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New World Flail Weapon: Hidden Secrets You May Not Know

Ahoy, adventurers! Today, we have some exciting information about the upcoming New World update, specifically regarding the new weapon: the Flail. In this in-depth guide, we'll uncover the secrets of the Flail, a powerful and versatile weapon coming to the New World. From the cleric tree's crowd control and support abilities to the defensive utility of the Bastion tree, we'll break down each skill, cooldown, and unique effect. Plus, we'll discuss the Flail's potential synergy with shields and eagerly await details on weapon perks and passives. 



New World Flail Weapon: Hidden Secrets You May Not Know



The Flail is a unique weapon that scales with both Strength and Focus. While it's labelled as a Flail and Shield weapon, it's worth noting that you can use it with or without a shield. Although the benefits of these choices have yet to be fully clear, we'll explore the Flail's specific abilities and trees in detail.


The Cleric Tree

In the Cleric tree, you'll find abilities that emphasize both offense and support. Here's a breakdown of the key abilities in this tree:


Arcane Smite

  • Ability Type: Offensive
  • Cooldown: Approximately 17.1 seconds
  • Description: Leap forward and strike the ground with Arcane Force, dealing 130 weapon damage to all targets within a 2.7-meter radius of the impact point. This leaves behind a hazardous area that inflicts a stack of "Impairment" for 6 seconds to any target entering it. Impairment deals 10 Arcane weapon damage per second and weakens the target's base damage by 10%. This effect can stack up to three times.


Note: Impairment sticks to targets even after leaving the affected area.


Arcane Vortex

  • Ability Type: Offensive/Support
  • Cooldown: Approximately 15.2 seconds
  • Description: Swirl the Flail above your head, delivering four rapid hits of 85 weapon damage in a 3-meter radius around you. After the initial spin, trigger a 3-meter energy blast that grants a 10% power bonus for 5 seconds to all allies within the radius.



  • Ability Type: Offensive
  • Cooldown: Approximately 11.4 seconds
  • Description: Drag the Flail's head against the ground, causing an eruption of Arcane energy in front of you. This deals 125 weapon damage and inflicts two stacks of Impairment for 6 seconds to all targets hit. Additionally, it automatically follows up with an extra melee attack that deals 160 weapon damage.


Note: While this ability boasts significant damage potential, it might be challenging to confirm all hits, especially the follow-up attack.


Capstone - Better Together

  • Ability Type: Support
  • Description: While within 4 meters of one or more allies, passively heal yourself and your allies for 16 weapon damage every 2 seconds. This ability encourages teamwork and staying close to your allies but comes with the trade-off of making you more vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks and crowd control.


Note: The healing is relatively modest but can provide a small source of sustain.


Cleric Tree Summary

The Cleric tree focuses on crowd control and support abilities, making the Flail an excellent choice for players who prefer a versatile, team-oriented playstyle. The Impairment debuff and the power boost from Arcane Vortex can significantly impact battles.


The Bastion Tree

The Bastion tree offers a mix of utility and tanking abilities for those who prefer a more defensive approach with the Flail. Here are the key abilities in this tree:



  • Ability Type: Mobility/Utility
  • Cooldown: Approximately 23.8 seconds
  • Description: Sprint forward up to 10 meters, and upon reactivating the ability, pressing the basic attack, or reaching the end of the sprint, leap an additional 6 meters, slamming to the ground. This deals 30 weapon damage during the leap and 80 weapon damage upon landing, staggering targets on impact. Notably, character collision is disabled while sprinting forward, making it an effective escape tool.


Note: This ability can also taunt enemies if you have a shield equipped.



  • Ability Type: Crowd Control/Utility
  • Cooldown: Approximately 17.1 seconds
  • Description: Swing the Flail forward, latching onto a target, dealing 50 weapon damage, and knocking them to the ground. This ability could have additional perks that make it a valuable utility skill.


Warning Bludgeon

  • Ability Type: Defensive/Utility
  • Cooldown: Approximately 20.9 seconds
  • Description: Perform a spinning leap and swing the Flail down to strike targets, dealing 100 weapon damage. During the leap, trigger a burst of energy that grants "Reinforced Fortify" to yourself and allies within 3 meters, increasing armour by 50 for 8 seconds or until three hits are taken. This ability also comes with grit.


Note: Warning Bludgeon is your primary taunt ability, offering both damage and damage reduction.


Capstone - Human Shield

  • Ability Type: Defensive/Support
  • Description: Hitting a target with ability while within 6 meters of an ally applies a status effect, linking yourself and a single ally for 5 seconds. During this time, the linked ally only takes 50% of incoming damage, while you inherit 35% of the damage they didn't take. This powerful damage-sharing ability makes you an invaluable protector for your teammates.



The Flail is shaping up to be a versatile and unique weapon in the New World, with distinct abilities tailored to various playstyles. Keep in mind that we're still waiting to learn about weapon perks, passives, and how using a shield may affect these abilities. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve deeper into the New World expansion.

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