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New World Rise of the Angry Earth: What You Need To Know?

In this guide, we'll delve into the recently unveiled expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth, bringing you a comprehensive breakdown of the game-changing features and updates that promise to reshape your New World experience. From mount taming to a revamped loot bias system, a new weapon, and intriguing artifacts, this expansion holds the promise of excitement and fresh challenges. So, let's explore the intricacies of this upcoming expansion and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of the New World's ever-evolving landscape.


New World Rise of the Angry Earth: What You Need To Know?


Mounts: Tameable and More Than Cosmetic

One of the standout revelations from the video is the introduction of mounts. These aren't just cosmetic additions to the game; they're fully functional and tamable. Players will need to feed their mounts to earn their trust. While the exact mechanics remain a mystery until the test server is live, the concept of actively taming your mount adds an exciting layer to the gameplay.


Moreover, mounts provide character buffs that persist even when dismounted. Depending on your choice of mount (wolf, lion, or horse), you'll receive character buffs that suit your playstyle. This integration of mounts as both a means of transportation and a source of character enhancement is a promising addition.


Loot Bias System: Tailored to Your Playstyle

The expansion also brings a revamped loot bias system. Loot drops will now be influenced by your character's equipment and attributes. If your character wields a life staff and wears light armor, you can expect loot more focused on healing. Conversely, heavy armor and sword shield users will receive loot tailored to tanking and bruiser roles. This system encourages players to adapt their gear and attributes to influence the loot they receive, adding depth to character customization.


New Gathering Opportunities: Bananas and More

The developers confirmed the introduction of new gatherables in the expansion, including new ores, woods, and food types. One exciting addition mentioned is the ability to harvest bananas from trees. While specifics on other gatherable items are scarce, the inclusion of bananas hints at a diverse range of new resources to discover and utilize in crafting and cooking.


Flail: The Healing Tank Weapon

New World's arsenal expanded with the introduction of the flail. This unique weapon offers two distinct playstyles, catering to healers and tanks. The left side of the skill tree focuses on healing and buffing your team, while the right side emphasizes tanking and survivability. This opens up exciting possibilities for players interested in hybrid healer-tank playstyles, offering a chance to fulfill their Paladin and Cleric fantasies.


Artifacts: Quest-Driven Unlocks

The expansion introduces artifacts, and we caught a glimpse of one in the video – the headband. Artifacts come with multiple perks unlocked through quests. Completing tasks like defeating specific enemies or crafting unique items will grant you access to these perks. This system encourages exploration and questing to maximize the potential of these artifacts.


Expedition Difficulty Overhaul

Normal expeditions are getting a substantial difficulty to nerf and will be referred to as story mode expeditions. This change aims to make standard expeditions more accessible to a broader range of players. However, for those seeking greater challenges, the new mutation difficulty system offers harder variations of expeditions. Mutation difficulties range from one to three, providing options for players of different skill levels.


Levelling and Gearing: The Path to 700 Gear Score

Upon completing the new zone, Elian Wilds, players are expected to reach around a 650 gear score. However, the expansion will raise the gear score cap to 700. Achieving this maximum gear score will require a combination of activities, including PvP, Elite Open World areas, dungeons, and crafting. The journey to the top gear score promises diverse gameplay experiences.


New Chest Runs and Chameleon Enemies

The expansion introduces two new chest runs in the new zone, featuring jumping puzzles and hidden pathways. These unique chest runs promise a refreshing and engaging experience for players. Additionally, players will encounter the elusive chameleon enemy in the Elian Wilds. These creatures can turn invisible, adding a challenging and intriguing element to combat.


Claimable Zone: Eden Grove

Edengrove, a neutral zone filled with the Angry Earth, is set to become a claimable zone. This means players and companies can vie for control over this area, adding a new layer of territorial warfare to the New World. With the promise of higher tax revenues, Eden Grove may become a thriving crafting hub and a prime location for homeowners.


Influence Push Revamp

For players interested in open-world PvP and territorial control, the influence push system is undergoing significant changes. Each day, three different territories will be up for grabs for 45 minutes. During this time, players can participate in PvP activities to influence the control of these territories. This new system aims to create more dynamic and engaging open-world PvP experiences.


Public Test Realm (PTR) 

Lastly, the developers announced a PTR for the expansion, offering players the opportunity to test the upcoming changes before they go live. While the duration of the PTR remains uncertain, it's a chance for players to provide feedback and help shape the expansion's final form.



Rise of the Angry Earth is set to bring an array of exciting changes and additions to the New World, from taming mounts to exploring new zones and embracing unique weapons and artifacts. With the promise of fresh content and gameplay enhancements, New World players have much to look forward to when the expansion launches on October 3rd. Stay tuned for more information, and remember to prepare for your journey to the Elian Wilds, where the Angry Earth awaits your arrival.

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