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Hardcore WoW Classic Dungeon Leveling Complete Guide

Hello everyone, and welcome to my comprehensive hardcore dungeon leveling guide for World of Warcraft Classic. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential quests you need to pick up before tackling each dungeon. Remember that there's a 24-hour cooldown on each dungeon, so forming a solid group and completing the associated quests is crucial to optimize your experience gain. Let's dive into the details of each dungeon.


Hardcore WoW Classic Dungeon Leveling Complete Guide


Ragefire Chasm (Horde Specific)

Our first dungeon is Ragefire Chasm, located in Orgrimmar. As an Alliance player, this is not accessible. Begin by picking up the initial quest that isn't on cooldown. For Horde players, you can easily reach Orgrimmar through the Zeppelin from Thunder Bluff. Grab additional quests from Thunder Bluff for extra experience. The last quest should be picked up just before entering the dungeon.


Wailing Caverns (Both Factions)

Wailing Caverns, situated in the Barrens, is accessible to both factions. Start by acquiring the first quest in Thunder Bluff, followed by another in Ratchet just before entering the dungeon. Within the dungeon, discover hidden rooms to gather multiple quests. Upon defeating the final boss, grab the glowing shard that initiates a follow-up quest—hand in the quest at the mountain near Wailing Caverns, with faction-specific destinations for completion.


Deadmines (Alliance Specific)

While Deadmines is accessible to both factions, Alliance players need to exercise caution on their journey to Westfall. Quests for this dungeon are Alliance-specific and can be picked up in Sentinel Hill. Engage in a quest chain leading to the Defias Brotherhood. After slaying the final boss, claim rewards, including a choice of powerful blue items. Remember the unsent letter, which leads to additional quests in Stormwind.


Shadowfang Keep (Horde Specific)

Shadowfang Keep quests are tailored to the Horde. Acquire the initial quest outside the entrance or near the Undercity flight master. An extra quest is available in Silverpine Forest, while yet another can be secured from an NPC there. Reward yourself with excellent equipment upon completion.


Blackfathom Deeps (Both Factions)

Blackfathom Deeps is accessible to both factions. Acquire quests from the Darkshore camp for Horde and from Auberdine for Alliance. Venture into the dungeon and complete quests from within as Horde. As Alliance, obtain a prequest from Ashenvale and continue with others in Ironforge.


The Stockade (Alliance Specific)

Exclusive to the Alliance, The Stockade is located in Stormwind. Begin by picking up quests in Lakeshire and Darkshire. The last quest can be elusive, so explore various locations in Stormwind. Additionally, capitalize on the Dead Mines' unsent letter for further quests.


Gnomeregan (Both Factions)

Gnomeregan, accessible to both factions, starts with the initial quest in Ironforge or Orgrimmar. Acquire various quests within Ironforge, then head to Gnomeregan's entrance. A goblin NPC can expedite your travel to Gnomeregan.


Razorfen Kraul (Both Factions)

Razorfen Kraul, located in the southern Barrens, offers Horde a quest at the Thunder Bluff entrance. Journey to Ratchet and acquire Horde and Alliance quests there. Slay monsters and bosses to claim your rewards upon completion.


Scarlet Monastery (Both Factions)

Scarlet Monastery consists of four dungeons tailored for levels 28 to 42. Horde can pick up a quest in Undercity, while Alliance can do the same in Ironforge. Explore the quest hub in Light's Hope Chapel for more options.


Razorfen Downs (Both Factions)

Razorfen Downs can be accessed by both factions. Alliance players can pick up a quest in Stormwind, while Horde can acquire a similar one in Undercity. Slay monsters outside the dungeon to progress quests.


Uldaman (Both Factions)

Let's start with Uldaman, which is accessible to both factions. For Alliance, head to Ironforge to pick up a quest, and then make your way to Undercity for another quest. Proceed to Badlands, where you can acquire more quests for the dungeon. As Horde, gather quests in Badlands. Before entering Uldaman, slay enemies nearby for a chance at a quest item drop. Complete quests, and remember to finish the final quest after defeating the final boss.


Zul'Farrak (Both Factions)

Zul'Farrak awaits adventurers of both factions in Tanaris. Visit Gadgetzan to acquire several quests. Take advantage of additional quests in Thousand Needles before heading to the dungeon.


Maraudon (Both Factions)

Next up, Maraudon, accessible by both Alliance and Horde. As Horde, pick up quests in Orgrimmar and at the Horde camp near Maraudon's entrance. For Alliance, quests are available in Ironforge and at the Alliance camp. These quests offer valuable rewards, including the coveted Thrash Blade.


Sunken Temple (Both Factions)

Sunken Temple doesn't have faction-specific quests. In Hinterlands, locate a troll NPC to start a questline associated with the dungeon. Defeat the final boss to acquire a quest item and complete the quest nearby for rewards and experience.


Blackrock Depths (Both Factions)

Venturing to Blackrock Depths, Alliance players can gather quests in Kharanos, Stormwind City, and Burning Steppes. Horde members, meanwhile, should acquire quests in Kargath and Burning Steppes. Keep an eye out for wanted quests and attunement quests, as these are essential for the dungeon's progression.


Lower Blackrock Spire (Both Factions)

Prepare for Lower Blackrock Spire. Both factions can acquire quests from various NPCs in Badlands and Burning Steppes. These quests are best completed in a five-person group. Alliance players can also receive additional quests in Burning Steppes.


Scholomance (Both Factions)

Moving to Scholomance in Western Plaguelands, Horde and Alliance adventurers can pick up quests near Undercity and Chillwind Camp, respectively. There's also an additional quest available just before entering the dungeon.


Stratholme (Both Factions)

Stratholme in Eastern Plaguelands offers various quests in Light's Hope Chapel. These quests are specific to different parts of the dungeon, rewarding players upon completion. Prepare for a potential follow-up quest.


Upper Blackrock Spire (Both Factions)

Lastly, Upper Blackrock Spire requires a ten-person group for all bosses. For Alliance, there are prequests in Ironforge and Burning Steppes. Horde players can start their prequest in Undercity, eventually leading to quests in Badlands.



Thank you for using this comprehensive hardcore dungeon leveling guide for WoW Classic. Remember to form strong groups and complete associated quests to maximize your experience gains. Safe travels, and good luck on your adventure! If you're seeking more information, feel free to explore the links provided in the description. 

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