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What is the best perk choice for each artifact in New World?

Today, we've revealed the best perks for every artifact in New World, enabling you to unlock its full potential. Given the high cost of these investment decisions, knowing which perk to go with your artifact is important. Let's see the best perk options for every artifact here considering both PVE and PvP situations.



What is the best perk choice for each artifact in New World?


Best Perk For Each Artifact List

Artifaact Type Best Perk Why
Odo Void Gauntlet Gem Slot or Burdening Smite for PvP In addition to Gem slots being flexible (such as adding a diamond for healing), Burdening Smite is exclusive to PvP engagements.
Deep Freeze Ice Gauntlet Frost Atonement for PvE, Deadly Frost or Empowered Ice Spike for PvP As far as ice abilities are concerned, Frost Atonement synergizes with them while PvP perks give more crowd control and damage.
Lieter Void Gauntlet Void Gauntlet This makes it very versatile across both PvE (especially nature mutations) and PvP because it brings along a significant amount of anti-healing.
Michael Shield Enchanted Ward Damage reduction is improved which makes it suitable for any flail or sword user.
The Butcher Hatchet Gem Slot It helps you switch between different damage types such as Carnelian gem for tanking or even type conversion.
Finisher Rapier Keenly Empowered or Thwarting Strikes Keenly Empowered increases overall damage while Thwarting Strikes benefits from Rapier's natural grit
Gladiator Shield Enchanted Ward or Enchanted These two enhance defense since they are appropriate for both DPS and tanking.
Freya's Francisco Hatchet Vicious This makes it very versatile across both PvE and PvP, especially for backstab and crits since it increases damage output.
The Wall Shield Fortifying Shield Rush It boosts tanking capabilities when used alongside a sword.
Pestilence Blunderbuss Gem Slot For the sake of damage conversion or utility in combat situations, you can choose the gem slot.
Bolt Caster Musket Keenly Jagged There is extra damage from bleeding to fit certain playstyles.
The Abyss Greataxe Enfeebling Maelstrom for PvE/PvP, Crippling Reap for PvP It utilitarianism while Crippling Reap enhances PvP control.
Serenity Greatsword Gem Slot For example, Opal or Moonstone may be added in order to increase the overall damage output of Greatsword by providing versatility.
The Mechanic Musket Aural Attunement It supports a trap and sticky bomb build primarily meant for PvP combat situations.
Scorpion Sting Spear Keenly Jagged This increases burst damage which is more effective during pvp fights than others.
Inferno Fire Staff Flame Attunement for PvE, Empowering Fireball for PvP Fire attunement works well with Flamethrower while Empowering Fireball amplifies its PVP damage.
Spark of Molia Warhammer Trenching Strikes for PvE, Thwarting Strikes for overall use These two abilities are enhanced by Thwarting Strikes while Trenching Strikes works wonders when it comes to heavy attacks.
Lost Stopwatch Amulet Divine This makes it useful for both PvE and PvP as it increases incoming healing.
Ank Amulet Stamina Recovery It increases survival rate which is very important for pvp combats.
Endless Thirst Earring Refreshing Toast for potion-centric builds, Refreshing for versatility The artifact's potion based nature is well complemented by the refreshing toast while refreshing offers a broad approach.
Void Darkplate Chest Armor Health It provides extra survivability, making tanky and bruiser builds ideal in both PVE and PVP situations.
The Unmoved Boots Health This is good for extra safety or survivability especially when playing against players who often focus on killing non-tanks or squishies.
Magnetic Gauntlets Gloves Nullifying Oblivion for PVP, Health for general use It makes Void Gauntlet a great PvP weapon because its crit cooldown reduction works with Nullifying Oblivion. Health is for wider application.
Unyielding Helmet Shocking Heals for PVP Because it has its focus on reducing critical hit damage, thus improving the helmet in terms of PVP survival.
Freedom Leg Armor Shocking Heals for PVP, Health for general utility PvP defense is boosted by shocking heals while health gives constant benefit regardless of the situation.
Featherweight Chest Armor Health This makes builds across various builds significantly more survivable and therefore can be used both in PvE and PvP interchangeably.
Tumbler Feetwraps Boots Shocking Heals for PVP, Health for overall use The boots are related to PvP, and therefore shocking heals complements them well. Also, health provides a constant increase in survivability under any circumstances.
Gray Wizard's Hat Helmet Health for an all around boost, Weapon-specific perks for focused builds Lots of people choose health because it is good at almost everything. This combined with other weapon specific perks like Keen Beacon or Empowering Fireball enhance different types of playstyles.
Koya's Knee Guards Leg Armor Shocking Heals for PVP, Health for broad utility For increasing the possibility of healing in pvp, players can choose shocking heals while health should be useful in all situations involving armor.
Nimble Coat Chest Armor Enchanted Ward or Elemental Aversion These will make Nimble coat even more effective with these additional survival abilities.
Winged Leather Shoes Boots Elemental Aversion PvP-oriented shoes will have cost-efficient resistance to elements.
The Ghoul Gloves Health This increases usefulness in different builds, thanks to general survivability addition.
Djinn Headwrap Helmet Shocking Heals for PVP, Refreshing for general use These are good at healing while shocking heals complements this playstyle. Additionally, refreshing provides cooldown reduction.
Aune Leather Pants Leg Armor Health for general use, Thrust Conditioning for specific resistances Health is more versatile because it can work across various situations whereas thrust conditioning does not influence any other kind of attack.
Blood Drinker Ring Keen Awareness Ring's usefulness realized across multiple setups is enhanced by an increased crit chance.
Vengeance Life Staff Bless This makes healing output increase which goes well with the primary purpose of the staff.
Quick Draw Gloves Gloves Shocking Heals for PvP, Elemental Aversion or Enchanted Ward for general use Boosts pvp performance by introducing shocking heals. Also can be used defensively as either elemental aversion or enchanted ward.


The choice of perk on your artifact can make or break your performance in New World. This guide will help you make the right choices when deciding your gameplay style whether you are interested in PvE only, PVP only or a blend of both. Always remember that a great artifact is just a decent one with a single correct perk!

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