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New World Season 2 Best PVE Builds:Tank,Healer and DPS

Season 2 in New World brings exciting challenges, and mastering the best builds is crucial for success in PvE content. In this guide, we'll focus on the Holy Trinity within the world of tank, healer, and DPS. We'll specifically discuss the Tempest Heart Expedition, aiming to conquer mutated Tempest at difficulty 10 or beyond. Before diving into the builds, it's essential to understand the importance of gear selection and gems to maximize your chances of success. 



New World Season 2 Best PVE Builds:Tank,Healer and DPS


The Importance of Gear Selection

Before we delve into the best builds, it's crucial to understand that New World doesn't have a one-size-fits-all gear setup. Your choice of gear, weapons, armor, and jewelry will vary depending on the activity you're undertaking. For example, if you're gearing up for the Tempest Heart Expedition, you'll want to focus on corrupted Ward gear to minimize damage from corrupted enemies. Similarly, other expeditions like Garden of Genesis or Lazarus require different types of Ward gear to handle specific enemy types.


Best Tank Build

The tank build we'll be discussing here involves using a sword and shield, along with a Warhammer and full heavy armor for maximum damage mitigation.


Sword and Shield Mastery:

  • For the sword, focus on Leadership for more damage or Defensive Formation for added defense. Take Defenders Resolve, as it's a powerful AOE taunt that reduces damage and taunts enemies for 8 seconds in an 8-meter range. Be cautious about switching weapons after using Defenders Resolve, as the bonus will be lost.


Warhammer Mastery:

  • Take Shockwave as your taunt and opt for Sundering Shockwave to increase enemy damage taken by reducing their armor. Wrecking Ball is great for crowd control, and Clear Out becomes a valuable interrupt for certain enemy attacks in mutated expeditions.



  • Allocate points to reach 200 Constitution for survivability. Distribute the remaining points between Strength and Dexterity. Increasing Dexterity can enhance your damage output when you use your sword and shield.



Here's a breakdown of the gear for the tank build:

  • Sword - Guardians Resolve: It provides a Corrupted Bane for more damage and Refreshing Move for cooldown reduction.
  • Warhammer - Any Warhammer with Shockwave and Sundering Shockwave to increase enemy damage taken.
  • Armor - Tempestuous Gear: Look for pieces with Corrupted Wards, Refreshing Evasion, and Elemental Aversion. The helmet can have Accelerated Resolve, while the gloves can have Corrupted Bane and Refreshing Ward.
  • Shield - Prioritize Fortifying Shield Rush for an excellent buff and Corrupted Ward for damage reduction.
  • Amulet - Choose one with Health and Nature Protection (from mutated expeditions).
  • Rings - Look for ones with Corrupted Ward, Refreshing Ward, and either Vigor or Invigorated.
  • Earrings - Opt for Refreshing Toast and Despised.
  • Heart Rune - Starstone Form for extra healing.



Use Infused Health and Regen Potions for sustain, Corrupted Ward Potions for reduced damage, and Gemstone Dust for Elemental damage absorption. Apply Infused Corrupted Coating for Tempest Heart. You can also use Honing Stones for additional weapon damage and Desert Sunrise to reduce the duration of damage over time effects.


Best Healer Build

When playing as a healer in Gila, you'll primarily be using the Life Staff as your main weapon and the Void Gauntlet as your secondary. This build focuses on maximizing your healing potential and supporting your team in melee-heavy situations.


Life Staff Mastery:

  • Sacred Ground: Prioritize using this AoE healing ability along with Beacon in most fights. Sacred Ground increases incoming healing by 50%, benefiting all other healing effects you apply.
  • Beacon: Provides additional healing to your team. Some players prefer other abilities like Divine Embrace or Splash of Light, but Beacon is a recommended choice.
  • Protection: Not recommended to invest in this skill, as it might not provide as much value as Sacred Ground and Beacon combined.


Void Gauntlet Mastery:

  • Oblivion: Use this ability for extra damage and to apply Withering Oblivion, which weakens enemies and reduces their damage.
  • Void Blade: When confident in melee combat, use Void Blade for self-healing and triggering the Void Call passive to boost your healing.
  • Essence Rupture: Switch to this ability when facing bosses, as it doesn't offer much value against trash mobs.



  • Focus: Focus on increasing your healing power as both the Life Staff and Void Gauntlet scale off this attribute.
  • Intelligence (optional): If using Void Blade, you can invest some points in Intelligence for increased damage with the Void Gauntlet.



  • Corrupted Ward: For corrupted and nature damage absorption due to the specific enemy mutations.
  • Tempestuous Gloves: Provides damage reduction and cooldown reduction, enhancing your survivability.
  • Keen Beacon and Fortifying Sacred Ground (optional): Recommended healing perks for your armor.



  • Amulet: Health, Nature Protection, and Constitution.
  • Rings: Hearty, Sacred, and Infected.
  • Earring: Refreshing Toast or Beloved (or Evasive).


Hot Rune:

  • Bile Bomb (upgraded to Essence Rupture version): Reduces enemy healing, useful for nature mutation encounters—alternatively, Stone Form for survivability.



  • Health, Mana, and Regen Potions: Standard healing consumables.
  • Corrupted Blood Potions: Use for increased survivability if aggroed or in dangerous situations.
  • Honing Stone: Optional for extra damage.
  • Energizing Hot Meal: Provides mana regeneration.
  • Desert Sunrise: Reduces incoming damage.
  • Corrupted Coating: Increases damage output.



