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Starfield Beginner Guides: Release Dates, Editions and Spaceship

Prepare to embark on an interstellar journey unlike any other with Starfield, a highly anticipated game set to launch on September 6th for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. Get ready to dive into the cosmos with an early access period starting on September 1st, granting eager players a head start on exploring the universe and enjoying various bonuses. Let's investigate the details and uncover what awaits in this spacefaring epic.



Starfield Beginner Guides: Release Dates, Editions and Spaceship


Release Dates

Launch on September 6th for Xbox Series X/S and PC.


Editions and Bonuses

Starfield offers different editions, each with its own extras. By pre-ordering any edition, you'll receive the Old Mars Skin Pack, including the Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmets, and Deep Binding Pack. Game Pass members will automatically obtain these pre-order bonuses, regardless of when they start playing. The Standard Edition comprises the base game and pre-order bonuses. At the same time, the Premium Edition delivers five days of Early Access, the Shattered Space story expansion upon release, the Constellation Pack, and access to a digital art book and soundtrack.

Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Early Access Story Expansion Additional Content
Standard Edition Old Mars Skin Pack: Laser Cutter, Deep Mining Helmets, Deep Binding Pack No No Base Game and Pre-Order Bonuses
Premium Edition Old Mars Skin Pack (for Game Pass members) 5 days Shattered Space Story Expansion Constellation Pack, Digital Art Book, Soundtrack

Character Creation

Immerse yourself in the year 2330 as a member of the Constellation, the last group of space explorers seeking rare artefacts across over 100 star systems and more than a thousand planets. With diverse environments, from barren worlds to resource-rich ones, your character-creation experience is extensive. Customize body types, skin tones, hairstyles, eye colour, and facial features. Select from various backgrounds, offering unique perks and skills, and choose traits that grant advantages and disadvantages. Forge a character that resonates with your playstyle and storytelling preferences.


Spaceship Customization

The game's focus on space travel introduces your very own spaceship. Experience an exciting aspect of the game by customizing your spacecraft. Blend and match modular segments and parts to construct a ship that aligns with your vision. Witness impressive examples like the quirky Mech ship, showcasing the creativity the game allows. But that's not all – besides spaceships, you can construct outposts on newly discovered planets, creating operational bases for research, resource gathering, and more. Hire personnel to manage these outposts while you're away, adding depth to your cosmic adventure.


Exploration and Combat

Early gameplay clips raised concerns about combat, but recent footage shows significant improvements. Engage in ship battles that offer thrilling visuals and more satisfying gunplay. The bullet-sponge enemies are replaced by enhanced weapon feedback and environmental interactions. Engage in ship-to-ship battles, a highlight for space combat fans, promising intense and visually impressive clashes. The universe is home to multiple factions, such as the Crimson Fleet (space pirates), the Freestar Collective (traders of illicit goods), and the United Colonies (core world protectors). Choose your allegiances wisely as these factions compete and conflict.


Replayability and Decisions

Starfield embraces replayability through its myriad options and decisions. The intricate character creator fosters diverse playthroughs, while the deep gameplay mechanics encourage varied approaches. Align with different factions, each with distinct goals, forging your own path through the cosmos. With the richly detailed universe, comprehensive character creation, and abundance of choices, expect a unique experience with each playthrough.

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