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WOW Classic Scandal: The Truth Behind RestedXP (RXP)

Greetings, WoW Classic players! In this guide, we will delve into the recent revelations surrounding RestedXP (RXP) and the scandal that has shaken the community. We'll provide you with an overview of the key developments, discuss the attempts to suppress information, address some misconceptions, and shed light on the future of this unfolding story. So, let's dive in!


WOW Classic Scandal: The Truth Behind RestedXP (RXP)


Cargo's Actions

First and foremost, it is essential to address the actions of Cargo, the central figure in the RestedXP scandal. Shortly after the video exposing RestedXP was released, Cargo deleted all of his social media, including his videos, discord, and even his LinkedIn profile. Many perceive this as an admission of guilt, and it significantly adds to the gravity of the situation.


Censorship and Suppression

One disturbing aspect that has emerged from this scandal is the active attempts at censorship. The video exposing RestedXP was removed from both the World of Warcraft subreddit and the WoW Classic subreddit. Additionally, individuals discussing the video on specific Discord servers faced bans and content deletions. This censorship raises concerns about transparency and the ability to voice concerns within the community.


Defamation of Character

Following the release of the video, there have been attempts to tarnish the reputation of the content creator. Misguided accusations and unfounded claims have been circulating, aiming to discredit the individual who exposed RestedXP. It is important to remember that nobody is perfect, and mistakes happen. Constructive criticism is valuable, but engaging in character assassination is not productive or fair.


Monetary Motivations

Some have raised the argument that the content creator's motivations are driven solely by financial gain. It is crucial to clarify that while content creators naturally aim to monetize their videos, the video exposing RestedXP was not monetized due to copyright issues with the music used. This decision demonstrates a genuine intention to share important information rather than solely seeking financial gain.


Multiple Individuals Involved

Although Cargo is a prominent figure in the RestedXP scandal, it is crucial to recognize that he is not the sole participant. Various individuals within the hardcore community are implicated in questionable practices related to WoW Classic. While the video primarily focuses on Cargo, it serves as an eye-opener to the broader issues within the community.


Future Developments

The content creator assures viewers that this is only part of the story. More information is surfacing, and further investigations are underway. The future of WoW Classic's scandalous revelations depends on the information received and its substantiation. The content creator is committed to sharing substantial evidence and exposing pertinent issues as they come to light.



As the RestedXP scandal continues to unravel, it is crucial for the WoW Classic community to remain informed and engaged. Transparency, open dialogue, and the pursuit of truth are vital in maintaining the integrity of the game and the community. Be sure to support content creators who dare to address sensitive topics as they contribute to a healthier and more accountable community.

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