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New World Rapier Spear Melee High DPS PVE Builds: Fun and Effective

Are you looking for a fun and effective PvE DPS build in New World? Look no further! In this guide, we will discuss a build that combines the rapier and the spear, focusing on the gray side of the mastery tree. While there are other blood builds available for the rapier, we will focus on the gray side for this particular build. Let's dive in!


New World Rapier Spear Melee High DPS PVE Builds: Fun and Effective


Rapier Mastery

Let's start by examining the mastery tree for the rapier in this build. The three abilities we will be using are Tondo, Flurry, and Evade. However, you have the flexibility to switch out Tondo for Flourish and Finish if you prefer. In this build, Evade will be your main DPS ability, while Flurry will be used to stack bleeds and deal additional damage. Tondo can be used intermittently for additional damage over time on enemies. Upgrade Evade fully to gain cooldown reduction and stamina, and take the Momentum passive, which provides a 30% increased damage on the next light or heavy attack after using an ability. Upgrade Flurry fully to gain the bleed effect on the last hit. For Tondo, upgrade it partially, saving the last point to unlock the Momentum passive or the Momentum ultimate on the gray side of the tree.


Although using Flourish and Finish with Flurry may increase your DPS slightly, the preferred rotation in this build revolves around Evade, Flurry, and Tondo for a more enjoyable gameplay experience.


Spear Mastery

Now, let's delve into the spear side of the tree. In this build, the spear will primarily serve as a utility weapon rather than a main DPS source. You'll use it for crowd control (CC) and for abilities like Perforate, Skewer, and Sweep.


Make sure to take the Enfeebling Skewer ability, as it greatly enhances its effectiveness. Maximize the bleed duration of Skewer by fully upgrading it and unlocking the Rend and Weaken bonuses. With Skewer and Impactful Strikes, you can weaken your targets effectively. Upgrade Sweep partially, preferably up to Tenacious Sweep, to gain grit. Personal preference plays a role when it comes to taking Coupe degraw and Bleeding Sweep for additional damage, but it's recommended to upgrade Sweep for CC purposes and switch back to the rapier for DPS. Other passives in the tree should focus on enhancing damage, reducing cooldowns, and utilizing Exploited Weakness to deal an additional 10 bonus damage for each debuff on the target.



For this build, you'll be using a rapier and a spear. Ideally, the rapier should have perks such as Angry Earth Bane, Vicious or Rogue, and Keenly Empowered. Consider replacing Omnidirectional Evade with Vicious or Rogue for better results. The spear should ideally have Bane, Rogue or Vicious, and Infeebling Skewer. If possible, aim for a spear with Bane and Infeebling Skewer for optimal performance. Keep in mind that the weapons mentioned in this guide are based on personal inventory availability, and you can acquire them through drops or crafting.



The recommended armor pieces for this build come from the Garden of Genesis. Aim for the following pieces: Freedom's Refreshing Angry Earth Ward Helmet, Black Resistance Angry Earth Ward Invigorated Gloves, Freedom's Refreshing Angry Earth Ward Pants, and Infeebling Skewer Angry Earth Ward Invigorated Boots.


These armor pieces, along with appropriate jewelry, will provide the desired bonuses for your build. Currently, the build is missing the Leaching Flurry perk, which can significantly enhance your gameplay. Make sure to obtain a piece with Leaching Flurry to complete the build. Additionally, it's worth noting that this build utilizes light armor with a medium chest.



For this build, we recommend using an amulet with Purify, Nature Protection, and Health attributes. While Constitution may seem tempting, it can limit your DPS potential. Instead, prioritize attributes like Dexterity and Intelligence for increased damage output. For the ring, the Heart of Aviva is highly recommended due to its beneficial perks, such as Leaching, Thrust Damage, and Bloodletting. You can farm this ring in Brimstone Sands.


As for the earring, the Molten Earring is ideal, but it requires a high mutation level. Aim for perks like Refreshing Toast, Purifying Toast, or Beloved. Again, try to avoid Constitution on your jewelry and focus on damage-dealing attributes.



The choice of Heartrune depends on the situation and your team's needs. Consider using the Cunning Heartrune of Grasping Vines for additional crowd control. However, for pure DPS, you can switch to Detonate. Adapt your Heartrune based on the requirements of the content you're tackling.



In your gear, it's recommended to slot Opals for all gem slots. For the amulet, use an elemental gem alongside the corresponding elemental protection based on the mutation type you are running. This combination provides a balanced approach to damage and survivability. If you find yourself dying frequently, you can switch out the gems or increase your Constitution temporarily. Feel free to check out our dedicated video on gem choices for more information.


How to Use the Build?

When engaging mobs or non-boss enemies, start the fight with Sweep, followed by Skewer and Perforate to apply rend and weaken debuffs. You can perform this sequence in any order. Then, switch to the rapier and utilize the Evade tree. Hold down the W key and press your evade button while performing light attacks to maximize your damage output. Incorporate Flurry intermittently for additional damage and healing if you have the Leaching Flurry perk. Flurry also helps stack bleeds for extra damage over time (DoT).


Remember to use Tondo to apply bleeds and follow up with Flurry and Evade. Maintain the debuffs from your spear throughout the rotation. Although there might be more optimal rotations, this particular approach offers a fast-paced and enjoyable playstyle. Pay attention to your cooldowns, debuffs, and always keep your rotation active. Utilize Sweep for crowd control when needed.



The New World Rapier Spear PvE DPS build combines the agility and precision of the rapier with the utility and crowd control capabilities of the spear. The focus on the gray side of the rapier mastery tree allows for enjoyable gameplay, emphasizing Evade, Flurry, and Tondo. The spear serves as a secondary utility weapon, with Skewer and Sweep providing crowd control and debuffing capabilities. By equipping appropriate weapons and armor pieces, you can optimize the build for maximum effectiveness. Embark on your PvE adventures in New World with this exciting and versatile build!

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