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Distilled Fear

Distilled Fear

Buy Diablo 4 Distilled Fear invoking The Beast in the Ice Boss

  • Season 3 - SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 50
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
  • 300

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4.3 / 5
4.3 out of 5 (from 18 Customers ratings)

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09 Feb
4 / 5

It's a decent LOLTANK Distilled Fear. It does what it's supposed to, but there's room for improvement.

16 Jan
5 / 5

This Diablo IV Distilled Fear is fantastic! I'm so happy with my purchase.

12 Jan
5 / 5

I didn't expect much from this Diablo IV Distilled Fear, but it surprised me in a good way. It's affordable and works great. Definitely worth the purchase.

08 Jan
4 / 5

I purchased a fantastic Diablo IV Distilled Fear at LOLTANK. The product exceeded my expectations, and I'm thrilled with its performance. Definitely a worthwhile purchase!

10 Dec
4 / 5

LOLTANK is good, but not perfect.

09 Dec
5 / 5

This D4 Distilled Fear is a game-changer.

Distilled Fear Description

For Diablo 4 players, Distilled Fear is very important especially when facing The Beast in the Ice. An occultist requires 9 Distilled Fear to craft the Nightmare Sigil that will enable them to enter the Glacial Fissure. These can be acquired by defeating Nightmare Dungeon bosses of Tier 30+.


Acquiring Distilled Fear

A Distilled Fear is obtained by killing a boss from Tier 30 in Nightmare Dungeons. Get nine of these.

Additionally, you should get 250 Sigil Powder which can be obtained from Whispers of the Dead, Nightmare Dungeons, or salvaging unwanted Nightmare Sigils.


Creating Nightmare Sigils of Higher Tier

After collecting enough Sigil Powder for the desired tier, start crafting Tier 30 and higher Nighmare Sigils with an Occultist.


Utilizing Distilled Fear

Through an Occultist, combine 9 Distilled Fear with 250 Sigil Powder to create a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil. This sigil activates the Glacial Fissure Nightmare dungeon.


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