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New World Season 4 Update Notes: Dark Matter, Gold Farming, and More!

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the latest and greatest in the ever-evolving world of New World! Season 4 is here, and we've got the scoop on all the exciting changes to keep you in the loop. From lucrative Dark Matter and Gold farms to tweaks in the economy, gear, and game modes, we've got your back. Let's dive into the heart of the action and uncover the secrets of this game-changing update!


New World Season 4 Update Notes: Dark Matter, Gold Farming, and More!


New Content

  • Season Story and Pass: Brace yourself for a fresh season story and a shiny new season pass.
  • Expedition - Glacial Tarn: Dive into the icy depths with the revamped Glacial Tarn. More mobs, more fun!
  • Artifacts and Winter Convergence Festival: Eight new artifacts await, and the Winter Convergence Festival is back with a makeover. Check out the tweaked rewards and easier Fest St farming.
  • Upcoming Crossworld Expeditions: In future updates, expect Crossworld Expeditions with an improved group finder. Get ready for more adventures!


World Experience

  • General Fixes: Lava is a bit pickier about player levels now, and we bid farewell to annoying graphical flashes.
  • Major Movement Change: Move at the same speed in all directions when not sprinting. It's a game-changer in both PvE and PvP.
  • Expedition Boss Tweaks: Our buddy, the final boss, received a makeover. Brace yourself for a more engaging encounter.


Combat Changes

  • Elemental Damage Update: Acid damage is now part of the Elemental damage family, affecting strategies and synergies.
  • Combat Adjustments: Keep an eye on your debuffs with reduced clutter. It's time to focus on what matters in the heat of battle.
  • Mount Fixes: Bid farewell to those pesky mount bugs and unintended staggers. Mount up and ride like the wind.


Block & Stamina Changes

  • Hold Block and Aim: Pull off some slick moves by holding block and aiming to trigger aim or block instantly.
  • Stamina Damage Adjustments: A more consistent stamina damage experience. No more sudden chunks – just a smoother stamina ride.
  • Block Break Reaction Duration: Less time on the block break reaction means quicker recoveries. Blocking just got a bit more stylish.


Consumable Changes

  • Potion Cooldowns: Say goodbye to uninterrupted power mana potions. Focus potions now have a 15-second cooldown.
  • Focus Potion Adjustments: The focus potion gets a cooldown, preventing constant empowerment and fortification. Strategic potion use, anyone?


Artifact Changes

  • Artifact Heal Mode Tweak: Consumables with healing mods now decrease lifesteal healing. A bit more risk in the lifesteal game.
  • Artifact Tooltip Updates: Clearer tooltips for artifacts, helping you make informed decisions about your gear.


Gem Changes

First things first, New World gems are getting a makeover. Grab your shades; it's about to get shiny.

  • Onyx Brilliance: Lowering the health requirement and making it more uptime-friendly. Perfect for those dramatic moments when you need a boost.
  • Emerald Essence: Now with added healing love. It's like the gem went to a spa and came back even better. PvP healers, this one's for you.
  • Accelerated Moonstone: A bit niche, but might work wonders for certain berserkers. Watch out for this one in specific scenarios.
  • Retaliate Jasper: Got beef? Now you can block and hit back harder. This gem's all about soaking up those hits and dishing out some revenge.
  • Gambit Opal: The classic gets a trim. Still cool, but with a bit less oomph. Stamina management just got a tad trickier.
  • Canelon Gem: Now featuring a "calming effect." Because even gems need to chill sometimes. Risky, but could be a speedrunner's delight.
  • Empowered Sapphire: Flexing its muscles with a shift from Intelligence to Focus scaling. Another gem option to spice up your gemming life.
  • Conversion Gem: Unifying conversion values and giving some love to Intelligence and Focus scaling. Choose wisely; it's a numbers game.


Weapon Fixes

Weapons had a bit of a spa day too – bug fixes, you know the drill.

  • Fire Staff & Arcane Smite: The FL got its groove back. The haste bug is squashed, and the passives are up and running.
  • Head Shear Fix: Blunderbuss got a tweak in the right direction. Now your final charge won't mess up the dance.
  • Ultimate Chill Correction: Ice Gauntlet now sets the record straight. No more health values doing a disappearing act in the Mastery tooltips.
  • Musket Magic: Musket got a little love too – no more reloading hiccups. Rapid firing, here we come.


Life Staff & VG Changes

Life Staff, the unsung hero, and VG – a dynamic duo.

  • Sacred Ground Adjustment: Anointed Heal Mod no longer plays nice with consumables or lifesteal healing. The healing game is evolving – stay tuned.
  • Sacred Protection Buff: They gave it a boost from 5% to 10%. Sacrifices were made, but in the end, it's a win for healers.
  • Targeted Healing Hotkeys: No more accidental healing fails. The hotkeys got a stern talking to and won't act up anymore.


