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New World Season 4 Best Healer Builds: Sage and Cleric

Hey there, New World adventurers! Today, we're diving deep into the healer builds for Season 4. We've waved goodbye to the Rise of the Angry Earth and are embracing the new changes in Season 4. The big news? We're going to dissect a couple of fantastic builds, starting with the ever-reliable Sage build and moving on to the dynamic Cleric build


New World Season 4 Best Healer Builds: Sage and Cleric


Sage Build

Weapon Mastery:

  • Sacred Ground: A must-have for any healer. This beauty boosts incoming healing by a whopping 50%!
  • Orb of Protection: Favoured for its 20% fortify and cool-down perks. Plus, it's like having a healing buddy that's always got your back.
  • Splash of Light: Recently nerfed (ouch!), but still a contender. Though, feel free to swap it out for Beacon or Divine Embrace if single-target healing is more your jam.



  • Blighted Touch & Revitalize: These are your bread and butter for extra healing and cool-down reduction. Don't skip these!
  • Desperate Speed & Intensify: Optional, but Intensify lets you dish out a bit more healing if you're feeling frisky.


New World Season 4 Healer Sage Build Skill



  • Focus (300): The main event for your healing power.
  • Constitution (100): Keeps you sturdy and resilient.
  • Intelligence (200): For that extra oomph in damage.


The Void Gauntlet Flexibility:

  • Oblivion: A stellar choice for that 15% damage boost and stamina regen.
  • Void Blade: Great for dishing out damage while your heals do their thing.
  • Scream & Essence Rupture: Scream for reducing enemy healing (super handy!) and Essence Rupture for giving your allies a tasty life-steal perk.


Gear Tips:

  • Nimble Coat: Your go-to for cool-down reduction. More ability usage equals more healing.
  • Artifact Void Gauntlet: Excellent for applying rend with ranged attacks.
  • Jewelry: Focus on health, stamina recovery, and specific protections depending on your enemies.


Cleric Build

Weapon Mastery:

  • Primary Weapon: Flail, for that sweet damage.
  • Secondary Weapon: Vengeance LIF staff, boosting damage whenever you heal a buddy.
  • Key Abilities: Keen Beacon for zippy movement, Divine Embrace for raw healing, or Lights Embrace for added stamina and mobility.
  • Smite & Eruption: Your go-to for dealing a hefty amount of damage.
  • Trip: A tactical move for crowd control or peeling pressure off teammates.



  • Strength (100 points): Gives the flail its punch.
  • Focus (350 points): The core of your healing power.
  • Constitution (150+ points): Essential for PvP survival.


New World Season 4 Healer Cleric Build Skill


Gear and Artifacts:

  • Featherweight Chest: Like being armor-free, allowing for a versatile equip load.
  • Round Shield vs. Kite Shield: Round Shield offers an unexpected burst of damage with aggressive perks.
  • Medium Armor Mix: A combination of medium and light pieces for optimum balance.
  • Key Perks: Health, refreshing, Elemental Aversion, or Enchanted Ward. Arcane harnessing is optional for that extra arcane damage.


Jewelry and Heart Runes:

  • Ank Amulet: Surprisingly effective for self-healing in PvP.
  • Ring: The standard healer ring setup with Hearty, Sacred, and Healing Breeze.
  • Earring: Go for Healthy Toast, Healing Heart, and Regenerating.
  • Heart Rune: Bile Bomb for healing reduction in PvP scenarios.


Where to Get Healer Gear?

  • Life Staff Crafting: It all starts with the Life staff. Get those base perks – Bless and Refreshing Move – and you're new world golden.
  • Corrupt Progenitor Life Staff: An easy grab from Shattered Mountain foes. Upgrade it at the Gypsum Kiln to become a healing juggernaut.
  • Artifact Gear: Nimble coat from the PvP track? Yes, please! Don't forget Featherweight from Birdman Nurma in Fungal Ridge for that extra edge.
  • Lifetaker and Vengeance: Chase down Pugnacious Peru for the Lifetaker artifact or keep an eye on the PvP track for Vengeance's whereabouts.
  • Crafting and Dungeons: Mix and match crafting with dungeon loot. The mutated Lazarus is like a gear piñata – hit it for some sweet loot.


Gems for Healers

  • Cleric Build PvP Gems: Facing thrust-happy spears and bows? Emeralds are your shield. For those fiery encounters, rubies are your fire extinguisher.
  • Sage Build PvE Gems: Adapt your gems to the dungeon's flavor. Fire mutation? Ruby up. Nature mutation next week? Time to go Amber.


There you have it, healers of New World – your guide to becoming the ultimate healing force in Season 4. Remember, the best healer is one who adapts, evolves, and always has their team's back. So gear up, gem up, and let's bring some epic healing to Aeternum. Happy healing, folks!

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