Diablo 4 Items / Elixir of Savagery

Elixir of Savagery

Elixir of Savagery

Diablo 4 Elixir of Savagery: Increases 25% Critical Strike Damage

  • Season 3 - SC
  • 5 ~ 30 Mins
  • 10
  • 20
  • 30
  • 40
  • 50
  • 60

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4.6 out of 5 (from 51 Customers ratings)

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20 Feb
5 / 5

Outstanding service! I purchased Diablo IV Elixir of Savagery at LOLTANK and it exceeded my expectations.

06 Feb
5 / 5

They don't just meet expectations; they leap over them with grace and ease. Superb D4 Elixir of Savagery!

27 Jan
5 / 5

Stellar Diablo IV Elixir of Savagery service! The team was responsive, skilled, and delivered exceptional results ahead of time.

13 Jan
5 / 5

I'm loving this Diablo IV Elixir of Savagery. It's fantastic.

25 Dec
3 / 5

Decent Elixir of Savagery from LOLTANK. Not exceptional, but it's worth trying out.

18 Dec
5 / 5

My experience with LOLTANK's Diablo IV Elixir of Savagery was flawless. The product delivered exceptional performance, and I couldn't be happier.

Elixir of Savagery Description

The Elixir of Savagery is an extremely potent potion in Diablo 4, it does one thing and that's making you stronger. It increases critical strike damage by a whopping 25% and the experience you gain by 5% for a full 30 minutes.


Knowing How To Use The Elixir To Its Fullest Potential

The Elixir of Savagery has the earmarks of being a fierce opponent against powerful enemies as it stands toe-to-toe with other similar potions such as the Strong Precision Elixir which only enhances critical damage and nothing more. The fact that this elixir can also increase your experience makes it even better than what we've seen before.


Strong Precision Elixir only becomes available when you hit level 70 while the Elixir of Savagery needs to be randomly found somewhere in the game world after killing enemies that have it or just doing quests with RNG rewards.


How Do You Get The Potion?

To acquire the rare potion you have to look around in various places. Helltide chests, Tree of Whispers caches are among some notable spots where someone may find a flask filled with this elixir. In addition to those two locations there are plenty of destroyable objects scattered throughout dungeons and Nightmare dungeons might have them drop from enemies at a low rate too.


Making Sure You're Using The Potion Right

As World Tiers go on increasing so does crowd control (CC) which makes fighting multiple elite mobs exceedingly difficult if they all have deadly affixes. Making sure your CC abilities are maxed out will make things easier but so can chugging some Elixirs and praying for critical hits every now and then.


If you don't have skills that grant Unstoppable or if your movement abilities take forever to recharge — think about using this potion instead! It'll help you through the rough patches in any zone with no hassle at all.


Make sure it's on a keybind so that you can chug-and-go during a boss fight!

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