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WOW Cataclysm Classic: What Are The Exciting Changes To Expect?

Cataclysm, undoubtedly, made significant changes to the World of Warcraft, reshaping the world, updating classes, adding Transmogrification, and much more. While some players may find these changes overwhelming, others will relish the plethora of new content. As Cataclysm Classic is expected to make its way to World of Warcraft Classic, we're excited to highlight 10 changes that many players are eagerly looking forward to. These changes range from gameplay enhancements to quality-of-life improvements, and they promise to breathe new life into the classic gaming experience.


WOW Cataclysm Classic: What Are The Exciting Changes To Expect?


1. Mass Resurrection

One of the standout features of Cataclysm Classic is Mass Resurrection. Unlike future expansions where all healers have access to this ability, Cataclysm Classic requires guilds to reach level 25 through various in-game activities such as Raiding, dailies, and PvP. Once your guild reaches this milestone, all members gain access to the Mass Resurrection perk.


This perk allows party and raid members within range to be resurrected with a small amount of health and mana. Mass Resurrection is a game-changer when tackling challenging encounters, saving time and offering convenience. No more tedious resurrection processes that can slow down your raid progression.


2. Reforging

Reforging was a feature introduced in Cataclysm and continued until the end of Mists of Pandaria. Players could visit Ethereal NPCs in capital cities to reallocate 40% of one secondary stat on their items into a different secondary stat.


Reforging served various purposes, such as adjusting hit caps, optimizing gear for your current setup, and reaching specific haste breakpoints. As haste breakpoints become essential in Cataclysm Classic due to periodic effects, reforging will play a crucial role in tailoring your character to your preferred playstyle.


3. Pet Assist and Pet Move

For pet classes, Cataclysm Classic brings a welcome quality-of-life improvement: Pet Assist as a default setting. This setting replaces the rarely used aggressive setting for pet classes, ensuring that your pet automatically targets the same enemy you are actively attacking without the need for additional commands via macros.


It simplifies pet management, allowing you to focus on combat strategy. Additionally, the pet stay option is replaced by pet move 2, which enables you to position your pets in advance without the presence of a target.


4. Revisiting Cataclysm Heroics

Cataclysm Heroics, especially in their pre-nerf state, provided a significant challenge. Blizzard had to reduce their difficulty as players struggled to complete them repeatedly. With the introduction of Cataclysm Classic, we have a chance to revisit these heroics in their original, challenging form.


As players have grown more skilled and better equipped over time, it will be intriguing to see how they fare against the original design of these heroics. The potential difficulty level in Cataclysm Classic's heroics is expected to be closer to the original experience, as gearing options will be limited early in the expansion.


5. Expanded Race Class Combinations

Cataclysm Classic introduces new race-class combinations, adding more variety to character creation. Dwarves can now become warlocks and mages, while Tauren embraces the light and can become priests and paladins. Undead and humans can now become hunters, and each faction has multiple choices for druids, trolls, and Worgen. These additional combinations offer more customization and diversity when creating your characters, allowing you to better align your character with your preferred class and race combination.


6. 10-Man Raiding

Cataclysm Classic brings a significant shift in raiding dynamics. While previously, 25-man raids were considered the norm, 10-man raids now offer the same item-level gear as their 25-man counterparts but with fewer drops. Blizzard aimed to balance the difficulty levels between 10-man and 25-man settings, making 10-man raiding a viable and challenging option. Organizing smaller raid groups is more manageable, and loot competition is less fierce, making 10-man Raiding an appealing choice for many players.


7. Removal of Weapon Skill

One welcome change in Cataclysm Classic is the removal of weapon skill levelling. In previous iterations of the game, levelling weapon skills took a lot of work and effort. It required players to spend significant time simply auto-attacking targets to wield a new weapon effectively.


This process could be particularly frustrating when acquiring a new weapon and having to wait until it was effective against end-game content. With weapon skill removed, players can enjoy their new gear without this cumbersome levelling requirement.


8. Interesting Tier Set Bonuses

Tier-set bonuses in Cataclysm Classic are notably more engaging and impactful than their predecessors. Unlike some of the vanilla and The Burning Crusade bonuses that were often underwhelming, Cataclysm tier set bonuses influence gameplay in meaningful ways.


They can alter how you play your class and enhance the overall gaming experience. Collecting tier sets becomes more exciting as you eagerly anticipate reaching the two and four-piece set bonuses that can significantly impact your character's performance.


9. Void Storage

With the introduction of Void Storage in Cataclysm Classic, players have a dedicated place to store their cherished items. Whether it's old tier sets, memorable items from previous expansions, or items with sentimental value, Void Storage offers a solution to keep these items without cluttering your bank space.


While initially designed for transmogrification purposes, Void Storage serves as a valuable addition to the game, providing a safe and organized space for items of sentimental or nostalgic value.


10. Deathwing's Drive-By

Lastly, Cataclysm Classic introduces an exciting and unpredictable event known as Deathwing's Drive-By. This event is part of the Stood in the Fire achievement and involves Deathwing randomly selecting a zone in Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor to rain down destruction upon.


The sky turns red as a warning, followed by Deathwing flying across the zone, breathing fire and one-shotting any player caught in his path. Getting the "Stood in the Fire" achievement early in the expansion was a challenge in itself, making it a memorable and amusing aspect of Cataclysm Classic.



Cataclysm Classic is poised to bring an array of changes and additions to World of Warcraft Classic, enhancing gameplay and offering new experiences for both veterans and newcomers. These ten changes, ranging from gameplay improvements to quality-of-life enhancements, are just a taste of what Cataclysm Classic has in store. As we eagerly await its release, it's worth considering how these changes will impact your WoW Classic adventure. What aspects of Cataclysm Classic are you most excited about, and are there any additional changes you'd like to see? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and thank you for joining me on this journey through Cataclysm Classic's amazing changes.

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