Horizon Forbidden West Sprinks

Horizon Forbidden West is absolutely crammed with machines – that’s why it’s all about. The game takes place in a large open world and new and old machines are scattered over the landscape. But we do not only care about machines, we take care of all the combat machines that you can find in Horizon Forbidden West.

Unlike other machines in the game, you must pay attention to fighting machines as they were built for the fight. From small and fleemen machines that hunt in beads, to giants that madly stammer around, they all have different strengths, weaknesses and skills.

Read more for a complete list of Horizon Forbidden West Fighting Machines which we keep up to date, so you know what to expect when you hunt the trophy to kill them all on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Horizon Forbidden West Fighting Machines

We know that there are those nine fighting machines in Horizon Forbidden West . You are:

Horizon Forbidden West - Cinematic Trailer | PS5, PS4
* worshiped
* sawtooth
* Stalker
* thunder pine
* frost claw
* Claw Screwers
* musselschnapper
* Latsschfang


The Ravager is one of these fast battle machines that just want to destroy you. It has returned for Forbidden West, but we are still not sure if the shape of the ravager will be different. Nevertheless, go carefully.


The medium saw zahn returns from the first game to devour yourself. These machines can be found individually or in groups of up to three. They are usually found to guard the detection machines from Horizon Forbidden West.


The stalker is a sneaky machine with high damage attacks and able to race for the ultimate edge. You have to have your head on a pivot if you accidentally encounter it if you are not sufficiently equipped.

thunder pine

The Thunderjaw from Horizon Zero Dawn is back for Forbidden West. That makes sense as it was one of the biggest and devastating battle machines since the first game.

frost claw

The frost claw, which was previously included exclusively in the DLC “Frozen Wilds Zero Dawn”, has powerful attacks, which are reinforced by its frozen nature. It looks like a big grizzly bear when it was operated with cryotechnics. Use firearms.


The tremortusk fighting machine resembles a wool mammoth, but when a wool mammoth was a really angry machine with four tusks. And like a real mammoth, it has a heavy armor. You will not be difficult to defeat.


The Clawstrider, who was previously seen only in the Horizon Zero Dawn-Comic, now roams the world of Horizon Forbidden West. It looks like a kind of raptor bird hybrid with big claws on every foot.


Probably the coolest new machine in Horizon Forbidden West, the Shellsnapper, is modeled on a snap turtle. It has a lot of foliage on his whole back, which gives him a great natural camouflage.


The name of the new slid catcher machine gives you an idea of ​​what you expect – a great old snake. It can work around structures and spit acidity on you if you attack it. It has a rattling snake-like tail that can be shot down with Aloy’s bow.

And that’s for a list of all battle machines from Horizon Forbidden West. Get an overview of the other types with the Horizon Forbidden West Reconnaissance Machines, the Combat Machines and Horizon Forbidden West Transport Machines.

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