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Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta Release Date and the Monk and the Sorceress

Welcome to Path of Exile 2! In this guide, we'll take you through some gameplay of Act 3, one of the six acts in PoE2's campaign. Act 3 is set in the ruins of a vile civilization that fell thousands of years ago. The jungle has taken over their once great cities, and we'll be exploring it using two of the six new character classes introduced in PoE2: the Monk and the Sorceress.

Path of Exile 2 Closed Beta Release Date and the Monk and the Sorceress


Beta Release Date

The closed beta for Path of Exile 2 is set to start on June 7th, 2024. The game's developers are determined not to rush the release, ensuring that they get everything right for an exceptional gaming experience.


New Character Classes in Path of Exile 2

In Path of Exile 2, we have expanded the character classes to explore new mechanics and gameplay options. Now, each attribute combination has two associated classes, each specializing in unique skills. Strength is represented by the Templar and the Druid, Dexterity by the Ranger and the Beast-focused Huntress, and Intelligence by the Shadow and the Sorceress.


The Monk - A Mobile and Powerful Fighter

The Monk is a melee fighter who excels in mobility and raw strength. His primary focus is on power charges, which grant significant benefits to his skills. One of his skills, Killing Palm, marks enemies low on life with a blue indicator, indicating they can be culled. Successfully culling enemies with this skill grants power charges, which enhance the Monk's abilities.


Another powerful skill in the Monk's arsenal is Falling Thunder. When used with power charges, this skill unleashes a barrage of lightning projectiles, making it highly effective for clearing packs of enemies.


The Monk's mobility is further emphasized with the addition of a dodge roll mechanic, allowing players to quickly evade attacks and reposition during combat. Additionally, many of the Monk's skills have built-in movement, making him a versatile and agile fighter.


The Sorceress - Master of Elemental Destruction

The Sorceress is the new intelligence-focused character in Path of Exile 2. She specializes in elemental destruction, wielding both ice and lightning spells. Her skills include Spark, which bounces around, hitting multiple enemies in tight spaces, and Arc, a spell that deals more damage to the first target hit.


To enhance her defenses, the Sorceress can use Arctic Armor, a buff that builds up while she stands still, providing cold damage to attackers and building up freeze effects. However, remember that standing still leaves her vulnerable to enemy attacks.


Path of Exile 2: Exciting Changes and Features

Path of Exile 2 introduces several new systems and features, providing a fresh and dynamic gameplay experience:

  • Skill Gem Drop System: Instead of finding specific gems, you'll come across uncut gems. By right-clicking on them, you can choose any skill you want, and the gem will come pre-leveled to match the area where it dropped.
  • Spirit Resource: Spirit is a new dedicated resource used for ongoing effects like Arctic Armor, Heralds, auras, or even minions. Spirit is available on mods from items and the passive tree, encouraging more versatile character builds.
  • Weapon Swap and Dual Specialization: You can now equip different weapon sets, and your passive skill tree automatically changes when you weapon swap. Dual specialization allows you to allocate points for both cold and lightning passives for a more versatile character.
  • Barrier Invocation Meta Gem: This meta gem charges up as your energy shield is hit by monsters. When fully charged, you can cast the skill you socketed, invoking multiple casts of that spell.



Path of Exile 2 brings exciting changes to the gameplay experience, introducing new character classes, skills, and gameplay mechanics. The Monk's mobility and power charge mechanics, coupled with the Sorceress's elemental prowess, open up new possibilities for players to explore and create diverse character builds. With a closed beta starting in June 2024, we eagerly await the full release to embark on this thrilling journey through the dark world of Wraeclast once again. Stay tuned for more updates and see you in Path of Exile 2!

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