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New World Expansion Best DPS Builds For PVP and PVE: Greatsword and Spear

Welcome to New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion, where the landscape is changing, and new challenges await. In this guide, we'll delve into one of the most potent DPS builds for PVE and PVP,a combination of the Greatsword and Spear. As we explore the intricacies of this build, you'll discover the optimal attributes, weapon mastery choices, artifact items, and armor perks. We'll also discuss gemstone strategies, consumables for peak performance, and how to adapt your build to various content types. 



New World Expansion Best DPS Builds For PVP and PVE: Greatsword and Spear


Stats and Attributes

Let's start by discussing the recommended attributes for this DPS build:

  • Strength: 200
  • Dexterity: 350
  • Constitution: 100


The dexterity heavily benefits the Spear, which is a key part of this build. Strength contributes to the damage output of both the Greatsword and Spear. If you prefer a more aggressive build, consider reducing Constitution to 50 and increasing Strength to 250 or even 300.


Weapon Mastery (Greatsword)

For the Greatsword, focus on the following key skills in the Mastery tree:

  • Unrelenting Onslaught: This skill reduces cooldowns, especially when performing charged heavy attacks, which is essential for this build.
  • Relentless Rush: It activates Empower and offers cooldown reduction upon killing enemies.
  • Skyward Slash and Roaring Rupture: These are utility abilities that can be used for extra damage and crowd control.
  • Unflinching Blade: It provides Grit during heavy attacks, enhancing survivability.


Artifact Items

The Rise of the Angry Earth expansion introduces new artifact items. Serenity is a standout choice for this build due to its unique perk. Other artifacts may be situational, and you can adapt based on your needs.

  • Serenity: This artifact boosts you're In Power, which is crucial for this build.
  • Gambit Gem: Increases damage when your stamina isn't full.
  • Trenching Strikes, Leeching Cyclone, and Attuned Leather Pants: These are armor artifacts that complement the build, providing additional damage and utility.


Armor and Perks

Here are the recommended armor pieces and associated perks for this build:

  • Light Helmet: Look for perks like Health, Elemental Aversion, and Freedom.
  • Light Chestpiece: Focus on Health, Refreshing, and Stamina Recovery.
  • Light Gloves: Aim for Health and Thrust/Slash damage.
  • Light Boots: Prioritize Health and Elemental Protection.
  • Attuned Leather Pants: These flexible pants offer a balance of attributes based on your primary stat.
  • Accessory: Choose accessories with perks like Health, Refreshing, and Stamina Recovery.



Use gemstones strategically to adjust your damage absorption to match the content you're tackling. Diamonds, Malachite, Opals, and Onyx are versatile options. Adjust your gemstones to maximize protection against specific damage types.



Consider using consumables like:

  • Banana Bread, Banana Pudding, or Banana Parfait for attribute boosts.
  • Honing Stones to increase weapon damage.
  • Ward Potions tailored to the enemy types in specific content.
  • Health Potions, Regeneration Potions, and Oak Flesh Bombs for Survivability.



Choose Heartrunes based on your preference, such as Primal Fury, Firestorm, or Detonate. Each has its advantages and playstyle.


Skills and Rotation

  • Open with Spear abilities (Skewer, Perforate) to apply debuffs and DoTs.
  • Switch to the Greatsword for sustained damage.
  • Use Onslaught abilities for burst damage.
  • Manage stamina effectively to maintain Gambit Gem's bonus damage.
  • Utilize Spear abilities for utility and crowd control.



This Greatsword and Spear DPS build is a potent choice for New World's Rise of the Angry Earth expansion. Its versatility, survivability, and damage output make it a strong contender in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Keep in mind that flexibility in gemstones, consumables, and Heart Runes is key to adapting to various challenges in the New World. Explore other builds and stay updated with potential changes as the game evolves.

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