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New World Powerful Ranged Builds: Fellowship and Fire Bow

This guide aims to equip you with valuable knowledge and insights into the New World Fellowship and Fire Bow Build PvP in Season 1. With this build, you'll harness the power of the bow and unleash devastating elemental attacks upon your enemies, all while maintaining your agility and mobility. We'll cover various aspects of the build, including gem choices, armour modifications, and jewellery enhancements. 



New World Powerful Ranged Builds: Fellowship and Fire Bow



For your armour, we recommend using light armour for its increased mobility and bonuses. Here is the breakdown of the armour pieces and their recommended perks:

  • Helmet: Invigorated Resilience and Elemental Aversion.
  • Gloves: Elemental Aversion, Resilience, and Invigorated.
  • Pants: Consider using regular pants for versatility or Elemental Aversion if you prefer more elemental resistance.
  • Chest Piece: PvP Track chest piece with Shirking Heals perk for added survivability.
  • Boots: Freedom, Elemental Aversion, and Empowering Boom Boom Arrow (optional).



Gems play a crucial role in enhancing your build. Here are the recommended gem choices:

  • Shirking Debilitating Cleanse: For medium load, it provides thrust damage resistance.
  • Thrust Damage Resistance: Essential for any bow player, it provides a flat 10% damage resistance against thrust attacks.
  • Health: Upgrade your amulet and ring with health gems for increased survivability.
  • Thrust Proc: Improves your thrust damage output.



Choose jewellery that complements your build and enhances your damage potential. Here are the recommended perks:

  • Amulet: Health and Thrust Proc.
  • Ring: Thrust Damage and Invigorated Punishments.
  • Earring: Nimble, Refreshing, and Purifying Toast.



For the primary weapon, we recommend using the bow. Here are the recommended perks for the bow:

  • Frozen Gambit Gem: Provides bonus damage when your stamina is not full, and the target is affected by frostburn damage.
  • Vicious: Increases your critical hit multiplier.
  • Frostyumen: Adds 14% of weapon damage as ice damage to your attacks.
  • Penetrating Rapid Shot: Ignores 33% of the target's armour, making it highly effective against medium armour users.


For the secondary weapon, the rapier is a great choice. Here are the recommended perks for the rapier:

  • Repost: Allows you to stun and counterattack opponents.
  • Cliche: Improves your movement and adds damage after using an ability.
  • Flourish and Finish: Provides crowd control with stagger effects.


Food and Rune

Food and runes are essential for buffing your character's stats. Here are the recommended choices:

  • Hearty Meals: Provides attribute buffs.
  • Honing Stones: Enhances your weapon damage.
  • Powerful Gems: Adds additional buffs to your character.
  • Cunning Heart Rune: Stoneform provides temporary fortify bonuses, increasing your survivability.


Skill Tree

For the bow skill tree, we recommend the following choices:

  • Evade Shot: Use it as a crowd control tool due to its stagger effect.
  • Rapid Shot: Essential ability with great damage output, especially with cooldown cycling.
  • Boom Arrow: Maximize its potential with all available perks, as it currently provides substantial damage.



With this bow build, you'll be able to deal significant damage and have good survivability in both PvP and PvE encounters. Remember to adapt the build based on your playstyle and the composition of your opponents. Good luck, and have fun exploring New World with your powerful bow build!

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