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10 Most Difficult Quests in WOW Hardcore Classic: How many can you complete?

Embarking on a hardcore Classic WoW journey means completing numerous quests that will test your skills and determination. While some quests are challenging but manageable, others are downright unfair and overturned, posing significant risks to your character's survival. In this guide, we will highlight 10 of the most difficult quests that you should avoid or approach with caution during your hardcore adventure. From dangerous escorts to relentless cave encounters, these quests can catch even the most experienced players off guard. Let's dive into the list and discuss each of these quests in detail.


10 Most Difficult Quests in WOW Hardcore Classic: How many can you complete?


1. A Matter of Time (Western Plaguelands)

Given by Chromie in Andorhal, this quest requires you to use a temporal displacer to summon and defeat 15 temporal parasites. The challenge lies in the parasites' ability to slow you down, making it hard to escape their attacks. Moreover, they can spawn in groups, leading to overwhelming encounters. If you attempt this quest solo, consider using the silos in the southeast of Andorhal to summon parasites from one location and reset aggro in nearby water.


2. Of Forgotten Memories (Eastern Plaguelands)

Part of a lengthy questline involving Terry and Forgering, this quest tasks you with retrieving an item buried outside the Crypt. Upon looting the dirt pile, a level 57 NPC and 3 level 55s will spawn, dealing higher damage and having considerable health. This makes taking on all four at once quite challenging, especially if you are under-levelled. To safely complete the quest, consider using ranged attacks from behind a broken fence or execute a split pull to defeat them one by one.


3. Pornkan Captures Queen (Un'Goro Crater)

As part of a quest chain that starts in Tanaris, this quest requires you to summon and defeat waves of enemies in a cave. The key to success is to take your time between waves to eat and drink. During the final encounter with the queen, you technically only need to defeat her to complete the quest.


4. Test of Endurance (Thousand Needles, Horde)

Part of a challenging quest chain, this quest involves defending against waves of enemies in a harpy cave. The mobs respawn quickly, and their silencing abilities can make it difficult for casters to contribute effectively. Over-levelling or using cooldowns and potions is recommended for this quest.


5. Absent-Minded Prospector (Badlands, Alliance)

An escort quest that takes you through a dig site, this quest poses significant risks due to high-level enemies and fast respawns. Consider waiting until you have a mount or find creative ways to kite mobs to complete this quest safely.


6. Chicken Quests (Various Zones)

The three chicken escort quests are known for their difficulty, especially when dealing with dangerous patrols and high-level mobs. Ranged classes have an advantage, but players must be cautious while completing these quests.


7. Strangle Form Fever (Stranglethorn Vale)

This quest involves defending against waves of enraged gorillas. The key is to take advantage of the outdoor location to escape if necessary and wait between waves for recovery.


8. Gerenzo's Orders (Stonetalon Mountains)

An overlooked and extremely challenging quest, it includes defending against waves of kobolds in a cave. Due to the limited space and fast respawns, this quest is best avoided or completed at a higher level.


9. Get Me Out of Here (Desolace)

An escort quest that requires you to lead an NPC through a centaur camp. The fast respawns and challenging enemy composition makes it dangerous for hardcore characters.


10. Blood Sail Buccaneers (Stranglethorn Vale)

The final part of the questline involves assaulting bloodsail ships. The high mob density, fast respawn rates, and level 46-48 captains make this quest exceptionally difficult for its level range.


Hardcore Features Patch 1.14 Update

Blizzard is introducing new features to the Hardcore Realms in a future PTR update for Classic WoW. These changes are aimed at making the gameplay more challenging and rewarding for hardcore players.

  • Coward Debuff: One of the major updates is the addition of the Coward Debuff, which will be applied to players who flee from a duel to the death. This debuff will decrease all attributes, damage output, armour, and resistance by 20% for three days. The Coward Debuff is meant to be punishing, ensuring players think twice before escaping a duel.
  • Increased Duel to Death Area: To prevent players from fleeing the duel by using fear or mind control, Blizzard is expanding the Duel to Death area. This change will make it harder for players to escape combat during a duel, adding more intensity to the gameplay.
  • Improved Death Messages: Blizzard is making adjustments to the death messages in the Guild chat. Players will receive customized or disabled death alerts in the chat window. The new system will display the creature responsible for the player's death and the specific area where the death occurred.
  • Unique Sounds for Duel to Death Challenges: To add excitement to the gameplay, Blizzard is working on unique sounds for the Duel to Death challenges. This enhancement will make these confrontations even more thrilling and immersive.
  • PvP Trinkets Available for Purchase: Previously available only through ranking, PvP trinkets from Rank 2 of the online system will now be purchasable from a vendor on Hardcore Realms for a moderate gold cost. This change will allow players to access these vital trinkets without needing to grind for ranking.


Patch 1.14 Development Notes for Classic Era PVP

Blizzard has released development notes for Patch 1.14.4, which primarily focuses on the PVP system in Classic Era.

  • Preparation Phase for Battlegrounds: A preparation phase will be added to the beginning of Battleground matches, allowing players to buff themselves and their teammates before the battle begins. During this phase, all abilities' mana costs will be reduced by 100%, making it easier to prepare for the fight ahead.
  • Terrain Adjustments in Warsong Gulch: In Warsong Gulch, Blizzard is adding invisible walls to prevent players from reaching unintended areas. This change will level the playing field and prevent certain classes from accessing hard-to-reach places.
  • Weekly Honor Point Cap Adjustment: The weekly honour point cap is being adjusted to 500,000 honour points. This reduction will impact the time and effort players need to invest to reach their weekly honour cap. Please note that this value is subject to further adjustments before the live launch.



In your hardcore Classic WoW journey, being cautious about accepting certain quests is crucial. Avoiding these 10 challenging quests, or approaching them with ample preparation and over-levelling, can significantly increase your chances of survival. Remember, knowledge and strategy are essential for overcoming the toughest challenges in Azeroth. Good luck, and may your journey be filled with victories!

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