New World Builds

New World Builds - Explore Each Role or Class Builds and Character Guide

New World introduces an intriguing classless system where your weapon defines your class and your role to a lesser extent. In this guide, we will explore the 5 traditional roles: Tank, Healer, Melee, Ranged, and Mage, and how they apply to New World. Remember, regardless of your role builds. It's essential to level your main weapon throughout your questing experience, as most of your abilities, damage, and passives come from that weapon mastery.




 New World Rank Builds

If you enjoy soaking up damage and protecting your allies, the tank role might be perfect for you. Tanks focus on high constitutions to increase their survivability. To tank effectively in New World, you need to slot a Carnelian gem into your weapon. This gem can be obtained by looting chests or purchased from the trading post. It increases your threat generation and adds taunt effects to certain abilities.


The primary weapon for tanking is the Sword and Shield. The Defender line in the skill tree provides tanking abilities such as Shield Bash and Defiant Stance. As a tank, you can choose a secondary weapon based on your preferences. Great Axe is useful for pulling enemies closer and dealing decent damage. The Hammer is a good option for stunning enemies with its shockwave AoE and taunt abilities.




 New World Healer Builds

If you enjoy supporting your allies and keeping them alive, the healer role is a great choice. As a healer, your attribute focus should be on Focus for increased healing effectiveness. You don't need any specific gem to slot into your weapon.


The primary weapon for healing is the Life Staff. You can choose either the Healing or Protector lines in the weapon mastery to specialize in healing or providing buffs to your allies. In most group content, you won't switch away from the Life Staff, as it heals allies and damages enemies simultaneously with light attacks. It's recommended to choose a secondary weapon from the Intelligence scaling line for better damage output. Options like Rapier, Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, or Musket can work well.




 New World Melee Builds

If you prefer dealing damage up close and personal, the melee DPS role is worth considering. The attribute focus for melee DPS depends on the archetype you choose. Strength or Dexterity are the primary attributes to focus on.


For melee DPS, you can choose two weapons from the same archetype that scale with the chosen attribute. Hatchet and Great Axe are commonly paired together, with the Hatchet providing good damage and self-sustain abilities and the Great Axe offering high damage potential with single-hit abilities like Execute. However, you can experiment with other options like Hammer or Spear, as long as you focus on the appropriate attributes.




 New World Ranged Builds

If you enjoy dealing damage from a distance, the ranged DPS role is suitable for you. There are two main options for ranged DPS: Musket and Bow. The Bow scales with Dexterity, while the Musket scales with Dexterity and Intelligence.


For ranged DPS, many players find success with a build combining Musket and Spear due to their shared Dexterity attribute. The Musket allows for long-range damage, and when enemies get close, you can switch to the Spear for melee combat. This build can be particularly effective in PvP situations.




 New World Mage Builds

If you prefer casting spells and unleashing powerful elemental attacks, the mage DPS role is ideal. Intelligence is the primary attribute for mage DPS. There are two main options: Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet.


As a mage DPS, your Focus will be on dealing with ranged damage. The Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet provide different types of elemental damage to enemies. If you want to try a melee approach alongside your mage abilities, you can pair the Fire Staff with the Rapier, which scales with both Intelligence and Dexterity.




Note: When playing New World, it's important to choose a role or class that suits your preferred playstyle. 


Remember, these are just general guidelines, and you can always experiment with different combinations to find the playstyle that suits you best. Understanding the attributes and scaling of weapons is crucial in making an informed decision. Enjoy exploring the diverse roles and classes in New World!

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