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WOW Classic Cataclysm: 5 Significant Issues That Cannot Be Ignored

As the World of Warcraft community eagerly anticipates potential re-releases of previous expansions, it's time to revisit one of the most debated expansions: Cataclysm. This expansion brought forth a whirlwind of changes, some lauded while others fiercely criticized. While some might argue that Cataclysm wasn't as bad as its reputation, it's essential to examine the issues that arose during this period. This article delves into the five significant problems that plagued Cataclysm, how they impacted the game, and whether they could be handled differently if the expansion were re-released today.


WOW Classic Cataclysm: 5 Significant Issues That Cannot Be Ignored


Guild Advancement System and the Cesspool Guilds

Cataclysm introduced a major innovation with the Guild Advancement System, transforming guilds from mere collections of individuals into dynamic gameplay systems. The system awarded players for contributing to guild achievements, reputation, and completing various activities together. However, one seemingly harmless perk, Cash Flow, allowed guilds to accumulate WOW gold from looted enemy money. This led to the rise of Cesspool Guilds, who recruited members solely for the gold contribution, ignoring any other sense of guild camaraderie or purpose. Blizzard had to address this behaviour to prevent exploitation.


Solution: If Cataclysm were to be re-released, Blizzard could revise the Cash Flow perk to be more balanced or introduce additional limitations. The focus should be on fostering genuine guild engagement and collaboration.


Heroic Dungeon Difficulty and Nerfs

Cataclysm made a bold move by ramping up the difficulty of heroic dungeons compared to its predecessor, Wrath of the Lich King. These dungeons required players to follow mechanics closely, including interrupts and crowd control. The challenge, however, led to frustration among players accustomed to the Wrath-style facerolling. To address complaints, Blizzard significantly nerfed the difficulty through patches, making heroics more accessible.


Solution: A potential re-release could consider reintroducing the pre-nerf heroics for a truer challenge and experience. Additionally, offering players clearer communication about the intended difficulty level might help them prepare accordingly.


Looking For Raid (LFR) and the Impact on Raiding

Cataclysm introduced the Looking For Raid (LFR) system, designed to provide casual players with raiding content. However, LFR had its drawbacks, reducing the epic feel of raiding and creating revolving-door raid groups. The anonymity of LFR also contributed to a lack of accountability and communication among players.


Solution: If Cataclysm were re-released, Blizzard could consider implementing a leader-invite group-building system for LFR, allowing more control over raid composition and coordination. This change might promote a more engaging and interactive raiding experience.


10-Man vs. 25-Man Raiding Balance

Cataclysm introduced a challenge with balancing the rewards for 10-man and 25-man raiding. Both sizes offered the same quality of loot, but 25-man raids provided more quantity. The result was a disparity in the level of difficulty based on raid size, making it difficult for players to decide which format to pursue.


Solution: A re-release could experiment with more specific rewards or bonuses for each raid size, making the choice between 10-man and 25-man raids more meaningful. Balancing the difficulty levels across both formats should also be a priority.


Prolonged Final Patch and Dungeon Content

Cataclysm's final patch, Hour of Twilight, had a lasting impact due to its prolonged duration of nine months. While it introduced new dungeons and content, it was criticized for its long stay in the game. Additionally, certain bosses in the Dragon Soul raid, especially the two-part Deathwing encounter, didn't live up to players' expectations.


Solution: For a re-release of Cataclysm, Blizzard could aim to manage the final patch's longevity more effectively. The content could be designed to remain engaging for a more reasonable time frame while maintaining excitement for the upcoming expansion.



While Cataclysm had its share of issues, it's crucial to remember that no expansion is without its challenges. If Blizzard decides to re-release Cataclysm, addressing these problems while preserving the expansion's positive aspects will be key to providing an enjoyable experience for both nostalgic players and newcomers. By learning from past mistakes, the World of Warcraft community can look forward to a potentially revitalized Cataclysm experience.

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