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What Are the Key Highlights and Changes in New World Season 4 Patch Notes?

New World Season 4 is about to hit the PTR, and players are in for a treat with significant updates. Known as the Eternal Frost, this season brings a plethora of changes ranging from new dungeons, artifacts, narrative enhancements, reward track modifications, weapon balance adjustments, and improvements to inventory management. We'll delve into the highlights of the patch notes to help you navigate the upcoming changes.



What Are the Key Highlights and Changes in New World Season 4 Patch Notes?


Before we jump into the details, let's address how to get access to the PTR. Players eager to test the new content can usually find information on the official New World website or community forums. Keep an eye out for announcements from the development team about PTR access and specific instructions.


Ancients' Challenge

One notable change is the reduction in the number of ancients needed for the mechanic artifact quest. The quest previously required players to defeat a certain number of ancients on the bridge, a task that some found overly challenging. This adjustment aims to balance the difficulty and ensure a smoother progression for players tackling this quest.


Navigation Enhancements

A subtle yet impactful change in navigation is introduced in Season 4. Characters will now move at the same speed in all directions when not sprinting. This tweak aims to address moments of slowdown during combat, ensuring a more consistent movement experience. Additionally, the non-sprint speed has been increased from its previous value to 4 m/second, accompanied by improved player animations when entering sprints from a backward dodge.


Worm Encounter Adjustments

The formidable Worm encounter receives changes in Season 4, particularly regarding acid damage. Acid damage is now categorized as elemental damage, making elemental aversion more relevant. The patch notes allude to adjustments in worm damage, signaling a potential shift in the encounter's difficulty. Players engaged in Worm battles should stay vigilant for these alterations.


Blocking and Aiming Improvements

Combat dynamics see notable improvements with the ability to block and aim even with a sheathed weapon. Previously, players encountered frustrations when attempting to block or aim while their weapon was sheathed, leading to delays in response. This change streamlines combat and enhances the overall fluidity of engagements. Additionally, heavy attack buffering windows are adjusted to ensure more consistent back-to-back heavy attacks.


Consumable Changes

Two key changes affect consumables.

  • 1. Players can no longer consume items from their inventory during combat, emphasizing strategic preparation before engaging in battles.
  • 2. Reverses the reduction in potion effectiveness in PvP introduced in the expansion, restoring potions to their full healing capacity in player-versus-player encounters.

These alterations promise to impact combat strategies and resource management.


Artifact Adjustments

Season 4 brings tweaks to various artifacts, addressing both balance and functionality. Notable changes include fixes to Odo, ensuring its damage increases against stunned targets. Additionally, the removal of strike damage conversion from the Inferno Fire Staff and the Lifetaker Void Gauntlet is introduced, solidifying their elemental identities.


Gem Conversion Complexity

One of the more intricate changes revolves around gem conversion. The introduction of tier-based scaling and the removal of dual scaling for damage conversion gems might require players to reevaluate their gem choices. This adjustment adds an element of strategy and decision-making to gem selection.


Highlights in PvP and Rewards

A shift in PvP dynamics is seen with changes to gem properties, particularly the Gambit Opal. Its reduced damage values during certain conditions may influence player choices in gem selection. Furthermore, the adjustment of odds in the reward track, making artifacts more likely to appear at rank 200, suggests a reevaluation of end-game rewards.


The Free Track:

Level Reward Description
1 Medium Shoes with Speedy Perk (Lvl 1) Unveil medium shoes with the "Speedy" perk, boosting the base duration of haste by 50%. Promising a dynamic and fast-paced gaming experience.
1-20 Dy and Coins Galore Dive into a collection of vibrant dyes and coins, adding flair to your equipment and enhancing your in-game aesthetics.
Throughout Faction Tokens The inclusion of faction tokens on the free track provides an extra layer of in-game currency to acquire exclusive faction-related items.
30 Jewelry Matrix (Lvl 30) Surprises players with a jewelry matrix, ensuring access to valuable items for those opting out of the premium track.
50-80 Orbs and Transmog Tokens Inclusion of orbs and transmog tokens adds customization to your character, refining appearance and augmenting your arsenal.
60-90 Matrix Bonanza Brace yourself for a cascade of matrices, enhancing crafting and upgrading capabilities. Includes weapon, armor, and jewelry matrices.
97 Armor Matrix (Lvl 97) A notable inclusion in the late stages of the free track, empowering players with the means to fortify their defenses.


The Premium Track:

Track Features Description
Matrices and Transmog Tokens (Throughout) Subscribers to the premium track receive a steady supply of matrices and transmog tokens, ensuring a consistent resource for crafting and personalizing gear.
Mutation Chests (Levels 40-70) The premium track introduces the mutation chest, containing 1,000 General Dense Mutator Materia, 250 Dark Matter, and various other items. A significant boost for crafting and experimental mutations.
Quick Draw Gloves (Level 100) The grand finale of the premium track, the Quick Draw Gloves, are equipped with the Quick Draw perk. This unique ability provides a half-second immunity to damage after a weapon swap, ideal for nimble builds. However, there is a 12-second cooldown that requires careful timing to maximize its effectiveness.


Outpost Rush and Arena Overhaul

Players engaged in Outpost Rush will experience a significant improvement in rewards, with loot bias and increased gear score promising a more satisfying experience. However, the same cannot be said for Arena, as rewards are scaled down to address concerns about the mode being too rewarding. The changes aim to balance the reward structure across different PvP modes.


Crafting and Resource Adjustments

Crafting enthusiasts will appreciate the addition of research projects, allowing the conversion of extra recipes, patterns, and music sheets into bonus XP for corresponding trade skills. Heart rune upgrades undergo changes, potentially altering the crafting landscape. Additionally, clearer indications of where specific items drop enhance the crafting experience.


Economic Changes

The adjustment in Mithril drop rates and the ability to prospect for silver, gold, or platinum ore introduces economic shifts. Players should monitor market trends, considering potential impacts on gem and ore prices.


Mount and Quality-of-Life Improvements

Quality-of-life improvements extend to mounts, with UI customization and the display of mount names adding a touch of personalization. These enhancements, while not groundbreaking, contribute to a more polished and enjoyable gaming experience.


Seasonal Events and Influence Races

Players can look forward to increased meteor drops during the winter event, providing more opportunities for PvP encounters. Influence races are rescheduled during server maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted participation for players.



While not the most extensive patch in New World's history, Season 4 introduces a range of changes that promise to reshape the gameplay experience. From combat enhancements to economic shifts and adjustments in PvP dynamics, players can anticipate a fresh and engaging chapter in the world of Aeternum. As the patch hits the PTR, players are encouraged to explore the changes firsthand and provide valuable feedback to contribute to the ongoing evolution of New World.

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