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Which are Best MMORPGs Worth Joining in 2024?

The process of choosing an MMORPG is a daunting one in the wide sea of MMORPGs. The decision is even more complicated by the emergence of new titles every year and changes in older games. In 2024, let's find out what makes some MMORPGs stand out and whether they are right for you.


Which are Best MMORPGs Worth Joining in 2024?


Selection Criteria

We prioritize MMO RPGs that contain rich content; regular updates which help them to maintain constant player population and are easily accessible to beginners by 2024.


World of Warcraft

The genre titan World of Warcraft (WoW) continues to mesmerize players with its immense background story and a dynamic game environment. Players have the choice to become members of either the Horde or Alliance before venturing into epic levels.



  • - The game is easy for starters as it has a shallow learning curve.
  • - It has extensive narrative PvE and PvP content worlds.
  • - It has consistent significant updates.
  • - This is one of the highest industry player numbers.



  • - Graphics and gameplay look dated.
  • - Leveling skips some expansion content.
  • - It is not appropriate for fans who enjoy action combat system.


Worth Joining in 2024?

Absolutely. The inclusion of many expansions by WoW lately have given it a new lease on life, making it one of the best options for new players coming back or trying this game out for the first time. 


Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 mixes exploration with combat, emphasizing on dynamic events rather than traditional quests. In addition, it also provides an action-oriented combat system and world vs world battles that guarantee once-in-a-lifetime experience



  • - An absorbing globe full of riddles and trekking opportunities
  • - Regular expansion packs along with future updates plans
  • - Skill-based PvP and large-scale battles



  • - New players may get lost due to too much freedom given to them initially
  • - There is active dodging which can be exhausting
  • - Dissatisfaction with endgame gear progression


Worth Joining in 2024?

Yes. With a new update strategy promising more frequent content, Guild Wars 2 is poised to remain a vibrant world for adventurers.


Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV allows one to take part in JRPG storytelling and an immersive world. It's all about the journey from a small beginner to the most famous hero.



  • - Friendly community and intricate crafting.
  • - Engaging ongoing narrative with cinematic depth.
  • - Diverse endgame challenges.



  • - Slow start for newcomers.
  • - Limited endgame customization options.
  • - JRPG style may not appeal to all.


Worth Joining in 2024?

Definitely. With consistent updates and a variety of activities catering to different playstyles, FFXIV remains a top pick.


The Elder Scrolls Online

Experience the Elder Scrolls world with an MMO twist. Players can explore the familiar lands, complete voiced quests and enjoy solo-friendly content.



  • - Deep lore and immersive storytelling.
  • - Content accessible regardless of level.
  • - Extensive housing system.



  • - Progression feels diluted due to level scaling.
  • - Performance issues in PvP areas.
  • - Combat may lack impact for some players.


Worth Joining in 2024?

Yes. With continuous content updates and a unique approach to MMO gameplay, ESO offers hundreds of hours of engaging story-driven adventures.


Lost Ark

Lost Ark combines MMO depth with the excitement of action RPGs. With its dynamic combat system and an array of classes, it takes players on journeys throughout various parts of the continent with different themes.



  • - Fast-paced combat featuring class diversity
  • - Challenging boss encounters
  • - Regular updates from its Korean counterpart



  • -The isometric view does not work for everyone
  • -The time needed for end game grind is too much 
  • -Bots flooding starting areas


Lost Ark: Worth Joining in 2024?

However, it has an interesting and innovative combat system with catch-up mechanics that make it easier to reach endgame.


New World

New World from Amazon Games is a very different MMO game with its own 17th-century feel and focus on crafting and territory control.



  • - Beautiful world for crafting.
  • - Mutated dungeons offer challenging content.
  • - The possibility to own and govern towns.



  • - Dull storylines and lackluster quests.
  • - It takes too long to upgrade through grinding.
  • - A lack of endgame content at present time.


Worth Joining in 2024?

An Expansion added new areas into the game, making it more accessible for all players, so New World will be worth your time as long as Amazon keeps working on it. 



World of Warcraft Classic's nostalgic appeal, Final Fantasy XIV's deep characters stories, or New World's forward-looking gameplay – choose one of these MMORPGs set to dominate the year 2024. Find your perfect virtual world here using this guide and start an epic adventure.

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