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Path of Exile 2 Combat Preview and Demos Overview

This article'll explore the combat changes, and updates showcased in Path of Exile 2 (PoE 2). We'll discuss with the demos and insights gained from discussions with developers. It's important to remember that PoE 2 is shaping up to be its own separate game with its unique combat system, which may not always align with the mechanics of the original Path of Exile.

Path of Exile 2 Combat Preview and Demos Overview


Visually Stunning

PoE 2 boasts impressive visuals, from environments to monsters, characters, and abilities. Although videos and streams may not fully do justice to the graphics, witnessing the game in person reveals a generational leap forward. Sound effects and music also enhance the gameplay experience, making combat more engaging and enjoyable.


Redefined Combat

GGG is using PoE 2 as an opportunity to revamp combat entirely. The goal is to create a more interactive experience for players, encouraging the use of diverse skills and tactics. The combat is intended to be slower and encourage comboing abilities while avoiding repetitive skill spam.



Boss Fights - A Highlight

The showcased boss fights in PoE 2 stand out as the most impressive aspect of the new combat system. They are challenging and require players to utilize their abilities strategically. Players need to time their attacks, utilize crowd control, and adapt to different boss abilities. The combat feels fast-paced and engaging, similar to successful boss fights in other popular games.


Positive Aspects of Demos

Several demos were showcased, and some aspects worked really well. The Level 1 Monk demo, with its well-paced combat and early abilities, demonstrated the combat vision effectively. The Level 45 Warrior demo, equipped with hammer skills, showcased chunky and satisfying gameplay. The Act 2 Huntress demo presented an exciting experience with Spears and the Whirling Slash ability.


Combat Challenges

Despite the positive aspects, some challenges were evident during the demos. The issue of body blocking and hard crowd control, like stuns, was a common problem. This was particularly pronounced in the Act 2 Huntress and Sorceress demos. The Sorceress demo was notably difficult, with no escape skill and mobs swarming and stunning the character.


Stun System and Pushiness

The stun system in PoE 2 currently needs some rework, as players were getting randomly stunned by small chip damage from enemies. Devs mentioned a potential pushiness system, allowing abilities and players to push mobs around more, which may help address the body blocking problem. Additionally, adding more options for escaping swarms of enemies would be beneficial.



Path of Exile 2's combat system is ambitious and shows promise in providing a fresh, engaging experience for players. While there are some rough edges to smooth out, the showcased boss fights and visuals indicate great potential. The developers have a challenging task ahead to strike the right balance between interactive combat and challenge without taking control away from players. Overall, PoE 2's combat system has impressed the author, and they look forward to seeing how it evolves during the lead-up to the beta.

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