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New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds: Hight DPS, Fast Paced

In this guide, we'll be discussing an incredibly fun and high DPS PvE build in New World that utilizes the Rapier and the Void Gauntlet. This build focuses on the bleed side of the Rapier tree and uses the Void Gauntlet for utility. It offers great damage output and a fast-paced playstyle with quick ability rotations. Let's dive into the details!


New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds: Hight  DPS, Fast Paced


Rapier Mastery Tree

We'll focus on the bleed side of the Rapier tree for this build. The three active abilities we'll take care of are Tondo, Flourish and Finish, and Flurry. Upgrade Tondo only twice to leave room for an additional passive, as the initial hit damage from Tondo is minor to the build. Fully upgrade Flourish and Finish for increased damage and stamina regeneration, while Flurry provides massive damage output and health restoration. Upgrading Flurry also grants additional benefits such as increased block damage, reduced cooldown, extended bleed duration, and the application of a stack of bleed.

New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds Rapier Mastery Tree Screenshot

For the passive abilities in the Grace tree, we'll take Control Breathing for stamina restoration, Perfectionist for increased damage when your health is full, and Red Curtains, which reduces all cooldowns by 5% each time you Critical Strike (up to a maximum of 5 reductions per attack). The remaining passives should focus on reducing cooldowns and boosting overall damage output.


Void Gauntlet Mastery Tree

In the Void Gauntlet tree, we'll prioritize utility rather than pure damage. The active abilities we'll take care Petrifying Scream, Oblivion, and Essence Rupture. Remember, the Void Gauntlet will serve as your utility bar, so you'll switch over to it for specific rotations and then switch back to your Rapier for maximum damage output.

New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds Void Gauntlet Mastery Tree Screenshot

Start your fights by using Oblivion, which deals weapon damage per second, empowers you and your allies (increasing damage by 15), and applies a weak effect to all targets caught inside. Invigorating Oblivion also provides stamina regeneration for your team. Petrifying Scream provides crowd control and a bit of tankiness, thanks to the healing received for each enemy hit. You can also spec into Putrifying Scream for additional tankiness. As for the last ability, you can choose between Orb of Decay (more damage) and Essence Rupture (more utility). Essence Rupture fires a projectile that inflicts a 10-second debuff, healing anyone who hits the afflicted target for 20% of the damage done.



For attribute distribution, a recommended split is 265 Dexterity, 150 Intelligence, and 100 Constitution. This split assumes you have 625 gear. Adjust the numbers based on your current gear level and personal preferences. The Rapier scales primarily off Dexterity and secondarily off Intelligence. You can prioritize Dexterity and Intelligence while adjusting Constitution according to your desired level of survivability.

New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds Attributes Screenshot



As a DPS build, it's recommended to wear light armour for maximum damage output. While some players opt for medium armour for additional survivability, light armour is ideal for maximizing damage in Expeditions. Keep in mind that this build may not be BiS (Best in Slot), but it is still highly effective. Let's discuss the preferred perks for your armour:

  • Headgear: Look for perks that increase damage or reduce cooldowns.
  • Chestpiece: Prioritize perks that boost damage, critical strike chance, or reduce cooldowns.
  • Gauntlets: Seek out perks that increase damage, critical strike chance, or reduce cooldowns.
  • Leggings: Aim for perks that enhance damage, critical strike chance, or reduce cooldowns.
  • Footwear: Prioritize perks that boost damage, critical strike chance, or provide mobility/utility.

It's important to note that obtaining BiS gear can be expensive, so adjust your choices based on your current resources and investment plans.



The Sun Lord set is a suitable choice for this build, providing perks such as Shriking Fortification, Ancient Ward, and Refreshing Evasion. The desired perks for PvE gear in Expeditions are Ancient Ward, a skill perk, and Refreshing. If you can only afford two perks, prioritize Ancient Ward and Refreshing.



The Rapier should ideally have the Bane, Vicious, and Keenly Empowered perks. Leeching Flurry on the weapon can provide extra survivability but sacrifices some damage output. The Void Gauntlet is primarily used for utility, so the desired perks are Bane, Vicious, and either Keen or Petrifying Scream.



For the amulet, aim for elemental protection, health, and Refreshing as the best combination. Avoid Constitution on the amulet to maintain flexibility in adjusting your stats. Consider acquiring specific elemental protection amulets for different enemy types in Expeditions. For rings, prioritize perks such as Leeching, Thrust Damage, and Bloodletting. The Heart of Aviva is a recommended ring that can be obtained from chest runs in Brimstone Sands. The earring should ideally have Refreshing, Purifying Toast, and be Nimble or Beloved.



Opals are a recommended choice for armour gems, as they provide overall elemental damage reduction. However, if you prefer specific elemental protection, you can slot elemental gems in the amulet and use Opals for the rest. For weapons, consider using elemental gems specific to the enemy type you're facing. Diamonds are an option for the Rapier if you have a reliable group that can keep your health topped off. Pristine gems are a good choice for the Void Gauntlet, as its main purpose is utility.


Heart Rune

The choice of Heart Rune depends on the group composition and the specific Expedition you're running. For example, the Bio Bomb Rune is effective against clerics in the Empyrean Forge, while the Disease Rune can be used to bypass mechanics in the last phase of the Anyu Daledra boss fight. If you need more clarification, the Brutal Heart Rune of Detonate provides a simple damage boost.


New World Rapier & Void Gauntlet Melee PVE Builds Screenshot


How to Use this Build?

Now let's discuss the rotation and how to maximize damage with this build:

  • Begin every fight or engage with the Void Gauntlet. Use Oblivion to empower yourself and weaken your enemies. Follow it up with Essence Rupture on one of the mobs to gain healing benefits.
  • Utilize Scream if you're fighting a mob that needs to be diseased, such as in nature mutations or mentioned earlier. Putrifying Scream can also be used for root or crowd control (CC) purposes when necessary.
  • Immediately switch to your Rapier after using the Void Gauntlet abilities. Execute a quick Tondo and follow it up with a quick Flurry. These abilities have fast cooldowns, and Flurry benefits from the Fleeting Strikes passive, which reduces its cooldown.
  • Repeat the Tondo and Flurry combo rapidly. You'll generate stacks and deal consistent damage. Once you have three stacks on a mob and it's nearing low health, use Flourish and Finish for a massive burst of damage.
  • Always ensure you have the Empower buff from Oblivion below your feet. If someone else on your team is also running Oblivion, avoid stacking them on top of each other to prevent wasting the buffs. Stay aware of your surroundings and coordinate with your team.
  • Make sure to use Essence Rupture whenever it's off cooldown. Switch to the Void Gauntlet, use the abilities, and then switch back to the Rapier to continue your rotations.


By following this rotation, you'll unleash a tremendous amount of damage. This playstyle is fast-paced, with quick ability cooldowns, requiring you to press many buttons. It's a highly enjoyable and effective DPS build, making it one of the favourite choices for many players.



This New World Rapier Void Gauntlet DPS build offers a fast-paced playstyle with high damage output and utility for your team. By upgrading specific abilities, distributing attributes effectively, and obtaining suitable gear, you'll be able to maximize your DPS potential in PvE encounters. Have fun experimenting with this build and adapting it to your playstyle!

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