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New World New Artifact Items: Weapons, Armor, Jewelry in Rise of the Angry Earth

New World first-ever proper expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, is on the horizon, and with it comes an array of exciting new content, including powerful artifact items. In this guide, we'll delve into the details of these super-rare and super-powerful artifacts, including weapons, armor, and jewelry. These artifacts offer unique perks that cannot be found anywhere else, making them highly sought after. Let's explore the different artifact items available in the expansion.



New World New Artifact Items: Weapons, Armor, Jewelry in Rise of the Angry Earth


Artifact Types

In Rise of the Angry Earth, artifacts come in various categories, including weapons, armor, and jewelry. Here are the different types of artifact items you can acquire:

  • Weapons: These artifacts enhance your combat capabilities and offer unique abilities.
  • Armor: Artifact armor pieces grant special attributes and can be worn in various slots.
  • Jewelry: Artifact jewelry items provide exclusive bonuses and can be equipped in specific slots.


Key Features of Artifacts

Before diving into the artifacts, it's crucial to understand some of the key features that set them apart:

  • Magnify: All artifacts have the Magnify feature, which scales their attributes to your highest stat. This ensures that the artifacts remain relevant regardless of your character build.
  • Exclusive Perks: Artifacts come with exclusive perks that cannot be found on any other items in the game. These perks make them highly coveted and powerful additions to your character's loadout.


Artifact Items List

Here's a comprehensive list of the artifact items available in Rise of the Angry Earth. Please note that this list may be partial, and additional artifacts may be discovered.

Artifact Name Type Magnify Unique Perk(s) Additional Perks
Unyielding Heavy Head Scales to highest In PvP, receive 20% less damage from Critical Hits -
Void Dark Plate Heavy Chest Scales to highest Dark Reinforced: Increases armor by 20%. Best suited for heavy armor builds 4% less damage from light and heavy attacks, reduced damage from ranged physical attacks
Magnetic Gauntlets Heavy Gloves Scales to highest Magnetic: Increases critical chance by 50% but reduces crit damage by up to 50% Refreshing, Physical Aversion
Freedom Heavy Legs Scales to highest Unending Freedom: Stun, slows, and roots expire 25% faster in PvP Enchanted Ward, Random Perk
Nimble Leather Coat Medium Chest Scales to highest Nimble: Reduces max cooldowns by 10% Refreshing, Elemental Evasion
Ghoul Gloves Medium Gloves Scales to highest Ghoul's Touch: When you hit a foe below half health, transfer one debuff with a 3-second cooldown Refreshing, Physical Aversion
Atuned Leather Pants Medium Legs Scales to highest Well Rounded: Adds +10 to all attributes, providing a total of +60 attributes Refreshing, Elemental Evasion
Gray Wizard's Hat Light Head Scales to highest Thirst: Health potions are 33% stronger but have a 20% longer cooldown Empowering Toast, Random Perk
Featherweight Jacket Light Chest Scales to highest Weightless: This armor is weightless. The exact effects are yet to be confirmed Accelerated Traps, Random Perk
Tumbler Shoes Light Shoes Scales to highest Shocking Blessing: Successfully dodging an attack grants you 15% Empower and 25% Fortify for 5 seconds and heals you for 200 plus 2% of your max HP. No internal cooldown Refreshing, Elemental Evasion


Artifacts Weapon

Artifact Name Type Magnify Unique Perk Additional Perks
The Butcher One-Handed Sword Scales to highest stat Bloodletting: Bleeds last 33% longer and work with both weapons Jagged Welling Blade, Empower Welling Blade
Finisher Rapier Scales to highest stat Finisher: Heavy attacks against bleeding targets deal 15% more damage and reduce Flourish's cooldown by 5% (1-second cooldown) Deadly Flourish, Keen Tondo
Spark of Mol Warhammer Scales to highest stat Mol's Blasting: 99% of hammer damage is converted to lightning, and you deal 20% more lightning damage with both weapons Gravel, Mighty Gavel
Scorpion Sting Spear Scales to highest stat Scorpion Sting: Landing a hit on a target reduces their armor by 10% for 5 seconds. Stacks 5 times Lunge, Keen Asp
Inferno Fire Staff Scales to highest stat Inferno: Critical hits increase your damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Max 3 stacks Fireball, Flame On
Weeping Willow Ice Gauntlet Scales to highest stat Weeping Willow: When your health is under 50%, your attacks apply weakness for 3 seconds Ice Storm, Winter's Embrace


Artifacts Jewelry

Artifact Name Type Magnify Unique Perk Additional Perks
Thunderous Choker Artifact Amulet Scales to your highest stat Thunderstruck: 30% chance to gain 10 stamina on critical hits Refreshing, Empowering
Necromancer's Ring Artifact Ring Scales to your highest stat Reanimate: 30% chance to summon a weak but powerful ally for 15 seconds Refreshing, Fortifying



Artifact items in Rise of the Angry Earth are game-changers, offering unique perks and capabilities that can greatly enhance your character's effectiveness in combat. However, acquiring these artifacts is no small feat, and it may require extensive gameplay and exploration of the new expansion content.


As the game evolves and more players discover these artifacts, strategies for optimizing their use and combinations will emerge. Keep an eye on community discussions, patch notes, and developer updates to stay informed about any changes to artifact item mechanics and balances. With these powerful artifacts at your disposal, you're better prepared than ever to face the challenges of the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion in the New World. Good luck, and may your adventures be filled with epic battles and valuable loot!

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