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Top 6 most profitable items to farm coins in New World Season 1 (2023)

If you are looking to make coins in New World Season 1 (2023), it is important to note that the market fluctuates on every server. Therefore, it is crucial to keep checking your server's market watch, the prices of raw crafting materials, perk items, and other items that people regularly purchase. Then, adjust your farming routine to fill what is low in stock and has a better price at any given moment.

In this guide, we'll explore the top 6 most profitable items to farm for coins in the current market.



Top 6 most profitable items to farm coins in New World Season 1 (2023)


Top 1. Reed

Reeds have already started trending upward in price, and they will continue to rise soon. With the addition of the booster token received from the season reward track and the appropriate buffs, you can receive 222 territories standing per wicker basket. This means that you can earn roughly 100 baskets per level. Also, when you salvage the basket, you receive most of the reeds back, making it an easy and profitable farm.


Top 2. Bullrush Cobs

Bullrush Cobs are used in potions and are always sought after. You can pick a few thousand of these an hour on top of the reeds you already gather. This all adds up to a significant profit, making it an easy and chill coin-per-hour farm. Head over to Weaver's Fen and start making your coin.


Top 3. Perk Items

Perk items, specifically the attribute ones, have been making a lot of profit since the season one release. If you have any crap perk items in storage that you have gotten and forgotten about, stuff like softwood sap now is the time to sell them. Rough leather beaded straps are selling for quite a bit, and because you have many of the softwood sap, you can head to the kiln and combine them into straps, making a huge profit while cleaning up your storage.


Top 4. Wood

The fastest way to knock out the last step of the season chapter is by cutting wood. Wood items are currently the highest-value item on the market. They are worth over three coins per unit, and a new softwood tree sap is quite high at 20 coins per. Check the market and put on all your logging luck gear to get the most out of your farming. Cut 100k wood, and you will get an actual ton of fire modes and softwood tree sap, which you can sell for thousands of coins.


Top 5. Creatures

The creatures you use for making your daily topaz potion are extremely high in value, ranging from 70 to 110 coins per creature. Farming these is a must if you are looking for some fast and easy coins. The best place to farm these creatures is Ebb and Scale Reach.


Top 6. Cactus Flesh

Cactus Flesh is another easy way to make coins. It's currently selling for over one coin per on my server. Equip your axe with a high motor tuman, such as Fire Mode, and head over to a cactus patch. You'll be able to easily gather 3k Cactus per hour with a significant number of Fire Modes.


Other Ways to Make New World Coins

In addition to the farms mentioned above, there are a few other ways to make coins. Make sure to do your Acid Chest daily, as well as your three daily faction missions and two daily outpost rushes. You can also make a good amount of coins by completing the level 25, 35, and 45 portal solo, with everyone upgrading the new heart runes. Corrupted Lodestones are currently up to almost 2,000 coins on my server.



The key to making New World coins in Season 1 (2023) is to keep an eye on the market, adjust your farming routine, and farm the most profitable items at any given moment. Reed, Bull Rush Cobs, Perk Items, Fire Modes, and Creatures are the most profitable items to farm in the current market. Remember to have fun while farming and enjoy the game.

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