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WOW Classic Icecrown Citadel Raid: Revamped Mechanics, Class Changes and Boss Impressions

Prepare to face the ultimate challenge in World of Warcraft Classic with the arrival of Icecrown Citadel (ICC). This highly anticipated raid promises not only intense difficulty but also a rewarding and exhilarating experience. Drawing from first impressions on the PTR, this guide provides insights into the revamped mechanics, class changes, and boss encounters that await. Get ready to test your skills and coordination like never before as you navigate the intricate mechanics and forge your path through ICC.


WOW Classic Icecrown Citadel Raid: Revamped Mechanics, Class Changes and Boss Impressions


Class Changes and Buffs

PTR brought along some notable class changes. Hunters received a significant buff with trap launcher healing, healers received boosts, and demonology warlocks saw improvements. These adjustments aim to enhance class viability and effectiveness within the challenging raid environment.


ICC Structure and Accessibility

ICC will launch with all 5 wings and 12 bosses available from the start. Just like Trial of the Grand Crusader, players can switch between normal and heroic modes during fights. However, a total of 50 attempts will be granted for all of ICC heroic, which might prove demanding for progressing guilds. There's a possibility of a 10-attempt timer for the final boss, the Lich King.


Shadowmourne Quest Changes

Obtaining Shadowmourne is set to become more achievable. Shadow Frost Shards, previously required from players on a specific quest, will now drop from end bosses in normal and heroic modes. Every end boss of the five wings in ICC will guarantee a Shadow Frost Shard drop, making the quest progression smoother.


Primordial Saronites Availability

Primordial Saronites, essential for crafting gear, will be more accessible. They will be available from vendors as well as through Titan's Grip, leading to a more reasonable market value and easier access for players.


Boss Impressions

  • Lord Marrowgar: The first boss, Lord Marrowgar, poses a challenge for groups initially. It demands coordination, mechanics awareness, and adapting to new gameplay intricacies. Properly managing mechanics, including dealing with bone spikes, is crucial.
  • Lady Deathwhisper: Lady Deathwhisper, the next boss, is expected to be a significant roadblock. This fight is notably harder than previous content. It's advised to consider starting with normal mode to acclimate to mechanics before tackling heroic.
  • Gunship Battle: The Gunship Battle is comparatively straightforward, given that players understand and execute the mechanics. Properly dealing with the Mage's freeze attack and maintaining control over adds are key elements.
  • Deathbringer Saurfang: Saurfang presents another formidable challenge that might require more time for progression. It's recommended to attempt this fight in normal mode first, especially for guilds aiming for efficient progression.


Strategies and Tips

  • Coordination is Key: Focus on mechanics and coordination over pure DPS. Properly handling mechanics like bone spikes, positioning, and interrupting abilities will contribute to success.
  • Consider Normal Mode for Progression: Given the increased difficulty of heroic mode, it might be wise for guilds to initially clear bosses in normal mode to build familiarity with mechanics.
  • Utilize Resources: Utilize external resources like strategy spreadsheets and guides to help plan assignments and positioning effectively. Resources like Cosmofile's strategy sheets can be invaluable assets for guilds.
  • Practice and Adaptation: As with any challenging content, practice, adaptability, and learning from wipes are essential. Raid leaders should encourage learning and improvement.



Icecrown Citadel introduces a new level of challenge to World of Warcraft Classic. While heroic mode can be extremely demanding, normal mode provides a stepping stone for progression. Coordination, mechanics awareness, and a willingness to adapt will be crucial to conquer this raid. Utilizing resources and practicing the encounters will ensure smoother progression and a satisfying sense of accomplishment. Good luck and enjoy the journey through ICC!

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