Arknights Top Up

Monthly Card / ID Info Update Card Pack

Monthly Card / ID Info Update Card Pack

Monthly Headhunting Pack

Monthly Headhunting Pack

Starter Headhunting Pack

Starter Headhunting Pack

Weekly Growth Pack

Weekly Growth Pack

Dissonance Chip Pack

Dissonance Chip Pack


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4.6 / 5
4.6 out of 5 (from 9 Customers ratings)

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5 ★
Votes(8) / 88.9%
1 ★
Votes(1) / 11.1%
25 Sep
1 / 5

Not anywhere near worth Dissonance Chip Packthis Dissonance Chip Pack price

07 Sep
5 / 5

Process was Quick Arknights Dissonance Chip Pack and simple, saved myself a small fortune.

06 Sep
5 / 5

A steams Arknights Serial Dissonance Chip Pack in just 5 min

11 Aug
5 / 5

Thank you for the Fast Arknights Monthly Card / ID Info Update Card Pack delivery!

07 Aug
5 / 5

These are fun Loltank Arknights!!

What is Arknights Top Up?

How the transaction works 

  • Get in touch with me via chat to initiate the process.
  • Proceed to make the payment for the desired donation package.
  • Share the necessary account details with me.
  • I will log into your account.
  • Complete the payment for the chosen donation package and log out of the account.
  • You can then check if the donation package is available in the game.

Once everything is confirmed, you can acknowledge the completion of the order and, if you wish, leave a review.
If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out. I'm here to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for you. 

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