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New World Season 4 Gem Adjustments & Changes: What You Need To Know?

As New World Season 4 approaches, significant changes to the gem system promise a fresh dynamic for these prized items. Players are urged to diversify their gem usage, departing from the reliance on a select few. This guide succinctly breaks down the alterations from the PTR patch notes, offers tested examples, and dispels any confusion.


New World Season 4 Gem Adjustments & Changes: What You Need To Know?


Rune Glass Gem changes

Before we plunge into the intricate dance of gem conversions, let's first cast a discerning eye over the subtle metamorphosis bestowed upon each runeglass gem. Witness as they gracefully align with the formidable tier four counterparts. 


Added tier four equivalents to all associated runeglass gems.


  • Brash and Onyx gems: Health requirement for reduced from 100% to 70%, with effects adjusted for higher uptime.
  • Opportunist or Emerald gem: Increased target health requirement from below 30 to below 50, with reduced effects and bonus healing on targets below 50% health.
  • Moonstone: Reworked bonus damage while abilities cool down and updated values.
  • Jasper: Altered functionality after blocking or taking a hit, increased duration, allowed stacking up to three times, and adjusted individual stack values.
  • Opal: Reduced damage values while stamina is not full.
  • Carnelian: New functionality that increases damage to taunted foes per slotted gem.
  • Sapphire: Updated scaling off focus.


Conversion Gem Balance

The focal point of confusion revolves around gem conversion changes, outlined in the patch notes.


Core Changes:

  • All conversion gems consistently convert 50% of weapon damage to the associated element, regardless of their level.
  • The gem will scale all weapon damage to Intelligence or Focus if these attributes are higher than the base weapon attributes.
  • Single attribute scaling is at 100%, primary scaling at 90%, secondary scaling at 65%, and dual scaling at 80%.


Single Attribute Scaling:

Tier 2 50% conversion, 60% scaling off Intelligence (Int), 50% scaling off Focus.
Tier 3 50% conversion, 70% scaling off Int, 60% scaling off Focus.
Tier 4 50% conversion, 80% scaling off Int, 70% scaling off Focus.
Tier 5 50% conversion, 90% scaling off Int, 80% scaling off Focus.


Rune Glass Variant Scaling:

Rune Glass: Scales the same as Tier 4 gems (80% scaling off Int, 70% scaling off Focus).


Note: These gems won't dual scale; if the replacement attribute is higher, it overrides the base weapon scaling.


Testing and Examples

To illustrate these changes, we conducted tests using a Great Axe. Initially, with 225 Strength points, light attack damage was 248, and heavy attack damage was 3,399. Shifting to Intelligence and slotting a Ruby gem, light attack damage became 8,861, showcasing a 90% scaling off Intelligence. Overall, the damage output was 92.86% of the original, indicating a slight loss, but with the advantage of scaling off intelligence.


Comparable experiments were undertaken to assess Focus alongside a rare Amethyst crystal, resulting in an impressive 80% conversion rate and a comprehensive damage output of 79.3%. This opens the door to innovative configurations, like pairing a Battle Axe with a Vitality-infused Staff for multifaceted gameplay experiences.


Runic Glass Gem Tactics

In the experiments, the Runic Crystal Ruby jewel demonstrated a remarkable 99.71% retention of the initial luminous assault impact. The Runic Glass Gem, distinguished by their supplementary lingering damage effects, unveil captivating prospects for distinct configurations. They provide an equilibrium between enduring impact and adaptability.


Season 4's gem tweaks invite players into a realm of experimentation, urging diverse combinations and playstyles. Unravel the secrets of scaling and align with preferred attributes for mastery. Note, these changes are in the PTR, subject to further evolution before Season 4's official launch.

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