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Top skills in Horizon Forbidden West

The Horizon Forbidden West many skills. It may be difficult to know where to spend those precious skill points. There are six different skill trees, each of which specializes in different abilities and weapons Eloy. Here are the best skills for each tree.


Tree warriors specializes in close combat, increasing the damage and effectiveness of Eloy in the melee and fighting techniques including the bows for warriors.

  • Explosion resonator - (Active Skill, 1 skill point) After the energy storage using melee attacks, press R2, to charge the enemy's energy. Then pull the bow and shoot at a target to inflict great damage.
  • The bombing / jump - (Active Skill, 1 skill point). Air blow: quickly apply a damage to the enemy and jump into the air (R1, R2). Jump: jump to the enemy, to quickly change the position and create distance (R1, hold R2).
  • burst of energy - (Active Skill 3 skill points). Quickly recharge his spear powerful final blow.


Tree Hunters specializes in the food and the efficiency of your traps. This includes techniques for weapons and Tripcasters Ropecasters.

  • Limit traps - (Passive, 1 point skill). At the same time place on the field longer traps and stretch marks.
  • Quick catcher - (Passive, 1 point skill). Faster set traps on the field.
  • Quick wire - (Engineering Weapons Tripkastera, 2 skill points). Quickly run Tripwire type you've selected a preset length. Wire explodes or is deactivated through a limited time.


Tree Hunters specializes in ranged combat, increasing the damage and effectiveness of Eloy in ranged combat and fighting techniques including for hunting bows and Boltblasterov.

  • munitions expert - (Passive, 1 point skill). Create more ammunition from the same amount of resources.
  • + Endurance weapons - (Passive, 1 point skill). Increase the limit of endurance weapons.
  • Knockout shot - (Engineering hunting bow, 3 skill points). Shoot a special arrow that does not cause damage, but it may shake or hit by a car, making them vulnerable to subsequent attacks.


Tree surviving Eloy specializes in maintaining life, but increases the effectiveness of your treatment and protection, and includes fighting techniques for explosive swords and gauntlet-shredders.

  • powerful medicine - (Passive, 1 point skill). Medicinal berries provide more healing and you are treated quickly.
  • Explosion Evasion - (Engineering explosive weapons, 2 skill points). Drop all the bombs in front of him, automatically avoiding ago.
  • Collector plants - (Active, 1 point skill). Collect more resources to the plants.


Tree spies specializing in stealth and efficiency increase of hidden damage. This includes techniques for arms bows Sharpshot.

  • + Silent blow - (Passive, 1 point skill). Silent hit deals more damage.
  • Low Profile - (Passive, 1 point skill). Reduce your visibility enemies.
  • Quiet movement - (Passive, 1 point skill). Drive quieter, reducing the likelihood of enemy detection.
  • Focused shot - (shooting technique of onion, 3 skill points). Increase zoom their weapons during the sighting and make a powerful shot that causes additional damage.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Skills You Need To Get Early (Horizon Forbidden West Tips And Tricks)

machines Master

Wood machines Masters focuses on the efficiency of your machines with overridden. This includes techniques for weapons throwers spikes.

  • Long override - (Passive, 1 point skill). Increase the amount of time during which the machine is overdetermined.
  • trap with spikes - (Engineering shipometnogo weapon skills 2 points). Start spike, which becomes trapped in the collision with the environment. Weapons after a short delay.
  • Override routines - (Active, 3 skill points). Adjust the machine to the aggressive or defensive behavior when overriding.

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