Diablo 4 Items / Elixir of Demon-slaying

Elixir of Demon-slaying

Elixir of Demon-slaying

D4 Elixir of Demon-slaying: Increases 20% Damage for Monsters

  • Season 4 - SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60

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Average user rating
4.5 / 5
4.5 out of 5 (from 34 Customers ratings)

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5 ★
Votes(24) / 70.6%
4 ★
Votes(5) / 14.7%
3 ★
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2 ★
Votes(2) / 5.9%
21 Jun
2 / 5

Diablo IV Elixir of Demon-slaying service could be faster; communication was lacking, which led to a less than stellar experience.

27 Mar
2 / 5

The D4 Elixir of Demon-slaying was a letdown. Mediocre graphics and a forgettable storyline.

22 Feb
4 / 5

I don't regret buying this Elixir of Demon-slaying, but LOLTANK could be improved.

03 Feb
3 / 5

It's alright. Bought Diablo IV Elixir of Demon-slaying at LOLTANK, and it serves its purpose.

07 Jan
4 / 5

LOLTANK is good, but there are minor issues.

07 Jan
5 / 5

The D4 Elixir of Demon-slaying I purchased at LOLTANK is a game-changer. The graphics are mind-blowing, and the gameplay is addictive. Highly recommend.

Elixir of Demon-slaying Description

Harness the Diablo 4 Elixir of Demon-slaying dark power to boost your damage against Goatmen, Fallen, Flies and Demons by a frankly ludicrous 20%, while also offering you a 5% boost in experience gain for kills over its 30-minute duration. You'll need to be Level 36 to use this elixir, and remember that only one Elixir can be active at any given time.


Making the Elixir of Demon-slaying is simple; just visit an Alchemist and use specific ingredients: 15 Gallowvine, 1 Angelbreath, 10 Reddamine, 5 Blightshade, 3 Demon’s Hearts and some pocket change (1000 gold). You can stock up on multiple elixirs if you want to go all-in on leveling alts as fast as possible. However, you should note that crafting materials are consumed when making each elixir.


Alternatively, fighting mobs has a chance of dropping the elixir out in the wild alongside other treasures. Event chests have increased drop rates for these Elixirs too so make sure you’re participating in open-world events as well as delving into basements and dungeons while questing through Sanctuary!

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