Great Axe Shake-Up

The mighty Great Axe got a stern look from the devs.

  • Surrounded Overhaul: Surrounded is now about numbers, not just proximity. More enemies, more damage. Wars just got a little more chaotic.
  • Whirlwind Whispers: Charge upgrade tips clarified for your reading pleasure. Now you know exactly when the storm hits.


Perk Fixes

Perks, those little rascals, got a reality check.

  • Evade Empowerment: Omnidirectional Evade is back in the game. Dodge and get that sweet Empower status.
  • Status Effect Stacking Fix: No more weird stacking issues. Perks are now playing nice with each other.
  • Duration-Adjusting Perks: The tooltips got a facelift for clarity. Now you won't be scratching your head wondering how long that debuff will last.
  • Lingering Flur Tool Tip Fix: Lingering Flur perk now tells you the real deal. No more mysterious values.


New Dark Matter & Gold Farm

  • The Scoop: Say hello to a fantastic addition based on player feedback! Now you can craft a shiny new cache using Gypsum. Costing you 20 Gypsum Orbs, this magical chest opens up to reveal 1,500 gold and 250 Dark Matter. Craftable once a week and buyable on pickup, it's a win-win for casuals and sweats alike. Gold economy, meet your new best friend.
  • Why We Love It: For those who only log in on weekends, that extra 1,500 gold is a sweet treat. Plus, with the economy in mind, this won't break the bank but will surely make your in-game wallet smile. Kudos to the devs for addressing player concerns and making it accessible to everyone.


More Economy, Progression & Gear Changes

The Highlights:

  • Aoth cap raised from 1,000 to 2,500.
  • FN joins the Stone family - just an inventory thing, you know.
  • Mentor chest buffed to give tier five research items and New world gold cost reduction. Get ready to level up those gathering skills in style!


Our Take: Economy buffs, skill improvements, and a sprinkle of gear changes – what more could you ask for? The devs are shaking things up, making the grind smoother and more rewarding. And who can complain about more loot from the reward track? Well done, New World team!


Health & Enchanted Ward Perk Mod Farms

The Lowdown: Loot spawns have shifted to make rare perks easier to nab. Health perks are now obtainable in Lucian Wilds and Brimstone, while the Enchanted Ward perk got a new home in Cutlass Keys, Weavers Fen, Shattered Mountain, and Restless Shore. Timeless Shards got a shake-up too, dropping from one boss per Expedition.


Our Thoughts: The hunt for these perks just got more exciting! New locations, revamped drops, and a dash of unpredictability – perfect for keeping things fresh. Time to gear up and venture into the unknown!


Why Do They Hate Arena? Game Mode Rewards

  • The Drama Unveiled: Arena rewards took a hit, and players aren't thrilled. Outpost Rush, on the other hand, got a facelift with better loot and Dark Matter rewards. The devs aimed for balance, but the community isn't buying it.
  • Our Take: We can't help but scratch our heads at the Arena decision. Players spoke, but it seems the devs had their own agenda. Despite the hit to Arenas, Outpost Rush enthusiasts can now revel in more rewards. A bittersweet update for competitive players.


Crafting, Gathering, Refining

  • What's New: Crafting gets a boost with research projects, refining stations open up to more daily items, and upgrading Hyr gear gets a makeover. Descriptions get a facelift, Prismatic scar tools get their own category, and crafting costs get a nudge.
  • Why We're Excited: Crafting just got more interesting! With streamlined upgrades, refined resource adjustments, and improved crafting UI, it's a boon for both veterans and newcomers. The little details count, and New World is leveling up!


Notable Fixes

  • The Cleanup Crew: Bugs begone! From salvageable legendary fish to mount jump exploits, the devs tackled various issues. Fast travel points are restored, achievements polished, and warnings removed – a tidy wrap-up to keep the gaming experience smooth.
  • Our Nod of Approval: A game is only as good as its polish. New World's commitment to fixing the niggles showcases a dedication to delivering a seamless gaming experience. Cheers to a bug-free adventure!



  • Player-Friendly Tweaks: User experience sees some minor adjustments, including better store navigation, removal of unnecessary warnings, and more. Influence races are no longer rescheduled during maintenance, a relief for avid participants.
  • Our Verdict: A dash of quality-of-life improvements always goes a long way. From better navigation to hassle-free influence races, these tweaks cater to players' comfort. Smooth sailing in the social seas!


So there you have it – the New World Season 4 Update decoded and unveiled. From Dark Matter dreams to Outpost Rush revamps, this update has its highs and lows. Embrace the changes, gear up for the challenges, and dive back into the captivating world of New World. Until the next update, fellow adventurers – may your loot be plentiful and your quests legendary! Duuk Sloth, signing off.

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