  • Choose food based on your desired stat distribution (e.g., Focus + Intelligence or Focus + Constitution).


Armor Loadout:

  • Always use light armor for maximum healing potential. You can have one medium armor piece for a little extra armor, but aim for a predominantly light armor setup.
  • Remember that this is just a recommended build, and you can tweak it according to your playstyle and preferences. As you become more confident in your abilities, you can experiment with different perks and attributes to suit your needs.


Best DPS Build 

In this build, our primary weapon setup will be the Spear and Great Axe. While the Spear and Greatsword combo is also viable, we'll focus on why the Great Axe complements the Spear for Tempest Heart.


Spear Abilities:

  • Skewer: This ability is a must-have due to its Enfeebling Skewer perk, which applies a 44% damage reduction on the target for 8 seconds. This is incredibly powerful and should always be used in your build.
  • Perforate: A good choice for dealing more damage with the bleed effect and some weakening.
  • Leg Sweep: Great for knocking down enemies, interrupting their abilities, and providing crowd control.



  • Exploited Weakness: This ultimate can be very effective with the right passives and deals significant damage.


Additional Notes:

  • You can consider swapping Perforate for Cyclone, which received a buff in Season Two for better AOE damage, but Perforate offers more single-target damage.
  • Avoid abilities like Vault Kick or Javelin, as they are less effective or situational in most cases.


Great Axe Abilities:

  • Maelstrom: Pulls enemies towards you, clumping them up for AOE damage and making it easier for your team to hit everything at once.
  • Gravity Well: Another ability to clump up enemies, creating opportunities for massive AOE damage.
  • Reaper: Can be used to pull an enemy into the pack, adding to the clumping strategy.
  • Ultimate:
  • Bloodlust: Activates instantly and grants a damage boost, unlike Molten Fury, which takes longer to come online.



Split your points between Dexterity and Strength since the Spear scales with Dexterity primarily and the Great Axe with Strength. Constitution points depend on your preference, but around 100 Constitution is a safe choice for most DPS players.


Weapon Mastery Gems:

  • Spear: Diamond for extra damage while at full health (assuming you receive consistent healing).
  • Great Axe: Opal for additional damage while your stamina is not full.



  • Use Corrupted Water on all armor pieces for reduced damage from corrupted enemies.
  • For Great Axe users, aim for the "Insatiable Gravity Well" perk for additional burst damage.


Equip Load:

  • Maintain a Light Equip Load for the extra damage bonus.


Jewelry Perks:

  • Amulet: Life Staff Damage on Full Health.
  • Ring: Heart of Deeva (for leeching), Thrust Damage, and Bloodletting (works with bleeding abilities).
  • Earring: Refreshing Toast, Refreshing Evasion, and Beloved.



  • Detonate (Arcane Damage) for extra damage, especially against corrupted enemies weak to Arcane.
  • Health Potion and Regen Potion for increased survivability.
  • Ward Potion for damage reduction during heavy boss phases.
  • Gemstone Dust to counter Elemental damage.


Other Consumables:

  • Powerful Honing Stones for extra damage.
  • Relevant Coating on both weapons for additional damage.
  • Stat Food (e.g., Carrot Cake, Full Harvest Turkey) based on your team's needs.
  • Desert Sunrise to reduce damage over time effects.


Remember, this build can be adjusted to suit your playstyle and team composition. Use the Enfeebling Skewer perk on your Spear for maximum utility and damage reduction. The Great Axe's abilities focus on clumping enemies for AOE damage, while the Spear excels in single-target damage. Follow these guidelines, and you'll become a valuable asset in any PVE encounter. 


Extra Resources

That concludes the best builds of Season 2. As mentioned throughout the guide, we will post a couple of resources below that might help you with additional information.


  1. The first resource is a handy guide from the M11 guys. It breaks down the different damage types you encounter from various enemies, particularly the bosses in individual dungeons. Despite the mutation effects in the depths, bosses like Captain Thorpe always deal slash damage. So, you can choose a specific amulet for damage absorption types based on the particular boss. While it might not be necessary for those new to dungeons and mutations, some groups may require specific amulets for challenging final bosses.
  2. The second resource is a breakdown of enemies and their weak damage types. For example, the Angry Earth is weak to Fire and slashing damage, making axes and fire-based attacks particularly effective against them. The resource also provides information on which dungeons these enemies can be found in and suggests suitable weapons for each dungeon.
  3. The final resource is the New World database, which we covered in this guide. You can sort by expedition to see the enemy types you'll face and plan accordingly with the right Ward and Bane gear. However, Amazon has confirmed that Ward and Bane mechanics will be removed from the game before the end of the year, possibly with the arrival of Season 3.



Mastering the best tank, healer, and DPS builds is crucial for conquering the challenges of Season 2 in New World. Proper gear selection, attribute allocation, and gem choices play a vital role in maximizing your effectiveness in PvE content.


Remember to adjust these builds according to your playstyle and specific encounters. Use consumables wisely, and remember to take advantage of the extra resources provided to improve your knowledge of enemy weaknesses and damage types. With these best builds in your arsenal, you'll become a valuable asset in any PvE encounter in New World's Season 2. Now go forth and conquer the Tempest Heart Expedition and other challenging content with confidence and skill!

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