to craft better ones.


Choose the Right Sigils

Select a set of sigils that match the duration of your elixir. Having enough sigils to last the elixir duration will ensure you maximize your runs without interruption.


Glyph Management

Prioritize leveling up your glyphs to level 15 for the increased radius. Focus on one glyph at a time, and switch to a new one when it reaches level 15.


Use Elixirs

Always have an D4 elixir active during your runs. While the specific elixir effects may not be critical, the 5% experience gain bonus accumulates over time, helping you level up faster.


Choose the Right Elixir

Select elixirs that match your needs. Iron Skin elixir provides extra armor for survivability, while Elixir of Cruelty increases your chance of critical strikes, aiding in clearing mobs faster.


Pick Up Almost Nothing

Avoid picking up every item you encounter during your runs. Instead, focus on picking up uniques, legendaries, sigils, and elixirs. Most other items are not worth the time spent picking them up.


Master Kiting

Practice kiting mobs to efficiently engage multiple groups in combat without waiting for cooldowns. This tactic reduces your run time and maximizes experience gain.


Minimize Time in Town

Limit your time in town to the essentials. Use town portals for quick access to the town and load your next sigil while avoiding unnecessary interactions with NPCs or sorting items.


Keep Town Visits Brief

When visiting town, prioritize clearing your inventory and loading your next sigil. Avoid spending excessive time sorting or making decisions about gear unless it's critical to your build.


Town Is Lava

Remember that time spent in town is time not spent leveling or improving your character. Keep your visits to town as brief as possible and stay focused on progressing through Nightmare Dungeons.



By implementing these tips and strategies, you can significantly accelerate your progress in Diablo 4's Nightmare Dungeons. Whether your goal is to reach end-game content or grind for Paragon points, optimizing your runs will make the journey more efficient and enjoyable. Speeding up your Nightmare Dungeons will bring you closer to your objectives and enhance your overall gaming experience in Diablo 4.

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