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The Witcher 3: How to make the most of your adventure

Before diving in a session entirely dedicated to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, MGG ought some advice (without spoilers) so you can enjoy the title to the fullest. The CD Project Red RPG was a big hit at the time it was released and has now been relaunched to the new generation of consoles inging significant graphic improvements.

Meet the Witcher Universe

Yes, you can start The Witcher 3 without playing the previous games.


However, having completed them will ing you a comfort of understanding at certain times of Wild Hunt. Because even if everything has been done so that the average player can still enjoy the plot, it is possible to be lost sometimes. There are some solutions to remedy this: owse the first two games: tedious, especially for the first one who aged very badly graphically. If you don't want to play previous games, at least watch some videos on the internet of people playing. Get Andrzej Minkowski's books: the best way to know all about the world of witches.

do not hesitate to increase the difficulty

In normal mode, The Witcher 3 is not very difficult: surely it ings its little tense moments, but really nothing that is unsurpassed. Therefore, for those who want to make the most of the title being forced to make chemistry, prepare well before each large battle and pay a high price when a manual rescue is forgotten: increase the difficulty on at least one level. If you have tried some action and beat adventure games in Fashion Up before, we really recommend starting the game at Hard and continuing with it, you won't regret it.

Of course, difficulty of games varies from person to person. A lot of people consider mass Effect 2 very difficult in insanity, but this one who writes you doesn't think so. Overall, The Witcher 3's most difficult way is not considered as one of the impossible in the gaming world.

Explore all ?

Hurrying The Witcher's main mission 3 would be a big mistake. The game offers a lot of content: secondary missions, treasure hunt, mysteries to be resolved... The world supervised by CD Project Red is fertile ground for interesting activities. For example, if you just progress on the main mission when you arrive in white orchard, you will not take more than two hours before you leave the area. If you decide to visit everything, it's another story: after seven hours of play, you will probably still have hidden corners to find out. Also, all this additional content is perfectly integrated with the game. Therefore, investigate each corner, every point of interest in the map. Considering the price of games today, it is almost a moral obligation to explore 100% (or almost) of a game. Your pocket will thank you!

Manual backup: a precaution to take

The Witcher 3 saves the game automatically only in rare places. That is, if you have the misfortune to explore without doing anything significant and is stupidly killed (never safe from a fatal fall or drowning), it will be several minutes of game lost. So the manual backup will be your best friend! This is mainly valid for secondary exploitation and a little longer trips. In the main history this problem does not happen that much.

Limit the HUD for an ideal immersion

Combat log, missions, commands, minimal: The Witcher 3 HUD is full of information that takes over the screen, preventing you from fully enjoying the game's panoramas sublime. There are people who love, but there are also a player who does not feel immersed with so much on the screen. It is possible to remove various information from the screen, just go to the settings in the menus. By playing at difficult levels and without any disturbing element in vision, you have enough to build a much more hardcore gaming experience than in the standard configuration.

Improve yourself in the Went game

A real game within the game, Went is a diabolical and complete pastime that offers you to face NPCs in very strategic card games. The goal is simple: to have more points than the opponent at the end of a round. But beware, your hand will have to make you all the rounds, so that your letters may be managed, you can find you in the decisive round without a powerful figure, or worse yet, to be completely without movements, thus yielding a victory Easy for your opponent. Went cards can be purchased or found, and if you accept the game, there are a few dozen hours added in the already colossal game life. The Witcher 3 has over 180 Went cards!

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